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New book review due 9/23
Ms. Dragone Ms. Sep 21, 2012 05:21AM
Below, please post a review of the book you are currently reading AFTER you read 60-90 pages this weekend! Use our goodreads rubric to make sure that your review reflects:
1. High-quality thinking
2. Organization of thoughts/ideas
3. A lot of effort
4. No errors in grammar, usage, mechanics or spelling

i am reding the book no turnig back. it is about a boy named sitho who live in africa and who runs away from his family.sitho ends up sleeping outside and using something calles IGLUE to help him fall asleep when he sniffs it. i think that IGLUE is a drug because it said that he started to feel dizzy when he sniffed it.
he recently ended up in a lake with broken glass trieng to help jis friends. i myself think sitho is a good friend.

This weekend I have been reading the zombie thriller book The Enemy by Charlie Higson. This book is set one year after the adults started to turn into infected zombies. The British city of London has been decimated. Infected adults roam the streets, on the prowl for any surviving children of the virus. Kids in London become scavengers themselves. In small bands, they hunt dogs and raid machines for food.
In the midst of this is Arran, the leader of a group of survivors. After losing a friend to the infected in a scavenging party, he starts to realize that the weight of all the survivors’ lives are on his shoulders, and the pressure is getting to him. Maxine is second in command. A skilled fighter, feeling guilty over losing Small Sam to the infected, is guilt ridden. Coupled with her crush on Arran, she trudges on, keeping the fort safe along side him. With dwindling supplies, neither of them knows what to do. That's when a boy bashes at the gate, asking for help. From him the group learns valuable information, that Buckingham Palace is unattended and could be their sanctuary.
Personally, I am really starting to like the book. The first two chapters are slow but when the third and fourth chapters roll along, the book shifts to a fast paced rush including a well-characterized survivor dying. The description is vivid too. For example, in chapter 3, it says, “Arran carried on toward the pool. A dim light was glowing green through windows around the high ceiling. The air felt hot and moist … Now it was absolutely quiet and still and stank like a sewer. Stringy weeds hung from the water slide that stood on rusting supports.” This really paints a picture in your mind. You can feel the humid air, see the ruined park and recoil at the disgusting smell. I can’t wait to read the rest.

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