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Which story is your favourite? And please tell me why.

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Fatin I have to say, mine is most definitely The Landlady. It is so subtle, and that just piles the horror on. How he never picks up on how bad things are going because he thinks she's "slightly dotty". That slight paedophilic moment where you're not sure what is about to happen when she looks the length of his body or when she mentions Mr. Temple has skin like a baby's. How the two names keep coming back to him but he just can't place where he's heard them before. How she smelled like hospitals. How the boys are apparently still in the house. And how the tea tastes of "almonds".

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Nour El please; can anyone tell me the summary of the story of lexington !

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Gibsonj338 "The Landlady," even though it is the first story, which baffles me that I even continued reading the rest of the short stories in this book, was the only story I did not care for. The ending did not make since to me. With that said, one of the two short story I enjoyed the most is "Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat" because to imagine the look on Mrs Bixby's face when she revived the colonel's coat only to think about Mr Bixby and what he will say to her when he finds out while on the train was priceless. To top it off, to find out that Mr Bixby went to the pawn shop, got the cost out of pawn, and then sold or gave away the cost to a mistress and the look on Mrs Bixby's face was also priceless. I actually felt sorry for Mrs Bixby. The second of the two stories I enjoyed the most is "Parson's Pleasure" because at the end of the story, to imagine the two guys cutting up the piece of antique furniture Parson was buying from then to make a profit was heartbreaking. How were the two guys to know he wanted to sell the antique furniture for a profit after what Parson told them? The story left me thinking after I was done reading.

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