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wanderer (chloemai) Delete the full stops from the HTML. Please make sure your charries profile is descriptive. No Anime and try to add a picture or link as well. Thanks :3

<.b>Full Name:<./b>

<.b>Nickname (If any):<./b>



<.b>Supernatural Power:<./b>

<.b>Human Talent:<./b>

<.b>Appearance:<./b>(No Anime. A picture or link and a nice description as well if you can. :3)

<.b>Personality:<./b>5+ sentences.

<.b>History:<./b>5 + sentences


<.b>Pets?:(Can be gotten through RPing<./b>




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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 8 comments Full Name: John Abraham
Nickname: J
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Supernatural power: Mind reading
Human Talent: Public Speaking
Personality: John is a really sweet guy. He is really short tempered though. He is a geek and wants to gain knowledge. He moves to flirting when he is upset. He is different from other guys and doesnt flirt with girls, if he is not depressed. He stays with girls and take them as his sisters.
History: John had parents who died in a plane crash. He came to this school after his sister discovered that he has supernatural powers.
Crush: Looking
Girlfriend: Open

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wanderer (chloemai) Full Name:Mayana Celeste McDae

Nickname (If any):May



Supernatural Power:She is a Light Pixie.
Ability to...
★Generate Light.
★Control all forms of light.
★Incinerate with light if she wishes to.
★Has wings.

Human Talent:
Is a fantastic artist. She can make anything look good, whether it be hair or a sketch.

As you will have thought May is very pixie like in appearence. She has cropped curly blond hair that is usually styled like in the picture above and bluish white eyes that are sometimes hard to look at if she is feeling strong emotions. Her skin is flawlessly smooth and even, and is the colour of peaches and cream. She is very angular and if you look at her ears they are ever so slightly pointed. Her smile is bright and full of life. One of her best features and she stands at 4'11.
(view spoiler)

May is a curious character who loves to inspect everything. She is happy and bubbly with the boldness of a small child that hasnt yet come to meet the world properly. She loves to explore and find out new things and to her, the more knowlodge, the better. She is very innocent-like, but dont think she hasnt seen things, because you would be suprised with what she has experienced, considering her joyful demeanor. She isnt afraid to question things, to want to know more, and doesnt hold back when she talks to people, wanting to know everything about them. She wont hold back, and some see her as rude and nosy, but its just in her nature. She has a thing for horses, and has 2 of her own. Where she grew up, if you wanted something, you worked for it, so she is an extremly hard worker who will push herself to the max. If she has decided that you are her friend she will put her neck on the line for you without hesitation and often decides whether she likes a person within a matter of seconds after meeting them. She can be mischivious and sneaky sometimes, which has gotten her into trouble more times than one. But overall she has a heart of gold and loves to make people happy. She has never cried before. NEVER. Not even when her family began to fall apart. So if you make her cry..Well.. Youve got a lot of comforting to make up for it.

May was adopted. She was given to a loving couple who were unable to have children. They doted to her every need and treated her like a princess. She was always in the spotlight. And she hated it. So when her parents found out that her mother was pregnant she was over the moon. When younger twin brother and sister were born when she was happy that the attention was now on them and loved her younger siblings with all her heart. But then her little sister was diagnosed with cancer and her world just seemed to fall apart. They had always had a close connection, and she felt as if she was losing part of herself when her sister passed on. Then another bombshell. Her brother had been killed in a hit and run whilst on the way back from a baseball game. That was when it really hit home for her. The family she loved drifted apart, leaving her searching for the love and attention of her parents who seemed to be in a trance from the loss of their 2 biological children. A few months after she got the letter from the academy. She took them up on the offer in the hope to begin afresh, packing her bags and leaving. To this day her human parents still havent noticed she has gone, just walking around the empty lifeless house, their faces sullen.

Mother-Kerri Anne McDae
Father-Simon Drew McDae

Pets?:(Can be gotten through RPing)





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Alessia (siriostars) Full Name: Bianca Gioia De Luna

Nickname (If any): Snow (because she tends to make snow appear by accident when she’s happy)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Supernatural Power: Has Mystiokinesis
Healing purpose
Summoning things like objects, monsters, and offensive energy
Alteration of almost anything

Human Talent: Linguistic.
At age four she could speak 4 languages, German, Spanish, French and Italian almost all fluently. When she turned 11 she could speak 6, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and English. Currently she can speak 10 languages, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, English, Chinese, Japanese, Gaelic and Portuguese.
((Note: The first language she learned was Italian.))

