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Please fill out this form

Age: (in years)
Rank: (hunter or protecter/fighter, or nurser, teen, or King)

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Age:9 Years
Appearance: [image error]
(When adult):
Personality:Kayla is a nice lion. She likes to play a lot before she turns into a hunter. She almost never gets angry, but if she does, she hides it. Kayla understands everyones worries and tries to help them the best she can.
Mate/Crush: Kibswana, but does not know yet.
Kin:Snow, Night

Age:13 Years
Personality:Snow likes to help everyone like her sister. She is kind and gentle. She also has a good sense of humor. Snow respects space if someone wants to be left alone, otherwise she tries to help.
Kin:Kayla, Night

Age:9 Years
(When adult):
Personality:Night is not like most lions. She's sneaky and her moods change quite easily. She can be jealous easily but she doesn't show it at all. She can be real dangerous if you make her mad.
Mate/Crush:Zoka, but won't admit it
Kin:Kayla, Snow

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Crowleaf | 185 comments Name: Zoka
Age: 9
Rank: Teen
Gender: Male

Personality: Zoka is pretty boring. He usually doesn't do very much besides stay at home. It's hard to convince him to do stuff because he gets scared really easy.
History: Zoka was born with his mother always staying by him all the time. His father died when he was too little to remember him, so his mother will almost never let him leave her sight.
Mate/Crush: N/A
Kin: Lily (mother)
Other: N/A

Name: Lily
Age: 20
Rank: Hunter
Gender: Female

Personality: Lily is one of the sweetest cats you could meet.
History: Normal past. She found a mate and had one cub; however, her mate died and she vowed that it would never happen to her cub.
Mate/Crush: Dead. Closed
Kin: Zoka (son)

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Name: Skye
Age: not born yet
Gender: Female
Rank: future cub, to be hunter
Appearance: CUB: TEEN/ADULT:
Personality: can be sensitive, fun loving, a bit like Kiara from Lion King 2
History: unborn
Mate/Crush: unborn
Kin: Kibswana (father) Kayla (mother)
Other: none

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This is the picture

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Name: Novu
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Rank: Teen, going to be a Hunter
Personality: She has a negative attitude and can be snappy. She can be nice if you can get to her, but doesn't give off a very good first impression.
History: normal, just a bit more complaining than most
Mate/Crush: NONE/OPEN
Kin: Talon (father)
Other: seems to struggle most with being the king's daughter

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Name: Kiman
Age: (in years)
Rank: Fighter
Age: (in years)28
Personality:Nice, fun protective he loves to joke around and play pranks on other lions
Mate/Crush: none but open
Kin:Sandy (sister)

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Personality:Kind but srict he spares outlanders if they try to come back in the Pridelanders but only he will always keep an eye on them because he knows what tricks they play and will never have that lions full trust
History: nothing special but he does have a large scar on his eye from a fight with the outlanders
Mate/Crush needs one
Kin:Novu (son)

Yes novu can be son

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 259 comments Mod
Name: Amara
Age: 3 years
Rank: Nurser
Gender: Female
Appearance: Amara is rather petite for a lioness. However, you would have to look past her delicate frame to see that she does indeed have some muscle packed underneath. Amara's eyes are a beautiful almond brown in color, really standing out against her reddish pelt. The rear left paw of Amara has a white sock that extends up a few inches.

Personality: Amara is an extremely gentle lioness, too gentle too defend herself from another, in claw and in tongue. Amara also tends to fall in love easily, she's not flirty, just well naive. Due to her kind nature, she is really helpful and puts others first before herself.

History: Fortunately, Amara has had a pretty decent life. Born in the pride alongside her brother, Kiman, Amara had the full protection needed. When she was around a year however, her mother just disappeared without a trace. No one knows what happened to her,poacher,crocodile, another male lion. No one knows.

Mate: OPEN!!!
Kin: Kiman(Brother) Lena(Mother)

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Santi
Age: 21
Rank: Fighter
Gender: Female
Personality: TBRP'd
History: Unknown
Mate/Crush: Her mate was named Undahi

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) wrote: "I'm gonna make a cub, which pick is better?"

