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((Cool :D ))

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the cab pulls up in front of there bulding and they walk in and take the elivator up to the top floor

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lola runs into her room and changes into her pjs because it was midnight there
trent sits in his room
there parents where out with there friends

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lola and trent wake up on christmas and there parents hand them the gifts and they open them. fot the rest of brek they hang out with there friends which was all guys

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she went to the park with her friend nick and took pictures on her phone with him all over the city and she post them online

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((aww shit.))

Carter was scrolling down his newsfeed and saw the pictures. He scowled and texted her 'babe who is that guy?'

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she writes back a friend of mine

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Carter sighed 'tell him you have a boyfriend, just to be on the safe side ;)'

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he knows ok.... nick pushes her out of the way and starts writing hey man this is nick lola trys to pull him away

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'hey, don't make any moves on Lola'

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i'll try man but i cant control myself

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Carter frowned 'if you like your organs where they are, I suggest you do a damn good job at controlling yourself'

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yea whatever were going to the movies now ;)

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Carter scowled 'watch it man, I'm serious'

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lola pushes him away "are you stupid " she tells him and writes back sorry baby hes a jerk

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'I can tell, beat his face in if he does anything, will ya?' he smirked as he sent it

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dont worry i will... love ya see ya soon

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'bye babe'

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she smiles and punches nick in the face

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she spent the rest of the week doing nothing

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trent lola get there stuff together to leave tommorow

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they get on the plane

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Carter smiled polietly

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she lead carter into the elvator and hit the button to the tenth floor

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Carter carried all the bags

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she takes her bags from him she only had like to "i can hold them"she says and gets out and opens the door to her house wich is filed with a bunch od women and girls getting ready

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Carter looked around "uhhhh"

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she looks at him like sorry her mom sees her and hugs her "hey my dear"then her cousins come and hug her and say hello and the rest of them "who's the boy lola"one of them say and they all start laughing

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"why is that funny?" carter whispered to Lola

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she whispers back "you'll see"
her mother looks at them "fresh meat guys" she walks up to carter "hello Im lolas mom and you must be her boyfriend"

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Carter nodded "yes, carter. It's nice to meet you"

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"you can call me Kate "she smiled "it's nice to meet you"
A little girl runs up and hugs Lola and Lola picks her up smiling "look how big you got"

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Carter smiled, Lola was perfect to him

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The little girl smiled "wowa I missed wou "she says and hugs her
Lola smiled holding her "I misses you to Sam"

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Carter just stood there

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Everybody gets back to what they were doing holding Sam Lola leads carter to her room and places Sam on her bed

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Carter followed

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"so what do you think"she asked
Sam looks up at carter and giggles

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Carter smiled at her "hmm?" he aske her, he loved little girls, like Liz

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She jumps up and down on Lola's bed "I'm Sam"she says to carter

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"hi Sam, you remind me of my little sister" carter said with a grin

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"cool"she says and jumps into his arms

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Carter caught her and twirled her around

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She giggles and hugs him "I like you"
Lola smiled

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