Bianca’s hair is wavy, sometimes messy from staying up all night, dark red and lands a few inches below the shoulders. Her eyes are an almond shape and a beautiful stormy gray with flecks of dark blue in them. She is relatively thin. Bianca is very tall, about 6 feet 1. She has a small birthmark on the right side of her nose. It is the shape of a star. Bianca has freckles all across her face. Her skin is very pale.
Bianca is quiet and reserved. Though if you really push her to talk she’ll either get very nervous and turn into a cardinal or get very bubbly and friendly. It all depends on how much sleep she got the night before. She’s an insomniac, and only tends to get 5 hours of sleep. She loves to learn more and more every day even though she is already very knowledgeable. Bianca loves language, culture and travel. She can be analytical and loves logic. That’s why she hates not being able to scientifically explain why she makes snow appear or why she can turn into animals. Once she gets to know someone well she becomes extremely loyal to them. Making her also very dependable. She’s truthful… to a limit. Bianca doesn’t care much about rules. If the rules prevent her from knowing as much as she can then she WILL break them. Bianca loves taking risks. She loves adventure, possible from her curiosity but she doesn’t like it when unexplainable things happen. She loves knowing how things work. Bianca likes spending days alone just to think . Her brother calls them her “thinking days” which usually last 3 days, though she often gets restless for not actually DOING anything except thinking. Bianca is very selfless and almost always makes decisions as least bias as she can.

Since Bianca’s parents are both journalists the De Luna family moves around a lot. Both her and her brother were born in Italy. They lived there for 4 years, her parent’s discovering her natural talent of learning languages getting a private tutor for her so she learned, French, German (since they were planning to move to Germany soon) and of course Italian. Soon plans changed at they had to move to Spain quickly with very short notice. She learned Spanish there, quickly. They stayed there for a couple years. Bianca also learnt English there so they started speaking Italian, French and English at home. When she was 5 and half she started finding out about her weird powers. Her mother, Tilly, who also had the same power, was worried that her father might find out. He never did since Tilly had tried continuously to hide it. They then moved to Germany. Then they moved to England, Ireland, China, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. Eventually, Bianca’s parents got divorced. Matthew accusing Tilly of hiding something from him and then things got messy. Bianca was age 14 when this happened and they were living in Japan. Tilly got custody over Hunter, which was good because he also had Mystiokinesis. Though Bianca had to deal with hiding and lying to her dad. She hasn’t seen or talked to her brother Hunter or her mother since the divorce, but she heard that he got invited here as well. She’s nervous but also excited to see Hunter again.

Mother: Tilly Fleur De Luna Age: 52 Appearance:
Father: Matthew William De Luna Age: 53 Appearance:
Brother: Hunter Enrico De Luna Age: 19 Appearance:
Pets?:(Can be gotten through RPing None

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

She’s Italian/British/French. Bianca was born in Italy. Her mother is French and her father is British.


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Alessia (siriostars) Full Name: Hunter Enrico De Luna

Nickname (If any):

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Supernatural Power: Has Mystiokinesis
Healing purpose
Summoning things like objects, monsters, and offensive energy
Alteration of almost anything

Human Talent: Flute and Cello Prodigy
Hunter started playing the Flute at age 4 and performed with the Orchestra della Scala about 2 years later. His grandparent’s, being a fan of classical string instruments, bought him a cello for Christmas. His parent’s fawned over him and told him to start playing it. He did and soon when he lived in Madrid he performed in the Spanish National Orchestra. Etc. He’s now at a very high level and has started composing music as well. Hunter can also play the piano and guitar very well too.

Hunter has dark brown curly hair (that looks a bit like a mini afro to me). His eyes are a light blue-ish gray; they are hooded eyes so his face often looks a bit sunken. He has long full eyelashes. Unlike his sister he doesn’t have any freckles. But he has a small birthmark on the palm of his right hand, also in the shape of a star. Hunter is average weight, but with a bit more muscle then most people. He is also very tall, about 6 feet 2. His skin is slightly tanned.

