CHASM CHASM question

Does it take a twisted author to create a twisted character?
David Felder David Sep 21, 2012 10:29AM
My mother-in-law says she never would have let her daughter marry me because I wrote such a deranged character that I must be deranged myself.

What does anyone else think? Is writing a way to exorcise our demons, is it a chance for a nice person to be a "bad boy" without hurting anyone?

Or should I open a small sleeping establishment and call it the "Bates Motel?"

Unfortunately, there are some really bad characters out there....glad to know this guy is fictional! But the jails are full of REAL bad guys. Books, Movies and such give good people a chance to see justice served without getting our hands dirty...usually. In your Chasm he got away some bad actions .... But I don't think it makes the author as twisted as the character, you're just making a character from a history of real baddies.

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