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((Roleplay here, the outlanders half is on the left side.))

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"Alright, how are we going to do this?" Lake muttered as he peered over the gorge.

"Do what?" Dark asked.

Lake yowled with alarm and he slid down.

Dark rushed to the side of the gorge and watched as Lake hit the bottom hard, "Sorry!" he called.

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Kibswana covored his mouth and held back a laugh.

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Lake hit the bottom with his rump in the air. He groaned as he staggered up.

Dark watched, amusement glimmered in his eyes.

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Kibswana couldnt help it. He laughed out loud "Bwa-ha-ha-ha! You guys crack me up, you know that?" He was on his back now, hugging his stomach, back legs thrashing.

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Dark turned, surprised, then relaxed, "I guess."

Lake climbed up and lied down, panting.

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He clamed down and rolled onto his side, head up and smiling.

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Dark prodded Lake, "What was the plan?" he asked.

"That was it doofus! The plan was to make me jump and fall over the edge." Lake growled, sarcastic.

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Kibswana was still smiling when he said, "You guys are so wierd."

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Dark snorted, "I heard that before."

Lake grunted with the effort as he struggled up.

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He shook his head. "Anyways, what are you guys doing here ?"

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"I always come here and do crazy stuff to try and get myself killed." Lake replied, shooting a glare at Dark.

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Kibswana blew a peice of mane from his face as he said, "Yeah, yeah. Remember what Simba did though? Why dont you try roaring? See how far that'll get you!" Tales of Simba and Scar were told to the cubs to grow hate for the Pridelanders, but Kibswana secretly dreamed of being one! He hated living out here.

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"Okay." Lake smirked as he padded up to Kibswana's face and roared loudly.

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His light mane blew backwards and he gritted his teeth. When he was done, Kibswana glared at him. "Thanks," he emphisized, his lip pulled over a peice of his teeth.

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((If you want a Pridelander to like him then he has to be cuter. Sorry))

Lake dipped his head, "Hehe."

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((sighs, ok. can you give me a link? i had issues finding the one i did...))

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((I did))

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((didnt see that. now i did))

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((Is the pictures okay?))

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((commented already^^))

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"I am going." Lake growled as he padded away.

Dark followed him.

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Kibswana sighed and hauled himself to his paws. Bored again, he padded sulkily towards the river.

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Lake returned and looked down, before he knew it he was tumbling down, "Ow!" he yelped.

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Kayla sat down, her eyes glistened, then she heard a groan. She looked down and saw a lion. She scrambled down and prodded the lion, "Are you okay?"

Lake grunted, "What does it look like?"

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"Can you get up?" Kayla asked.

"Yeah." Lake grunted.

Kayla nodded and rushed to her side of the gorge, disappearing.

Lake looked around, confused.

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Kibswana saw Kayla with Lake and after she had run off again, followed her. "Kayla!" he shouted.

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((The watering hole))

Lake looked up, "Kibswana? he staggered up and climbed the gorge.

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Lake looked around before padding down the gorge and into his own lands

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Kibswana padded around, kicking stones. His mane was clean and gleaming; he was an adult now.

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Lake was yawning, his paws splayed out.

Dark, a fully adult was staring across the gorge.

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He saw Dark and padded over to him. "Hey," he said.

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"What?" Dark asked, yawning.

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"Oh, nothing. Just bored thats all."

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Dark snorted and padded away.

Lake yawned and followed.

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Kibswana shook is head. They were no fun. Kayla was fun..., he thought to himself. He walked over to the edge of the gorge and looked down. The rocks began to crumble beneath his paws. "Oh, no. Not agai-!" he yelled as he tumbled down the side of the gorge.

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"You okay?" Night prodded the lion with claws unsheathed, poking her claws into his ribs.

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Kibswana moaned and opened his eyes, looking up. "Yeah, I think so." He pushed himself onto his paws and sat down. "That really-I know you!"

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Night snorted, "Come on, I have a question to ask. I know you want to join the Pridelands and we are short on lions, so you can join."

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His eyes widened. "Really! That's great!"

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"Great! Let's go." Night replied as she scrambled up the tumbled rocks.

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Kibswana didn't even look back as he followed her up the gorge. He would finally see Kayla again!

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Kensi Blye Midnight crept to the edge of the Gorge carefully, she didn't wanna go sliding down it, She looked behind her mother to see her sister and smirked. "Come on Tani, Let's play" She said.

Vitani shook her head.

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