I like the top one...

wow! lots of charries there! just make sure you can handle them all :)

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 259 comments Mod
What age are they in lion years? The cubs, a couple of them should vary in age. And if you think you have too much, I could help with a couple

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i could help too :)

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 259 comments Mod
Name Latki
Age 4 months
Rank cub
Gender Male

Latki is a handsome combination of both his mother and father. A stocky and strong build with unique ginger hair and green eyes. From his mother would be the leaness of his body. Together, he got the odd yet interesting rustic pelt.

Personality Latki surprisingly has taken the responsibility of his siblings upon himself to deal with, making him very mature for a cub his age. Latki isn't the type to go off searching for adventure, preferably he would just like to hang around the adults and observe. Being the eldest, often it is him who breaks up spats his many siblings get into. Most of the time seeming annoyed by the foolishness of his brethren, if one were to go missing, he would be the first to hunt him/her down.

History A typical story with a slight twist. Latki was born in the pride, nursed and loved by his mother and just two siblings at the time. He was only a month old when he first saw his father, not much is left to remember though. Just a stocky rogue male seeking his mother. Before he knew it, it more siblings arrived. The thought of being the oldest brother to many more filled him with joy, but after they arrived, all that was heard was mewling all day long. Unfortunately, when he asked his mother to return them, it couldn't be done. done After that he knew he just had to put up with it. Once again he saw his father, but it was the last time he would be seen. This time however, Latki was starting to resemble his father, so when the male passed by, he stopped surprisingly. Their eyes met for a moment, a moment Latki wouldn't forget. The words "Be the brave boy." Were uttered from his lips, and then the moment was broken as the large male turned abruptly to seek his mother, leaving Latki staring after him in wonder.

Mate/crush None
Other Only one of his siblings saw the moment between Latki and their father, and it's been on their mind since. A certain lioness however, spread the story to the cubs that their father was just a helpless scrum, just a weakling. Latki' s siblings since then have teases him for being their father's favorite, but no matter what they say, Latki loyally protects his father.

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Name: Sparrow
Age: 5 years
Rank: hunter
Gender: F
Personality: light-hearted, kind, loves to care for others (to be RPed)
History: unknown
Mate/Crush: none
Kin: killed
Other: related to the old old Simba

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Name: Sierra
Age: (in years) 16
Rank: (hunter or protecter/fighter, or nurser, teen, or King) hunter or protecter
Gender: female
Personality: determined and enjoys fun (kind of like Nala)
History: she was abandoned when she was young and was excepted by the pridelanders
Mate/Crush: none

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Cherrysong  (cherrysong) Name: Ulia
Age: 7 years old
Rank: Protector
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light tan with brown eyes
Personality: friendly. Ulia would protect the Pride with her life. she is the most loyal lioness you will meet.
History: make later
Mate/Crush: make later
Kin: make later
Other: make later

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simiko | 2 comments Name:Sol(Sun In Spanish)
Age:4 Months

Personality:Fun loving kind big hearted and very calm
History:She was lost and could not find her mother until the pridelanders got her

Other: none

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Ookidaloveoo | 9 comments Name:Snowy
Age:3 years
Apperance:She have white fur and a stripe like zira's
Personality:Very proud ,she isnt kind and she do everything to eat
History:One of ziras sisters who be prudelander,when she meet Arctic a
white male and do cubs
Kin:Mother(azola),Father(unknow lion)
Son(Zol),Dau(Azula with u) and other cubs(you can make other mate and other cubs)Sister(lyra) and (zira)
Other:she do a cub with scar

