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Ashleigh Tait Ashleigh Sep 21, 2012 08:08AM
I am crazy obsessed with this series. I read all three in three days, back to back. I couldn't put it down. Even when people told me the second and third books were not as good I couldn't stop. When I got to the end of the last book, Mockingjay, I was devastated. I felt a loss for Katniss but also I was distraught by the way she ends up with Peeta. She just seems to settle for him and it made me upset. Peeta is not someone you "settle" for he is someone you dream of being with. He is everything a good man should be and he has a heart of gold. Its sad when he gets taken over by trackerjacker venom because he forgets that he loves Katniss but he seems to remember and even recreat his love for her at the end. I just felt so bad for him and as much as I feel Katniss is right for him she should realize that he is her perfect match and she should be with him because she loves him not because there is nothing left for her. Hmf I'm ranting but I needed to get that out. Thoughts?

Ashleigh, I also recently finished the series and read them all 3 back to back in a short period of time. I felt the same way as you! But after a lot of reflection and re-reading, I felt a lot better. I picked up on a lot of things I missed the first time through. I've come to the conclusion that Katniss does love Peeta, and she just didn't really realize it because there was so much more going on. Honestly, how do Gale and Peeta have time to think of romance in the middle of a war?! In the end her and Peeta are able to really fall in love, and she states that she always knew it would happen. I do think they end up happy in the end, at least as happy as humanly possible after what they went through. It is a very bittersweet ending but it took me awhile to accept it :( I wish they could have had a happily-ever-after with rainbows and sunshine but I think they got the happiest ending possible based on the circumstances!

Danielle (last edited Sep 21, 2012 08:49AM ) Sep 21, 2012 08:47AM   0 votes
Ya, the ending was totally bitersweet. On the one hand she finally gets free of everything that has been terrible in her life for the whole series (including the original life in the districts) and is finally free to make her own choices. On the other hand she is so broken and traumatized that it seems like she doesn’t know how to function any more, and just lets life happen to her. The epilogue with the kids, ect made me think that she does heal though, and find some happiness. But I guess it kind of reads like she is someone who suffers from severe PTSD and can never really get to a place where everything is truly happy and ok.

I think that's why she seems so... complacent to end up with Peeta. Like she probably wouldn't really have even made the choice out of love or emotion, but more because he understands what she went through and understands her.

The ending was sad, but I think the way the story came together it makes sense and needed to be that way.

deleted member Sep 21, 2012 03:46PM   0 votes
I didn't like the ending! I felt like there was no recovery process for Peeta. It was basically just, "Peeta is mad, oh wait, he loves you again!" Huzzah, the book is over. I felt like there was no closure to what had happened to Peeta, like the war ended and Peeta is fine. It was annoying and this book was definitely my least favorite of the trilogy.

And I didn't even respect Katniss in this book. In the first book yeah, you don't like her but you at least respect her for surviving the way she does. But in this book all respect vanishes and you see that she is just this weirdo that spends most of her time in a hospital bed. I know she was through a lot and all that but I didn't like her at all anyways.

Also, Katniss DOES realize that Peeta is the perfect match for her in the end. She says that Peeta can give her everything she needs - the hope that things can get better, and his never-ending optimism. That's what she needs to go on and that's exactly what he has to offer. It's really perfect, tying in the dandelion in spring. She can look at Peeta and think of a happy future, instead of looking at Gale and always being reminded of war and her sister's death. I really don't think Katniss settled in any way.

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