Hunter is quiet, a tad sensitive and very kind. He doesn’t enjoy conflict and he generally doesn’t do things which may create conflict. Just like his sister he’s very loyal and faithful. Hunter’s senses are a bit better than average, especially his hearing. He has a aesthetic appreciation for the arts. He doesn’t like leading people and would rather be a follower. Hunter is open-minded and tries to see the best in everyone. He doesn’t generally hold grudges. Hunter is very original, unique and creative. Hunter always enjoys the present and tries to forget the hardships of the past. He doesn’t trust people very easily so he only shares his ideas/opinions/history with people he knows very well. On the outside he’s a very nice and friendly person but on the inside he faces a lot anger and depression. He is very smart and a bit athletic but he would rather be composing music or playing music than studying math or playing a sport. He’s very good at comforting people and is very selfless, thinking of other people not of himself constantly. Hunter likes to get to know people and plays a game with himself trying to guess what/who people are when he people watches.

Since Hunter’s parents are both journalists the De Luna family moves around a lot. Both him and his sister were born in Italy. They lived there for 4 years, his parent’s discovering his natural talent playing the flute and cello. They were making plans in Germany for him to play with one of the orchestras there. Soon plans changed at they had to move to Spain quickly with very short notice. He continued practicing his Cello and Flute, soon starting Piano. He watched as his parents started fawning over Bianca instead of him. At first he was proud of her but soon it turned into jealousy. They stayed there for a couple years. Hunter learned a bit of English but his preferred language remained Italian. When he was 7and half he started finding out about his powers of Mystiokinesis. His mother, Tilly, who also had the same power, was worried that his father might find out, though not as worried as she was for Bianca since she was their pride and joy. He never did since Tilly had tried continuously to hide it. They then moved to Germany. Then they moved to England, Ireland, China, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. Eventually, Hunter’s parents got divorced. Matthew accusing Tilly of hiding something from him and then things got messy. Hunter was age 16 when this happened and they were living in Japan. Tilly got custody over Hunter, which was good because he also had Mystiokinesis. He started fine tuning his power with his mother and now had a pretty good control over it. Still his mother didn’t pay that much attention to him, worried dearly for Bianca. The jealousy and hurt has been piling up inside him for years and soon it burst. He accidently turned his mother into a cockroach. She scurried away, their maid trying to squash her with a shoe. He didn’t know what happened to her. Hunter presumes she is dead. He blames himself for her presumed death. Hunter stayed at their small manor in the French country side until one day he got a letter to join the boarding school. He accepted, not knowing Bianca was to be there as well.

Mother: Tilly Fleur De Luna Age: 52 Appearance:
Father: Matthew William De Luna Age: 53 Appearance:
Sister: Bianca Gioia De Luna Age: 17 Appearance:

Pets?:(Can be gotten through RPing A chinchilla named Collette:

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

He was born in Italy.

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Kassandra Patti Full Name: Storm Mari Van Heigen



Gender: Female

Supernatural ability: Storms a werewolf.

Human Talent: Storm is an amazing contemporary dancer as well as hiphop and belly dancing.

Appereance: Storm has dyed light blue hair, gorgeous blue eyes and tanned skin. She's 5'8 and lean. (

Wolf form:

Personnality: Storm is loud, she likes to be the center of attention most of the time and does anything to draw attention to herself. She's also very loyal to her friends, shes always there to help them out. When she's in wolf form she's very agressive twoards other packs.

History: Storm used to live in Germany with her three brothers and her parents but when they finally realized that Storm had been bitten they moved closer to the school to help her control her 'demon' like her parents call her wolf form.

Cecily van Heigen- Mother
Richard Van Heigen- Father
Luk Van Heigen- Brother
Trevor van Heigen- brother
Stephan van Heigen- brother

Pets: she has none

Crush: none/open


s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» This profile is kind of a general outline for my character, Asteria. Please consider it as fluid. As I develop her in the roleplay, some of the things in this profile may change to become no longer applicable.

Name: Asteria Winnow

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Supernatural Power: Emotion
» apathy : the ability to resist emotion; literal absence of emotion
» empathy : the ability to feel or experience the emotions of others
» pathokinesis : the ability to manipulate the emotions of others

Human Talent: Acting. Asteria is a phenomenal actress and a true triple-threat.

While Asteria is a beautiful woman, she is never seen without makeup. She has crystal blue eyes and flawless pale cream skin. Dark blonde hair extends to four inches or so above her waist when it's natural, straight form, but it is rarely seen that way. Instead, she keeps it up in fancy elaborate hairstyles. She is never seen wearing anything less than custom-made designer clothing, even in theater. She is average height, about five-foot five, and very thin, with the lean muscles of a dancer.

