The Fury and Dark Reunion (The Vampire Diaries, #3-4) The Fury and Dark Reunion question

Did anyone else find Stefan boring and annoying, or is it just me?
Sandra Sandra Sep 21, 2012 11:06AM
OK, so i watched the TV series and read the books and in both of them i find Stefan so boring and annoying. He's always such 'Mr Perfect'. I wish Elena was with Damon, he is so much more better and exciting. Just look at Stefan! He doesn't bring any excitement into Elena's life. All he does is complain about the mistakes he did like 100 and something years ago. Like really?! Why won't he just move on and get a life?! The most annoying part is that he always says to Elena that he loves her and will protect her... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. And who is the one that's actually always there to do that? Damon!

Damon as u said mush better than his brother i don't hate stefan but yes his is so boring in the tv and in the book ,, Damon is the perfect guy for Elena HE'S THE ONE :*

Damon, the poor soul, just needs someone. He has retreated into this bad guy, fearless guy, when all he really needs/wants is Elena. I just want Elena to wake up to that. Now that the TV series is all "screw the actual plotline" I hope that Damon/Elena actually becomes canon

Totally agree with you!
I find Stefan really.........BLAND! lol
He irritates me in both the books and tv series.

I've liked Damon from the start.
And he seems to be the only character that has actually developed through out the entire series (books and tv show)

I agree that Stefan is a little on the DULL side of life (or Afterlife :) ) If I was in that situation there is no doubt I would be with Damon. Elena is a more a free spirit than Stefan and is much better suited to the "whatever" attitude Damon has.

In the books, yes he's a little boring. But I don't find any of the characters likeable in the books. Still, though, he will always be preferable to Damon Salvatore, who has "abuser" written all over him.

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Rebecca That is true.
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It happens with most love interests in novels, I think. Character A is "the one" which means that they're loving and dependable. Character B is supposed to be temptation. It's nice to entertain the thought of spending forever with with a bad boy who is pure excitement in a hot package, but it's never going to happen.
Often authors spend so much time thinking that they need 'B' to bring excitement and drama, that in comparison, 'A' is a boring sap. Character A can be nice and exciting. 'A' can be a bit of a flirt, have a good sense of humour or have some sort of depth to them.

I did, he was always the same. Damon was alway was changing it up.

I don't agree with you. Stefan isn't as powerful as Damon and that's what you have to remember. Whenever something happens to Stefan he is always doing it to save his brother or Elena. Don't forget that Stefan was the one who saved Elena's life in the first place. He's not boring at all if you understand him and how he thinks. You'll see that he cracks jokes a lot of the time - especially with Damon.

I dont find Stefan boring, hes the kind of man all women go on and on about wanting, a man they can rely on and who will love them yet in comes Damon who is the bad boy but IF he truly loved Elena he wouldn't keep screwing other women and he'd want her happiness, she'd have his heart and no other woman would interest him. Damon in my opinion only wants Elena because Stefan has her heart and Damon is selfish he want's what he thinks he can't have.

Cassandra Frederick I agree. I think Stefan's the guy that most women end up wishing they would've chosen after they've wasted their lives on the Damons of the world. ...more
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Nope, I love Stefan and I don't find him boring at all.

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