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am I the only one who didn't like Sienna?
Jessica Wimberly Jessica Sep 21, 2012 09:46AM
Am I the only person who didn't like Sienna. I feel like I'm the only person who is not a fan of hers. I felt Hawke deserved better. I never really like her.

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And here I'd just decided I don't feel like finishing the book because I'm so irritated by Sienna, and thinking I must be crazy because from all the reviews I read, everyone loves this book and this pairing.

I personally hate it, and as the series progressed, I knew I would. I kept waiting for some insight into Sienna that would get me on board, some development from brat child. When that didn't happen I also considered not reading it, and having tried, despite my misgivings, I agree that the relationship seemed forced, and I agree that Hawke was off in this book.

Also, I was really surprised to discover that the age difference made me grind my teeth; Sienna seemed like she was still a child and Hawke still treated her like one...which was really disturbing and a little gross. Disappointed, like others, that he got way shafted. So. Annoyed.

I liked Sienna more as Kiss of Snow progressed and even more through Tangle of Need. I, too, was put off by what's probably around a 15 year age difference (especially when she's 19) but Singh kept making the case for her level of maturity and by the end she shows it. She tangled with Ming as a 5 year old so I think she has more than enough for Hawke.

Wow... I feel so lonely, I actually loved their story. She is young but has been through so much, and I ADORE Hawke, always have always will, so far the only book that came close to beating this out for my favorite, is Heart of Obsidian, cuz I LOVE me some Kalab. But Hawke caught and held my attention from the very beginning. And I love the way the adore each other, and the way they fight. Please don't bash me it's just my opinion

Jasmine Delaney - Id have to agree with you! Hawke's just got the sexiness down to a T! Both he and Sienna make a great couple - both powerful and passionate! ...more
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She came across way too similar in talents to Jean Grey from XMen, imo. I guess I was expecting more than I got between Hawke and Sienna.

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You are most definitely not alone. I actually put off reading the book, and contemplated forgoing it completely, because I thought the match was so not right!

As I did finally break down and read the book, I felt that the relationship was forced and badly contrived to make it look like something it was not.

As Hawk caught my attention from the get go, and I had anticipated reading his story from the beginning of the series, the book left me not just sadly disappointed, but feeling like Hawk was not granted the respect his character deserved.

I so guessed off the bat those two would be together. But I would have thought that the author would have waited to age her up a bit more before getting them together. But that didn't happen. So ironically enough it did turn out to be a spin off of Jean Grey like gone viral like Vivan mentioned.

I also wasn't feeling the way the author wrote Hawke in this book either. I mean before he was uber cool and ultra aware of so much other stuff than even the leopards weren't. But in this one he was kind of selfish and wanted to take advantage of Sienna in a way and not treat her as a mate til all the flame out stuff was going on. Which was really weak of her to do that to his character. Even worse I have to say that she wrote Walker and Lara's story somewhat more interesting to me and I wasn't even giving a hoot about them from Play of Passion at all.

I just read this book and completely agree. In fact this book has put me off reading any more in the series which is a shame as I like the concept of Psy and was looking forward to seeing the war unfold. But I just can't take anymore weak female lead characters with no interest to them other than some fabulous power.

no, you aren't I feel the same way you do.
She's annoying the hell out of me.

She's not enough for him. I wanted him to have someone spectacular. A woman that seems almost untouchable, like him. She was way to blah for me.

Nope, I'm not a fan either. I didn't care too much for this pairing. I don't get the uproar about this book. I'm re-reading the series now and I'm seeing how she put me off from the very beginning. I think we started off seeing her at her worse and watching her battle with herself, Hawke, and circumstances didn't really improve that initial bratty/petulant first impression. Maybe I can try to re-read with the intent of trying to appreciate her struggle and try to like her better. We'll see.

yeh i kinda agree she was kinda annoying and way........ too young i liked her better for KIT!

She would have been better for Kit, I think. the age difference is SEVENTEEN YEARS and although the element of bonding before adolescence weirds me out in general it is WAY WORSE when this started with Seinna as a teenager and Hawke as 32 years old.

gross gross gross she is such a baby.

Dhfan4life Might I add how freaking weird it was that Hawke had bonded with his other mate while she was still in the womb! That is the thing that totally wigs m ...more
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Let's just say, if i had claws, i would've ruined her face. I really liked Hawk, but this pairing was just... ugh! it seemed pushed... everyone found her mature just because of all the power she possessed.

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