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((Roleplay here))

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Crowleaf | 185 comments Lily walked to the watering hole, and took a drink.

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Night padded over and bounded over to Lily, "Hi!" her purr rumbled in her throat.

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Crowleaf | 185 comments Lily smiled. "Hello, Night!"

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"Do you know where your cub is....umm what's his name?" Night asked.

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Crowleaf | 185 comments Lily nodded. "Zoka is still asleep," she smiled.

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"In camp?" Night asked.

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Crowleaf | 185 comments Lily nodded.

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"Thanks!" Night called as she bounded away.

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Crowleaf | 185 comments Lily nodded, her eyebrow raised.

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((Let's just say it was the rocks))

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Crowleaf | 185 comments ((Okay.))

Lily took one last drink then padded towards the rocks.

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Kayla padded to the watering hole and lied down, yawning.

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Kibswana caught up to her and hiding in the weeds murmured, "Pst! Kayla!"

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Kayla stood up, her ears pricked. When she saw Kibswana she bounded over, "What are you doing here?" she asked, her eyes filled with concern.

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"I had to leave! Koomba would be furious." He looked down. "And, well, they dont know this, but I want to be a Pridelander!"

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Kayla blinked, "Kibswana, you can't do this. I'm sorry, but you can't."

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"Why? I cant go back. You dont understand. I want to be a Pridelander!"

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"No, it's not that easy. I don't want you to get hurt in the process if you get exiled."

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"I already am. I'm an Outsider, remember?" He pleaded.

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"Kayla!" A voice growled.

Kayla turned and saw Night, "What?" she asked as she stood up and stood in front of Kibswana's hiding spot.

"Come on, Snow's going to teach us how to hunt."

"Um..okay." Kayla said as she padded after Night, taking one last glance at Kibswana.

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Kibswana gave her another look of despair and turned and walked back to his border, tail dragging on the ground.

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Kayla padded over and took a drink before heading towards the rocks.

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Kibswana jumped on Kayla's back and rolled her into the watering hole. He rolled over laughing, holding his sides. "Got you!"

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Kayla grunted underneath him and managed to scramble up, "This is the Watering Hole. Lions come here to get a drink. Can you swim?" She added.

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To prove her point and prove he had learned to swim, Kibswana jumped into the watering hole, laughing and spraying Kayla with water.

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Kayla purred, "Great! I don't have to rescue you anymore." her eyes glittered with amusement.

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"Haha. Very funny." he said, floating on his back, paddling with his hind paws. Then he laughed and gulped for air, diving underneath the water.

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Kayla looked around nervously, she knew she had to show him around, not goof around, "Kibswana!" she slightly yowled, hoping that he could hear her.

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He popped his head back up and smiled. "Yeah?"

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"Come on! We gotta go." Kayla said.

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"Ah, but we just got here," he laughed, but got out anyways. He clambered out and shook himself, covoring Kayla with water.

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Kayla snorted and called over her shoulder, "The grasslands." then she charged off.

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Kibswana ran after her.

((continued in the Grasslands))

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Kayla bounded to the Watering Hole and dipped the surface, sending in ripples.

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Kibswana just sat on the edge and took a drink.

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Kayla pushed Kibswana in.

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He fell in head first, back legs flailing. When he broke to the surface again, he laughed and said, "Hey!" He went back under water and disappeared. He popped back up under Kayla and wrapped his paws around the back of he neck, bringing her with him back under.

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"Wait! I can't-" But Kayla didn't finish her sentence, just got sucked in the water. She worked her paws frantically wondering where was the surface. Her lungs felt like they were about to burst when she finally found the surface and climbed out, taking in gulps of air. Her tail shivered.

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Kibswana rose to the surface too and asked, "You can't what?"

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"I can't swim." Kayla shuffled her paws.

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"The how did you save me when we were cubs?" Kibswana tilted his head to the side.

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"Well, I knew how to swim then, but after that, I didn't need to swim, and later on in life, I forgot how to." Kayla replied sheepishly.

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Kibswana smiled. "That's silly. How does a lion forget?Nevermind that," he shook his head, "What do you want to do now?"

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"I don't know." Kayla said.

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"Well, you know the Pridelands better than me."

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"Oh! I forgot. Come on." Kayla charged back to the grasslands.

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Kibswana was confused, but followed anyways.

((continued in the Grasslands))

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Sierra layed by the water thinking about her past. It had no effect what so ever. She didn't care. She took a drink and laid back down.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Sierra opened her eyes and sighed. She liked being alone but only for so long. This was boring and very tiring being ignored all the time.

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