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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > whats the name of this novel?a guy who works at a post office he handles the letters and he just starts reading the letters like out of boredom .... [s]

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message 1: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments Whats this novels title?
hi i wanted to know the name of this novel. i only know some of the plot of this novel.
so there is this guy who works at this post office he handles the letters and such and he just starts reading the letters like out of boredom then i dont know what exactly happens that he decides to find one of the woman he read about in the letters that he fell in love with or (just out of boredom)only to find out after a journey that shes dead and when he goes to visit her grave he realizes that the graves at the cemetery arent exactly where they should be and when he asks the guy who works there he says that he started changing the tombstones sometimes because he was bored,

so does that sound like some novel you know about? if you do please let me know thanks

message 2: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
Possibly Mailman?

message 3: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments nope that's not it, at least i don't think so. have you read it? do the plots match somehow? does it end the same way i explained? if anyone else knows i'd appreciate it.

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) The book you're looking for sounds more like light literature, or possibly even romantic fiction, am I right? Not dark or 'experimental' I wouldn't think? It does sound interesting.

Btw, it does sometimes take a while to find a book here as we get new members and old members read more books, etc., so feel free to bump this thread every few weeks or months.

message 5: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments yes its a very interesting book. i would appreciate it if someone knew what book this is . its driving me crazy!!!

message 6: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments bump!! still no answers?

message 7: by M— (new)

M— | 379 comments That sounds a bit like Jack Finney's short story, "The Love Letter." It features a young man who finds an ancient letter in a old desk, and on a whim replies to it by mailing his response at an ancient post office. It ends with the man finding the woman's grave and seeing the inscription written for him on her gravestone.


message 8: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments it does sound a bit like " the love letter" but i dont think thats it. although i didnt really give a lot of information about the book and thats only because i dont know anything else. those are the only things i can remember. if anyone else knows anything i'd appreciate it.

message 9: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments i think it might also be a play rather than a novel. from the the theater of absurd genre. but i dont know maybe not!

message 10: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments bump

message 11: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
Another possibility is The Postman's Round. I haven't read it so I don't know if the ending is as you described, but maybe the summary will sound familiar to you.

Emlen | 51 comments This sounds a lot Jose Saramago's "All The Names". The main character isn't a postman, but works at some sort of general government records office, and it matches the rest of your description (including being really good).

message 13: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) the link: All the Names

message 14: by Shane (new)

Shane | 8 comments YES THATS IT Thats exactly it. thank you.
i dont know why i thought for some reason that he was a postman, maybe because there is a letter involved in the story.
but thank you for the answer i highly recommend this book and jose saramagos other books.

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