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((Roleplay here, the Pridelander's half is of the right side.))

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Night padded up to the gorge and peered down, wondering how she was going to get down.

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Night saw a lion crumble down to the ground, she flinched and scrambled down to meet the injured lion.

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"Wait here," Night replied, "I'm going to find a tour guide for you." Then she bounded off.

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Kibswana nodded and sat down.

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((Need to eat, might be on later.))

Kayla bounded over and crouched down, eyeing the lion. She crept forward and her paws shot off of her, knocking Kibswana to the ground. She loomed over him, "Be quicker on your paws. And hi." Kayla giggled as she planted her paws on his chest.

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((i need to go anyways, before my bro tells our mom he didnt get a turn, cause he's like that you know :P))

Kibswana's eyes widened again. "Kayla?" he asked in disbeleif.

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Kayla got off of him, "Hi Kibswana!"

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((imma back!!))

Kibswana jumped to his paws. "It's great to see you!" he hugged her, When he realixed the awkwardness, he backed up and cleared his throat, saying, "How've you been?"

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((Yay! Did your brother go on the computer?))

Kayla flicked her ears, "Okay..i guess. I'm sorry about what I said last time..."

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((yeah. but i told him time was up and i got back on^^ in about a half hour -hour i'll probably have to go keeps us from fighting though, so...(:))

"Its fine. You did what you had to."

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((Okay. I have to go to bed at 8:30.))

Kayla nodded and then crouched, wriggling her hindquarters, "Come on, I need to show you around. We can play on the way," then she poked him with a paw, "Your it!" then she bounded away.

((The watering hole))

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Kibswana lept after her.

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