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Ookidaloveoo | 9 comments Name:Azoli
Rank: Future Fighter,Queen
Apperance:Like Zira but with blue eyes.
Personality:She hate Simba ,Kovu,Vitani and Kiara because they are traitors and they left her mom to die,very proud,her world is make of anger and blood and her adoptive mother Spotty.Like to fight and see dead pridelanders,all she want she have,all are for her ,like god create they to be hers and to do all she wants.Like a little bloody princess, like Zira wish to be Kovu,just a king.Zira learn her all she need ,Spotty and Dotty help her too to be a greate killer like her mom.
History:Born in outlands,her feature was write on sky and on the wll of destiny,she was in her moms arms and her eyes was full of anger ,she was born with this in her blood,with anger and Royal Blood.In the memory of her mom Zira put her the name Azoli because she was like her mom.She now is like Zira and will be the best killer,later she will meet a boy , all she learn he can change?Well no,she mate with he than with cold blood she kill he.Her cubs will be Haina,Hieny and his only son Hasonda,all her cubs will look like outlanders , Hieny will look like Vitani but she will die in outlands,Haina will mate and like her mom will kill the male and her sweet son Hasonda will be King and will kill one of Kovus and Kiaras sons.Azoli is a cute lioness but you cant trust her,just her family and her friends.
Mate:Unknow lion
Kin:Hieny ans Haina(Daughters),Hasonda(Son),Zira(Mother),Spotty(Adoptive Mom),Scar(Father),Azola(Grandma,dead),Kuzimu(Grandpa,killed by Zira),Kovu(Brother),Simba(King of PL),Kiara(Mate of Kovu and dau of Simba),Vitani(Sister)
Other:She choose like heir his son but part she take to Haina,Hyeny will be crazy her mom to notice is a better queen than her sister Haina,at the end she will meet a hyena and take they back to OL,and taje the part of her sisters land,Azoli will be Angry and kill Hieny and take back the part of OL to Haina again but now she will be Queen of Hyebas too , she us proud for her cubs just at the end of the life she realise she likes a boy but in that night she will be killed by the brother of the male who mate with her and is killed but we dont kniw yet,two years later she go back in OL hurt,her au help her and like that she live..You can change the history the finall the cubs or the mate i dont care, i wish you enjoy it guys :* bye bye

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Ookidaloveoo | 9 comments Ookidaloveoo wrote: "Name:Azoli
Rank: Future Fighter,Queen
Apperance:Like Zira but with blue eyes.
Personality:She hate Simba ,Kovu,Vitani and Kiara because they are traitors and they left her ..."

Ok im sorry because i wrong at some words luke dau u write au in a place , i was very sleepy sorry

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Wow. I like her. Purdy. :3

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Shirite
Age: Young Adult
Rank: Hunter, Loner, Wants to become King
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Credit goes to Horse_Power on Deviantart)
Personality: He's kind and Just, always making the right decisions, as well as being fair to others, He enjoys fighting, but not just for the sake of fighting and will undoubtedly stand up for someone weaker then himself.
History: Unknown, It's a Mystery
Mate/Crush: None
Kin: Ramati (Daughter)

Name: Ramati
Age: Cub
Rank: Hunter, Loner but travels with her Father, Wants to be Princess
Gender: Female
Appearance: Credit for Art goes to DYB on Deviantart, Ignore Caption that says Uru
Personality: She hates to be underestimated or looked down upon. She knows how to handle herself and her muscles and body unlike other cubs.
History: Has traveled with her father since she was born and her mother killed.
Mate/Crush: None
Kin: Shirite (Father)

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Naomi78 Bates | 2 comments Name: Mistiria
Age: 3 years
Rank: She is a hunter and a rogue to some but just a loner to others
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is a white lioness who ran away from home at a young age. She looks like she could live in the cold regions if she could. She has no one to talk to about what happened to her although she always listens to others.
Personality: she is friendly and kind but threaten her home and she will defend it with her life. She is strong and true to those who took her in as their own cub when she was found on the outskirts of a pride.
History: When Mistiria was young her once caring mother chose not to care what happened to her. She ran away after a few weeks of being run off the food her mother brought back from her siblings. It hurt her to see how a mother could treat a cub but leaving was the only way to make her mother happy again.
Mate/Crush: not yet
Kin: her mother Shearah, her father Rogue, her sisters Robin, Misty, and Rosalyn, and her brother Willow.

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