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he heads out andl eaves

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Wait you want to be him sorry I thought you ment to be in the room

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((yeah but in your post you wrote luke instead of Kyle))

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Lola starts playing with nick sitting on his lap so he can't see

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Carter knocked on the door

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"come in"he calls Lola still on his lap

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Carter opened the door and saw Lola on nicks lap, he scowled

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"oh hey"she says staring at the screen

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Carter say down next to them

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She throws her controller "I give up"

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((I ment throws him her controller))

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Carter caught it "I'm in."
((I've actually never played this before, so bear with me xD))

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"fine"she says and leans against nick

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Carter starts to hit a bunch of buttons, slightly annoyed that Lola was leaning on nick

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She gets off of nick and sits in the middle of then

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Carte smiled, satisfied with that as he played, shooting people

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Nick plays shooting Carter's guy

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Carter made his guy dodge and shoot back, his eyes glued to the screen

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Lola watches bored and goes into nicks room looking through his stuff
He calls "lola dont look at my stuff"
"yea yea"she calls back

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Carter chuckled and kept shooting

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He pause the game and looks over at him

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Carter looked at him curiously

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"ok hear me out....I don't like you our trust you"

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"I don't like you either. And why would you? Youve barely spoken to me" carter said, knowing what was coming

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"just don't hurt her ok"

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Carter shook his head "I wouldnt do that"

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"you sure about that"

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"yes I'm sure about that. She's a great girl, she's different from anyone I've ever met before. I would never hurt her." Carter said, staring evenly at nick

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"yea i know she's great i've known her my whole life"

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Carter nodded "then you understand why I'd never hurt her, she deserves better"

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"yea i know better then you"

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"okay then....." carter said, unsure of what to say

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"just know i'll always be there for her"

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"just know that I'm here for her too, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon."

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"we'll see about that"you hear a crash come from his room

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Carter scowled at his comment "hmph." but smirked when he heard Lola

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"lola what did you brek now"he walks in and see his shelves on the floor

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Carter stood up and looked from his spot near the couch, chuckling

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"how"he asked
she lifts up the hockey stick "oops "

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Carter couldn't help it; he just stood there and laughed

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"i shot the puck at the wall and they fell"she says
he just looks at her "you know what this mean....."
her eyes go wide "no"
he smiles "yes"

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Carter stands there, knowing he was going to get jealous in two seconds

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he grabs her by the waist and picks her up "nick dont even think about it"
he lays her on his bed and starts tickling her

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Carter sighed and waved "okay, um, just gonna go" he walked out, not wanting to watch that

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she pushes nick off and messes up his hair "wait carter "

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Carter heard her from down the hall and turned "what"

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she runs out "where you going"

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