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Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter?
Melanie Melanie Sep 21, 2012 07:25PM
Which one would you be in?

Everyone is choosing CHB, and I agree. But what if Rick started the series at Camp Jupiter? I think we all chose CHB because we grew up with it. CJ is new, and a bit scary. I saw this thing once where it said that CHB is more like Harry Potter and CJ is like The Hunger Games, and I agree.

Camp Jupiter

Camp Half-blood It has a lot of challenges an so does Jupiter but HB seems more fun CJ is full of team work and thats fine but Camp Half-blood is full of idependence and team work both are lovely camps. If I had to choose it would be Camp Half-blood

Camp Half Blood

Camp Half-Blood all the way! The Romans are too strict about their camp and they don't run it very well.

Maria agreed
Oct 15, 2012 06:14PM · flag

I agree with Asher "The fry".

Camp Half Blood, of course. But I think it would be much better if they didn't see each other as enemies...

Camp Half-Blood, duh!! What kind of question is that??!! ;P

As much as i love romans, since i am one, CAMP HALF BLOOD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

Camp Half Blood because it sounds more fun~ The latter is so uptight.

Camp Half-Blood

Half-Blood, by faaar

Definitely Half-Blood. Not only are they way less uptight, but they don't have freaky purple ghosts shouting grecus at you! ...which is always a bonus.

I agreee with 'Asher "The Fry"'. The Roman camp has a death penalty on stepping out of line. And the way the Greeks organize their demi-gods makes more sense to me. Camp Half-Blood all the way!

I would choose Camp Half-Blood because it isn't so uptight. People are more friendly towards each other and are more forgiving about mistakes. Camp Jupiter may be better at fighting because they are better disciplined but I don't believe that they treat each other equally. However I do like the idea of having a place for people to go and live in once they retire.

Camp Jupiter. Think of the camp as training. CHB is still training, but its kinda slacking. CJ is more like West Point; you get trained and you get trained good. Plus, who wouldnt like a pet elephant?

Camp Jupiter. Anyone who says Camp Half-blood is a no0b.

deleted member Sep 27, 2012 10:36AM   0 votes
Camp Half-Blood! They have a volleyball court and they grow strawberries.

At Camp Jupiter it feels like some outdoor military camp... which technically it is, but it is supposed to be a fun camp too right?

Half blood

Half-Blood, its like a summer camp. Camp Jupiter just is a boot camp.

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