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(only if you also read Delirium) Do you like Tobias or Alex better?
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I read both of these books and i can not decide.

Alex finds lena beautiful.
Alex is sweet, smart, his own person, and is just plain lovable, he also comes to save lena, even though it may have cost his life. Even though it is wrong to love, Alex still loves lena.

Tobias may not find tris beautiful, but he dose find her strong.
Tobias is strong, tough, and always finding a way to save tris and also protect her. He also comes to save her in ways that may have also cost his life.

If they were both two real people, i would not be able to decide.

You really can't compare the two of 'em. It depends on the situation. the character reacts depending on the story. Alex is perfect for Delirium because he goes with the story while tobias is good for Divergent too. So, Alex is Alex and Tobias is Tobias. They're both awesome in their own waysssss. :">

TOBIAS!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM! Alex wasn't as awesome or rebellious (even though he was the picture of rebellious)

I liked them both. But I felt more connected to Tobias than Alex

So hard to choose! Probably Tobias though...

Tough question.. I haven't really thought about comparing the two of them before.. I'll get back to you on this one.


no question about it! TOBIAS!!!!! I love him! He's so awesome, because on the outside he is all hard and tough, but once tris got to know him he was super caring and sweet. :)

Hard to choose. I like TOBIAS more.

I haven't thought of comparing them before... I loved them both, but I think I love Tobias more. Because he's Tobias. :)

i think that i'm on team alex - because well...he really did put his life on the line for lena in a way that's really showing no comparison.

i think though that i'll have to read book 3 in both series to really be able to draw a conclusion. i need to see how they each manage to overcome the horrible situations that they are in and how they chose to incorporate their women.


Tobias <3 I love Alex too, but Tobias is Tobias.

Completely undecidable.

WHY? Why must I chose? Tobias or Alex...

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4! No Tobias! (I get confused sometimes sorry)

Tobias felt more human only because he had more imperfection and depth to him. But I like Alex better, not because he died or anything (I think that's the reason why I feel more um, drawn? to him but let's pretend I saw something more, but I just prefer him, okay?

I love them both. If you had asked me in the beginning of Divergent I would have said Alex no question about it but when you read deeper into the book....ugh I don't know they're both awesome!

tobias! four is like awesome


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Alex, definitely! Although I would like to see a little more character definition in Alex from Lauren Oliver.

Tobias. Mainly because I felt his character was more developed than Alex. And I particularly like the fact that he didn't fall for Tris because of her beauty. That detail made him unique.

hmm that is a tough one! I think I'd go with Alex, I think?! lol!

I prefer Tobias. His character has more substance and he's honest. He doesn't treat Tris like a damsel in distress, instead, he encourages her to use her full strength and potential because he believes in her.
Personally, I think Alex is sweet, but all he ever does is protect Lena. In terms of action, the relationship is pretty much one-sided even though Lena loves Alex. I think. Maybe that's just me. I'm basing this on what I remember. Although, yes, Lena risks being caught just to see him.

I like both, but i'd choose Tobias ;)
and yeah, probably because he's more intense lol..



I think Alex

WHO IS ALEX????!!!

Kelly He is the main "love" from Delirium. ...more
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I don't know who Alex is but by the way he is described... I still looooooooooove Tobias!!!!


Tobias has more... character growth and development, his character is layered, Alex is sweet and amazing and I "aww-ed" a lot of times while I read the book, and I really love him, but Tobias is Tobias <3

Tobias. Alex was a good guy but Tobias has a more intense personality for me. Alex was one of those guys who didn't have enough personality for me to love him.


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.... Alex, just cause

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