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((Roleplay here))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Santi lay on Pride Rock nursing her Cubs, She'd need to go hunting soon so she could continue to feed her family.

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((It's night right now))
Amara lay a few feet away, lying on her back with her belly exposed.From the corner of her eye she could see Santi nursing just a pawful of the cubs, the others were romping around. The young lioness smiled, oh how she loved the cubs.

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Novu snuck back into camp. She didn't care if anyone saw her return or not; she just headed towards the sleeping cave.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((I changed the Cubs ages))

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((to what age?))

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Tavi, Lita, and Kita are 1 1/2, Manti, Veriti, and Kuva are 2, Nulla and Zuberi are 3, and Kivi, Latki and Zue are 4. and Everyone who wanted Cubs, meaning Alexis, Dhalia and I got Cubs, You Alexis got Manti at 2, Kuva at 2, Kita at 1 1/2 and Kivi at 4, Dhalia got Tavi at 1 1/2, Nulla at 3, and Latki at 4, and I got Zue at 4, Zuberi at 3, Veriti at 2, and Lita at 1 1/2))

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((O.O wow... okays ^_^ i can live with that. Amara's their mother, right?))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Santi's the Cubs mother, Their father was a Rogue who was killed))

Zue snuck away from her mother she wanted to Play.

Zuberi watched his sister.

Santi kept a watchful eye on all her cubs

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((alright. glad i asked before posting :) ))

Manti was wrestling with Kuva, while Kita and Kivi watched. The two looked at eachother, getting an idea. While the brothers continued their wrestling, the sisters crept up and each pounced on a brother.

"Ha! We win!" proclaimed Kita.

Kivi smiled on, face smug.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Zue smirked and snuck up on her Sisters and pounced on them and pinned them, "Ha, pinned ya" She said with a smirk.

Santi watched over them ready to interveane if she had to.

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Kivi turned quickly and shoved her sister off, pinning her. "No, I pinned you."

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Zue laughed and flipped Kivi over again growling playfully.

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Kita jumped off her brother and rushed to her other sister's aid. She held down Zue and smiled. "Gotcha!"

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Zue pushed up with her back paws holding her younger siste above her. "No, I got you" She said and smiled.

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((Sorry, been busy lately. I'm gonna make my cubs a profile so I can get them organized, might take a bit))
Amara looked up sleepily as she was huddled a few feet away. "Kids, could you please go to sleep? You guys are always filled with energy, I promise I'll play with you in the morning."

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Santi looked at Amara and raised a Brow, "Kita, Zue, Boys bedtime" She said in a tone that said that they shouldn't argue with her.

Zue sighed and walked towards Santi then looked towards the Grasslands and gasped when she saw a small dark figure approaching. "Mama, Auntie Amara, Someone's out thee" She said.

Santi raised her head from where it had lay on her paws and stood abruptly, Kids bed now, she said.

Midnight was now at the foot of Priderock and sniffed at it, She smelled other lions, and other cubs.

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Manti, Kivi, and Kita groaned.

"But Mo-om..." complained Manti.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Go to bed, If your good I'll take you to the waterhole to play tomorrow" Santi said.

Zue curled up with her Siblings Zuberi, Veriti and Lita.

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The cubs smile and agreed, laying down by their other brothers and sisters.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Santi smiled and put Tavi Latki and Nulla with them. She gave them all goodnight kisses before she made her way out to investigate.

Midnight had ran deeper into the Grasslands.

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Latki' s ear twitched, already he could hear a few of his siblings romping around, not paying any heed to the amount of sound they made. With an inward groan, he slowly pushed himself up onto all fours. Last night wasn't the best, due to the massive amount of pushing and whining, he had slept no where near his mother's soft pelt. Opening his eyes, still blurry, he yawned.

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Kivi looked over at her brother, still half asleep.

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Pupils adjusting to the darkness, Latki looked towards the entrance, wondering if any of the lionesses were out there already. A small movement caught his eyes, something small in the shadows. After a few moments of gazing at the spot, the figure of one of his siblings was determined. "Hey..." Latki wasn't sure just which sibling though.

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Kivi twitched her tail. "It's KIVI, fuzz head."

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Sierra walked up with Novu.

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Novu eyed to cubs then trotted away, knowing she was going to be pounced on and was avoiding the action.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Sierra watched the cubs laying down.

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The lioness found a sheltered spot too high for the cubs to reach and watched them from there.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Sierra was calm and just laid there not caring for now if the cubs pounced

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She lay her head down and her eyes drooped. The kill and full stomach made her sleepy.

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iVYdANCE (Alexis) wrote: "Kivi twitched her tail. "It's KIVI, fuzz head.""

With a grunt of acknowledgment, Latki slowly snaked his way around other sleeping members of the pride. Finally out of the danger of colliding into a sleepy huddle, he left the cool safety of the cave and ventured out into the burning Sun. The rock underneath his paws was beginning to heat up, and he decided to abandon the rock rather than stay trapped inside all day.

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Seeing as she couldn't fall back asleep, Kivi sighed and got to her paws to follow her brother. "Hey, wait up!" she yawned.

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Latki paused mid step, being a patient brother, he sat his rump down. Slightly annoyed at the intrusion of his thoughts, he turned his head back to watch the movement of his sibling as she scrambled over to him, paying no heed to the other's she ran over. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he faced the front and closed his eyes. It seemed he was the only mature one out of his number of brethren.

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When she caught up, she sat down beside him and yawned again. "What're ya doin today? Anything fun?"

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Latki opened his eyes to fully identify his sister, but once she spoke he rolled his eyes at her slur of words. "No, I am not doing anything fun today." His response came out in a brisk tone as he obviously wanted to be rid of her. All he wanted was to learn.

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She glanced at a bug crawling on the ground. "Well, we can always do something NOT fun, right?" She purred and looked back up at him.

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Kivi gave up with her brother and turned away. When she saw Kili, her eyes grew and she scrambled over. "Hi, Kili!"

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Santi sighed and stood before walking out of the den and bounding down the rocks to Latki and Kivi,

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