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Christy Brannen (murdermostbritish) | 100 comments SUMMER 2012 Challnege

S- (A) Sudden, Fearful Death by Anne Perry 7/11/2012

U- Unholy Writ by David Williams 8/2/2012

M- Murder at Washington Square by Victoria Thompson 7/22/2012

M- Mind Your Own Beeswax by Hannah Reed 7/26/2012

E- Embassy Row by Quinn Fawcett 8/26/2012

R- Retirement Homes Can Be Murder by Mike Befeler 8/22/2012

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Christy Brannen (murdermostbritish) | 100 comments READ THE RAINBOW

You'll have 3 months to complete the challenge.
July 1 - Sep 31

Red- Murder on Washington Square / Victoria Thompson 7/22/2012
Orange- Mind Your Own Beeswax / Hannah Reed 7/26/2012
Yellow- Eat, Drink & Be Buried/ Kate Kingsbury 7/19/2012
Green Cockatiels at Seven/ Donna Andrews 7/17/2012
Blue- The Blue Rose/ Anthony Eglin 7/6/2012
Purple/Violet- The Gilded Shroud/Elizabeth Bailey 7/15/2012

Just for fun, you can post the covers of your books if you'd like. When you add book, just click the bubble that says cover instead of link

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Christy Brannen (murdermostbritish) | 100 comments AUGUST 2012 Mini-Challenge

2012 Summer Olympics in London - Unholy Writ by David Williams (green) 8/2

Aug 9 - Book Lover's Day - The Mysterious Mr. Quin by Agatha Chriistie 8/13

Aug 10 - Lazy Day - The Poison Maiden by Paul Doherty 8/19

Aug 17 - National Thriftshop Day - A Bicycle Built for Murder by Kate Kingsbury 8/5

Aug 24 - Vesuvius Day - Aristotle, Detective by Margaret Doody

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Paula | 104 comments Good job Marie Anne!

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Christy Brannen (murdermostbritish) | 100 comments SEPTEMBER 2012 Mini-Challenge

Sept 2 - National Beheading Day - Read a book where someone was murdered.

Mad About the Boy? by Dolores Gordon-Smith 9/25

Sept 6 - Fight Procrastination Day - Read the oldest book on your GR's TBR list.

What Mrs, McGuillicudy Saw by Agatha Christie 9/11

Sept 11 - No News is Good News Day - Read a book with a building on the cover.

Bluegate Fields by Anne Perry 9/6

Sept 19 - International Talk Like A Pirate Day - Always a fun one. Read any book with a pirate in it, or any book that has a scene that takes place on a ship, or has a ship on the cover. BONUS: Make a post here that day where you sound like a pirate. ;)

No ships, but how about a skull & crossbones?
Red Velvet Revenge by Jenn McKinlay 9/22

Sept 28 - Ask a Stupid Question Day - Read a book that has at least one ditzy character in it.

Admit to Murder by Margaret Yorke 9/27

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Christy Brannen (murdermostbritish) | 100 comments GR Autumn Reading Challenge
9/22 /2012- 12/21/2012
Completed 11/14/2012

A- Admit to Murder- Yorke, Margaret (non-series) 9/27/2012 Admit To Murder

U- (The) Unknown Quantity- Eberhart, Mignon (non-series) 10/18/2012 Unknown Quantity

T- Trouble in the Town Hall by Dams, Jeanne (Dorothy Martin #2) 11/08/2012 Trouble in the Town Hall (Dorothy Martin, #2)

U- (The) Unicorn Murders- by Dickson, Carter (Merrivale #4) 11/14/2012 The Unicorn Murders (Sir Henry Merrivale, #4)

M- Mad About the Boy? by Gordon-Smith, Dolores- (Haldean/#2) 9/25/2012 Mad About the Boy?

N- Not a Girl Detective- Kandel, Susan (Cece Caruso #2) 10/21/2012 Not a Girl Detective (Cece Caruso, #2)

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