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Niledaughter | 2750 comments Mod
Hi everyone , I opened this thread to learn more about the experiences of those who lived in or visited some countries in the middle east and their experiences , please share your experiences with us .

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Jalilah | 753 comments I just discovered this thread. My first trip to an Arab country was Tunisia in 1983, followed by a trip a few years later to Egypt. I fell in love with the country and ended up traveling there many times between '85-'95. In 1995 I lived in Egypt for 10 months. I have also been numerous times to Morocco and love it too. From 1996-1999 I lived in Sanaa,Yemen. My husband is Lebanese, so I have been to Lebanon many times. Despite my Internet name, I am not actually Arab, but I guess I have kind of been adopted :).

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Niledaughter | 2750 comments Mod
Wow Jalilah , you have been around here a lot ! :D
Glad you loved Egypt by the way ;)

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ReemK10 (Paper Pills) | 492 comments Came back from my virtual walking tours.

A Virtual Walking Tour of Haram Al Sharif

A Virtual Walking Tour of The Suleymaniye Mosque

A Virtual Walking Tour: The Alhambra

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