The Fear Artist (Poke Rafferty Mystery #5) The Fear Artist question

out of order?
wHasty wHasty Sep 21, 2012 11:40AM
must one read the Poke Rafferty series in order or can i read this one as a stand alone

Stand alone! This was my first foray into Poke-land, and my first reading of Hallinan's work in general. I can say confidently that the book stands firm on its own merits. I've gotten to know all of the characters better in my time reading the rest of the poke Rafferty series, but The Fear Artist relies on no shortcut references to past books in order to flesh out characters or build tension. All you need in one place.

Full disclosure: I work for Hallinan's publisher, Soho Press, but I am a reader first and foremost. The same goes for all of my colleagues. We wouldn't have picked up the series at this point if we didn't think TFA was a perfect entry point.

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