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Post a pic and go

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Cal walked to Zacks dorm at 8. She knocked on the door.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I was five minutes late for the party and came running on the doorstep.

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Cal waited for the door to open.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I saw Cal there and came up to her. "You late too?" I asked between breaths.

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"No.... He just hasn't opened the door up yet for me. OUt of breath huh?" She asked, smirking slightly.

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Cal smiled. "That's okay." She walked into his dorm.

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"Okay." Why am I suddenly so happy.... and smiling? I'm never like this...... She thought.

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Cal didn't know what to do withherself, and ended up standing awkwardly.

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Cal went over and sat down. "Is your nose a little bit better? " she asked.

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Cal looked slightly releived. "That's a bonus." she said, referring that Zack could heal fast.

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"Guess so." she said casually.

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"Yeah, I am for once in my life." she said, actually grinning.

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"It is." she agreed, her mind and thoughts wandering.

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"So....... um...... what's your favorite color? "

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"same..... actually."

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"Its kinda the opposite of me..... I bet most people would think Id choose Red. Blue is so chillish and relaxing. but its pretty."

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"I kind of hope you don't say its pretty......" she said smirking.

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"Well what? "

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"I did." She admitted. "Why?"

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Wouldn't it be awesome if he..... DOn't get ahead of yourself, Cal. She thought, mentally scolding herself.

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"why aren't many people here?"

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I was standing in the door way with one eyeborw up and looking at these two love birds who were not going to tell each other their feelings.

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"I guess that's kinda... nice." She said.

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"um...... never mind. yeah."

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"Yeah well..... You're not like my brothers. I kinda..... um.... feel a little different around you than I would a different boy, I think." she said, unsure of herself, and unsure that she should be telling him that.

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"um..... um, yes." she said, not meeting his eyes.

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Cal was afraid to look up and see his reaction, so she didn't even see him smiling.

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"Yeah.... I'm not lying. At all." she said, finally looking up at him.

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"okay." she said, her usually hard eyes turning soft and gentle.

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"and nows the part where you reject me." she said with a fake smile, along with her dry humor.

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Courtney looked around the room in further detail, her brain anylizing and intepreting everything, naturally.

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Cal was slightly startled by Zacks voice, interrupting studying the lamp
"what? oh, nothing." she said, looking at him again.

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Cal looked at him and felt a stab of longing. STop it Cal! No. Stop it. She said, mentally scolding herself.

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She absent-mindedly traced a few scars she had on her arm from the various fights she had gottn in.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I came in the room and scolded them both. "You two. You love each other, but wouldnt accept it. You know what? You two are like two love birds who dont want to accept that they are love birds." I turned to Cal, "You like him, and you long for him." I turned to Zach, "You like her, but dont know it. You guys are the weirdest pair I have ever seen." I said.

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Cal abrumtly turned around."and what make you the expert? " she asked.

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"I told him I have some feelings for him, if he likes me, then he'll probably tell me. Well, maybe."

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"What's the same about you?" She asked him.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I shook my head, "What makes me the expert? I am not in love, duh! I was never in love, I am not in love, and I will never be in love! I can see when two people are in love. Stop lying to yourself people! You guys know that you are in love with each other, but you dont want to tell it out, nor do you want to accept it yourself!" I said irritably.

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"okay, whoa. I get it. But I don't really know if were in loooooove! " she said, stretching the word love.

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Zach wrote: "Zach laid across his bed,"You need to relax.""

"Me? I'm relaxed...... sort of. What's your definition of relaxed?" She asked. ((Wait was Zack talking to Cal or Jhon?))

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments Katie wrote: ""okay, whoa. I get it. But I don't really know if were in loooooove! " she said, stretching the word love."

"You dont know when you are in love, so people need to tell you!"

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I rolled my eyes and looked at Zach. "Its one and the same thing."

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