Personality: Asteria exudes wealth from every pore, coming off with a grating attitude of "better than everyone else". She isn't very open about herself; people think they know everything about her, but it's all only superficial. Rarely does she show emotion, and it is even more rare that she acts on whatever emotion she may feel. For the most part, she keeps to herself, focusing on her classes and whatever sort of performances she may be involved in at the moment. She is more introverted than most suspect, though she is by no means shy. She a hard person to get to know, but anyone who tried would likely be rewarded with a devoted, lifelong friend. She has some strange personality quirks, likely from the combination of being spoiled most of her life and her powers.

History: The Winnows are a fabulously wealthy, public family. She is the middle of three children, with an older brother who also attended MystHelm and a younger sister. Her parents were not incredibly involved in her childhood, and she never felt close to either of them. They get along fine, but she views them more as a money tree than parents. Her powers showed up when she was eight, and she started attending MystHelm when she was thirteen.

Family: Father, mother, older brother, younger sister.

Other: Does not really have any friends at MystHelm.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 1 comments Full Name:Leonardo Strider

Nickname:Leo, Strider



Supernatural Power:Is a Wendigo

Human Talent:Is able to play any instrument even if he's never played it before

Appearance:Leo has snow white hair and skin along with blood red eyes. He is an albino. He stands at almost 7 feet tall (6'7" to be exact) and weighs 160 pounds. He also wears sunglasses to hide his red eyes.

Wendigo Appearance:.032

Personality:Leo is also calm and mostly quiet. He can keep a straight face at anything no matter how funny, sad, or frustrating it may be. He is very much into music and enjoys writing songs. Though because of his personality and appearance he doesn't have many friends.

History:Leo had been left by his parents in the forest when he was 10. After a couples months of not eating he finally found a house in the snowy forest of Canada, he killed the person who lived there and ate their flesh, soon being possessed by the demonic spirit of the Wendigo, a cannibalistic demon that eats people to survive. But luckily he only transforms on the nights of new and full moons.






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kpcrossan Full Name: James Aries Kingston
Nickname (If any): Aries
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Supernatural Power: Psychometry (Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it.)
Human Talent: An amazing writer


Personality: James is naturally cheerful and childish. Aries will never hesitate to speak his thoughts. He can also be impatient, reckless, rash and can allow his instincts to take over, but doesn’t worry about things out of his control. Aries is also very competitive. Aries is also a very intelligent person and just as creative and sarcastic as he is childish.

*Born in October 30th, 1994
*Lived in Oklahoma, Maine, Montana and then the academy in Russia
*Beaten by his uncle
*Ran away four times (two of them with his sister)
*Skipped ninth grade
*Was in all honors from 7th grade to 9th grade
*His 10th grade year was his first at the academy

Mother (murdered)
Father (murdered)
Uncle (abusive)
Older Brother (murdered)
Older Sister (beaten)
Younger Sister (murdered)

Pets: A brown and white Newfoundland

Crush: Aries is in love with the heroine of the Underworld movies (Selene played by Kate Beckinsale)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single

Other: Has as tattoo on the back of his right shoulder.

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Full Name : Skyler Mackle

Nickname : Sky, and Mac.

Age : 15

Gender : Female

Supernatural Power : Fearie
Healing with her music
Scry with music
Enchant people with her flute

Human Talent :
Record producer

Appearance :
Sky has long brown wavy hair and chocolate eyes. She’s 5"2 petite fearie who wears different style of cloths every day.

Personality : She can be a bitch when you annoy her. She can be sarcastic at times but you get use to it after awhile. She's very outgoing when you challenge her. She can be timid or shy at times. She loves partying and can never sit down and calm down for a long time.

History : her mom and sister died when she was 9 in plane crash. Her father abandons her for another family. She was put up for adoption and was bounce around when unexplained things happen to the family. She was sent here when strangers found her and knew she was special and sent her here. She has a half brother Jake who is also different.

Family :
Mom: Carol Mackle (Fearie, Decease)
Dad: Johnny Mackle (Shape shifter)
Sister: Tami Mackle (Fearie, Decease)
Half-brother: Jake Mackle (Shape shifter)

Pets : A kitten name Teacup

Crush : none

Boyfriend :None yet

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Full Name : Jack Mackle

Age : 13

Gender : Male

Supernatural Power :
Can shape shift in a wolf.
Can Heal.

