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message 1: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 1416 comments Ok, sorry if I put this in the wrong area. I was talking to my step-mom the other day, and she was asking what I wanted for Christmas, and well, I've been dying for an ipad. Well, as the price is a little high, that's got a 99.99999% chance of not happening. So she brought up the Kindle Fire as a possibility. So I guess my question is, what is the Kindle Fire like? What does it do besides let you read ebooks? I will not be using it as an ereader, as I'm against ebooks, so if they get me an Amazon gift card to go with it, I'll be using it to order real books.
My mom got me a little tablet computer for my birthday back in June, a Coby KYROS, and it's not bad I guess. I use it to play some games and browse a little bit on the internet, and I know it's capable of playing movies and music but I don't have any on it right now. The big thing that bothers me about it is it doesn't support Flash, so a lot of websites are rendered unusable, and it can only play the games that are available in the Coby KYROS GetJar market app, I can't just go to like, a random site and play a game. But it gets weather and news apps and stuff like that. Not a great tablet, but it works.
So, I guess my question is for anyone who knows about this stuff. Does the Kindle support Flash? How's the browser, and does it get good apps and stuff? Any info anyone could give me would be much appreciated :)
Honestly, I'd much prefer the ipad, but I completely understand my parents not being able to fork out 600 and some dollars for one, so how's the Kindle compare to the ipad?

message 2: by Robin (Saturndoo) (last edited Sep 21, 2012 08:23PM) (new)

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) I own two kindle fires that I got for Christmas last year. My son does a lot more with it than I do. But here is what I know...I do use mine to get books as I have accumulated over 6000 free books from amazon. I got the GR app on mine which really comes in handy when I go to the library. They do have some really good apps for the kindle fire, lots of games,and a lot of them are free. My son watches movies and downloads music on his KF. I use the internet on my KF sometimes, but my son uses the internet on KF all the time to access Facebook etc. I haven't tried running flash myself but I have read on Amazon that it does run flash because Amazon Prime is flash based. I have also read on Amazon that it is better to use the web browser than the app for example using the browser to access Facebook instead of using the Facebook App. The big thing to remember that I have read a lot about on Amazon is that you are on a 7" screen which makes a difference when looking at websites/playing games etc. I know the KF HD is now available and not sure what it's capabilities are. I love my KF and I'm totally lost without it LOL.

I am anti Ipad simply because it is an Apple product. I have had very bad luck with catching viruses with Apple products and then their customer service dept not helping me with the issues. I guess it is just a matter of opinion as I know people who have both...they love the KF for reading books and apps etc because so much of it is free and they like their ipads for the internet and other stuff.

message 3: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 1416 comments Do you have to be connected to a wifi spot to access the GR app, or can you still look at your books/shelves without being connected? Because that would be an excellent thing to have when I'm finding way too many books I want to buy at the Goodwill, help me narrow down my selections to see if one I pick that looks good is like #5 in a series or something (a pet peeve of mine! And it's happened to me too many times to count, I'll find a good lookin' book at Goodwill, only to get home and get online and add it to my shelves here on GR and find it's part of a series... grr!) But where the Goodwill is, I don't think there are any hotspots around to get online unless I go a mile or so up the road to the McDonald's or something.
I guess I'd mostly be using it to get online, though the typing on those tablet things is kind of a pain, can't write responses to messages and whatnot nearly as easily as I can with a keyboard, what with the plinking one letter at a time on the screen.
I imagine the screen size is the same as the tablet I have now, as my mom got me a case to go with it and it was actually a Kindle case, so that's not a big deal.
Thanks for answering!

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) Yes you have to have wifi to access the GR app. I will say this...I like the GR app as far as searching for books and looking at my shelves but I don't like the app for going to my groups. If I am going to see what's happening in my groups and make posts I go to GR through the web browser. I agree, I'm not a big fan of the keyboard on the kindle either. LOL You describe it perfectly when you said "plinking one letter at a time on the screen" I guess if I used it more often I would get used to it LOL

YW...I have had my kindle for almost a year and I am still learning about what it can and can't do. I don't do a lot with it besides get the free books and read books on it. But like I said, my son uses one to watch movies, music, internet, games, other apps, and who knows what else LOL We really enjoy ours and would be lost without them.

message 5: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments Yes, love my KF! It is like a small iPad, but doesn't have a camera. You can listen to audiobooks, also.

message 6: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 1416 comments Cool, so I'm gonna tell her that's a good idea to get me :D And who knows, I might even finally try an audiobook!

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) LOL I knew LK had a KF too and loves it. I was waiting for her to respond to see what she had to say or if she had any more insight to give ☺

Kit, I don't think you will be with everything there are the pros and cons.

message 8: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments LOL! Well, just so you know, my BFF has an iPad and we compared their abilities side by side awhile ago and the KF is exactly 1/2 the size of the iPad. I don't know anything about the new Kindle HD.

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) Lisa Kay wrote: "LOL! Well, just so you know, my BFF has an iPad and we compared their abilities side by side awhile ago and the KF is exactly 1/2 the size of the iPad. I don't know anything about the new Kindle HD."

I am looking at the new Kindle HD and contemplating it...I may ask for it for Christmas this year and see if my luck will run the same as last year and end up with two of them **snickers**

It looks like the HD as a tad bit more to offer but not much.

message 10: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments I hope Santa is good to you, ♥Robin♥!

message 11: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 1416 comments Lisa Kay wrote: "LOL! Well, just so you know, my BFF has an iPad and we compared their abilities side by side awhile ago and the KF is exactly 1/2 the size of the iPad. I don't know anything about the new Kindle HD."

So how'd the abilities stack up in comparison? Pretty even aside from screen size?

message 12: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments Pretty side by side, Kit★. Of course, they were both new to us and I don't think we'd discovered everything about them.

message 13: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments And the KF has no camera. But I have one on my iPod/Touch and my phone.

message 14: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 1416 comments Eh I don't need it to have a camera I've got one on my phone plus a digital one I keep in the kid's bag which is with me pretty much at all times lol. Otherwise sounds good to me I'm in. Now I'm hoping to get one :)

Robin (Saturndoo) (robinsaturndoo) The new KF HD has a front facing HD camera because you can talk on skype with it ☺

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