Human Talent :
Animal study

Appearance :
Jake has short black hair that always covers by a hat. He looks more like his dad then his half sister Skyler. He 1s 5"4 taller than his half sister. He wears jeans and plaid shirts more than anything.

Personality : He is more quiet then his sister and more of the reading type. When provoke he would be the one throwing the first punch. He loves doing new things with his sister. He is very creative and love painting in his free time.

History : Jake was raise by his mom and Sky's dad he was always shelter from life. He lost his mom at 11 when she got drunk and got into a car crash. His father was devastated and sent him here. He known he had a half sister and was pretty close to her never leaving her side. Jake ran away from here trying to bring sky here but soon came back when he learn she had came here while he was looking for her.
Family :
Mom: Kelly Mackle (Half Shape Shifter)
Dad: Johnny Mackle (Shape Shifter)
Half sister: Skyler Mackle (Fearie)

Crush : None

Girlfriend : None

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Name: David Harris Jones "the Fox"

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Supernatural Power: Technology
» electrokinesis : the ability to manipulate electricity; the ability to manipulate electric fields
» technopathic animation : the ability to endow technological devices with life-force, enabling them to move and operate on their own
» technopathy : the ability to manipulate technology manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation

Human Talent: Computer geek. He can do almost anything with a computer.

David is a firm believer in looking professional at any given moment. His clothing is always freshly pressed and his dark blonde hair perfectly styled. His pale face usually holds a somber, focused expression that discourages conversation. Dark brown eyes reveal a mocking, sarcastic nature, though he tends to say very little. He is on the taller side of average, and fairly thin. Clearly, he is no athlete.

Personality: David is one of those obnoxious people who think they're always right. However, he does have the brains to back up the attitude. Generally speaking, he avoids people. He hates dealing with stupid people and he finds most that he encounters exceedingly so. Still, to the few he calls friends, he is extraordinarily loyal and would never so much as think of betraying them. Success is the most important thing to him, but his people skills, or lack thereof, is the one thing threatening to hold him back.

History: David grew up around computers, and always showed a natural affinity towards them. His parents, older folks, did not understand his utter fascination with the technology, but nonetheless tried to support him as much as they could, including allowing him to go to MystHelm. This is his seventh year at the school.

Family: Father, mother, two younger brothers.

Other: Can hack into pretty much anything without being detected. Thus, his nickname.

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Bam (bam_bam) | 1 comments Full Name: Silver Isabella Grey

Nickname: Sil or Grey

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Supernatural Power: She has the ability to manipulate the fire element, by focusing her thoughts on moving fire and raising her hand in the movement she wants it to go then through that way she can make it do pretty much whatever she likes, she can also teleport although she has no control over her teleportation and it has only happened a few times in her life.

Human Talent: Is a naturally talented actress although she's a little shy to give it a shot, she is also a very fast learner which surprises some people.


She stands at around 5' 10'' which is tall for a girl her age, she has long brown hair and feathered bangs that almost cover one of her eyes. She has bright green eyes that are similar to those of cooking apples and she also has high cheekbones. She has a pale complexion and a slender, curvaceous body that is of proportion to her willowy figure.

Personality: She is an observant person whom likes a bit of attention every now and again, who doesn't? She isn't very patient and becomes quite hot headed and opinionated at times though she is a well liked person. She can be trusted, but this is mainly because she is quite forgetful. She loves to be around animals and water and ultimately outdoors, she loves to make new friends although she can't stand show-offs and know-it-all's.




Crush: David Harris Jones

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None



Full Name: James Arthur Jackson

Nickname: JJ (only called to irritate him)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Supernatural Power:

Human Talent:




Mother; Kaitlin Jackson age 44
Father; Deceased, age 36 when James was only 7 years old
Is an only child

Crush: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Other: N/A

*both characters under construction*

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Alessia (siriostars) ANIME CHARACTERS ARE OKAY.
Please inform people when the mods are not around. Thanks.

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Caramel Cat Universe Name: Floria Reinhold
Age: 16
Supernatural Power: Can fly has white wings *most of the time she hides them*
Personality: Quiet, smart, gets board, hates fake love, and wants something good to happen in her life.
History: She is very clumsy. She is extremely smart since she lived in orphanage. She has no clue what happened to her parents.
Family: unknown
Pets: none
Crush: none
Boyfriend: none
Other: none

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