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message 1: by Alissa (new)

Alissa (book_girl_14) | 4 comments I know this doesn't have to do with books, but does anyone watch the show Moonlight? I love that sow, but unfortunately there are only two episodes left! If anyone watches it what do you think of it?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I watch it, I got turned on to it by one of my friends on shelfari suggested it, & I liked Blood Ties so I figured I would give it a try. So far I love it; I love PI & Law & Order shows, so if you throw a vampire in the mix I'm sure to be hooked.

message 3: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan1228) I love it too. I found out about it through my Forever Knight e-list, along with Blood Ties. I instantly fell in love with Henry Fitzroy.

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurastamps) Ja'niece, I have never seen the TV show, but all my book friends know I am totally in love with Henry Fitzroy from the novel series. Have you read the "Blood Books" by Tanya Huff? You would love them! Here they are in order if you like to read series that way:

1.) Blood Price
2.) Blood Trail
3.) Blood Lines
4.) Blood Pact
5.) Blood Debt
6.) Blood Bank (this is a collection of short stories about the 3 main characters)

message 5: by Krystin (new)

Krystin | 3 comments I love it!! It became a Friday night ritual :)

message 6: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan1228) RE:"Blood Books" by Tanya Huff

Yes Laura, I got them all in the 3 volume set there on my to read pile.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I have all 6 books on my laptop, but I've only read Blood Prince so far. I'm afraid I'm addicted to buying books & I've only organized 1/6(if I'm lucky) of my e-books, much less read any of them so I have no clue when I will finish reading them. Blood Prince was really good I just have too many books.

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisa_swift) | 4 comments I don't think Moonlight is showing in the UK as yet so haven't seen that. I can't make up my mind about blood Ties.. I've been watching it and have about seven episodes stored to watch when I get some peace and quiet (not easy in this house!) and I agree Henry is pretty tasty! But... I dunno... it's a bit cheesy :p

message 9: by Cassandra (last edited Dec 23, 2007 08:19AM) (new)

Cassandra | 49 comments Moonlight is one of my favorite current shows. When you say there are only 2 episodes left, do you mean in this season, or was it canceled? I hope it's the former! :( I'm a big fan of Ron Koslow. I think he did the Tarzan series as well. His series don't tend to last long, but the worlds are rich and the characters really resonate. Mick St.John is very appealing :)

Blood Ties is also great, but in a very different way for me. Any show that has an incubus and a vampire bonding over a discussion of how modern women have changed from past eras is going to draw my attention.

message 10: by Alissa (new)

Alissa (book_girl_14) | 4 comments When they say there are only 2 episodes left I'm pretty sure they mean in this season. There is information about this season and some of next season at

message 11: by Madura08 (new)

Madura08 | 3 comments Hello everyone!

I watch this show every Friday and just love it!!!!

message 12: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 49 comments Hey, Alissa! Thanks for the link to I'm glad to hear the series is continuing on next season!

message 13: by Carlos (new)

Carlos Andrade | 1 comments I've started only recently to watch the show. It's somewhat a nice show but that's it. It seems to be a B police series (with fangs).

message 14: by pianogal (new)

pianogal | 31 comments Just FYI for anyone interested: Pete Hamill wrote a book called "Forever" that is supposedly very similar to Moonlight. I started reading it, but it's a little to dense for me to fight with right now. Thought you'd like to know.

message 15: by Alissa (new)

Alissa (book_girl_14) | 4 comments Thanks, I didn't know that!

message 16: by Diane (new)

Diane | 7 comments That book has nothing to do with Moonlight, I believe the new series that is similiar is called "New Amsterdam". No vampires in the book, good story though.

message 17: by Ann (new)

Ann Noell (fantasyannie) I love both Moonlight and Blood Ties, I think they took Blook Ties off because I can't find it any more. They always take the good ones off. I didn't know that Blood Ties was from a novel, thanks I can't wait to read them.

message 18: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I am a big fan of the show Moonlight as well. It won a People's Choice Award for best new drama or something like that so it will definitely be back when the writers strike is over. I saw a quick interview with the actor who plays Mick and it sounds like they have lots of plot figured out they just aren't writing. This is one show I'm sad won't be on for awhile.

I have watched all the Blood Ties episodes, but can't seem to find out if they will be back or not. I thought it was doing okay, it's just the strike that is holding it back.

message 19: by Elle (new)

Elle Mitchell (emitchellwrites) | 12 comments Melissa I totally agree with you Moonlight is great, but I love Blood Ties too. I haven't heard anything one way or another on Blood Ties, but if I see anything I will let everyone know.

message 20: by Karen (new)

Karen Fainges (vampfictionwriter) | 10 comments I admit, that was one of my favourite scenes as well. I like both series but Moonlighting is so much a copy of Forever Knight that sometimes I expect LaCroix to show up and show Kostan how it is really done.

I have this image of the two of them sipping from fine crystal goblets wonderig why their respective younglings can not just enjoy what they are.

message 21: by Jacalyn (new)

Jacalyn | 454 comments I get that feeling watching Moonlight, too. Hello Angel/Forever Knight... except look at the difference:

FK: 800 year old vampire meets woman and has hots for her
Angel: 200 year old vampire had hots for but left when it was obviously not going to work out late teens girl
Moonlight: 80 year old vamp creepily stalks little girl that his vamp wife kidnapped... watching this girl grow up and now that she's an adult wants to get in her pants.

Bit pervy on the Moonlight side of things. I mean Angel was getting there but Moonlight took that step... HAHA

That said, I have enjoyed Moonlight. Especially the further you get from the pilot. I think it could easily come into its own post-Writers Strike if given the chance.

Even if it's basically FK. Angel. Pick your poison. Angsty vamp hates what he's done and trying to make it all right as a detective...

message 22: by Karen (new)

Karen Fainges (vampfictionwriter) | 10 comments The thing I really like about Blood Ties is that he really isn't that angsty. He likes being a vamp, he has just drawn some lines in the sand about what he's willing to do.

Mick, he's still in the wallowing stage.

message 23: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I totally agree! I'm the same with vamp books. I much prefer the ones that are cool with the way things are and end up turning other characters instead of the ones where they are always feeling sorry for themselves. If I'm going to step outside of the real world for awhile, I'd like it to be one where the supernatural is alteast happy with being supernatural. Come on, what's not to like?

message 24: by Jacalyn (new)

Jacalyn | 454 comments I'm with you guys!! I mean come on. Fabulously young and sexy for eternity, men bow to my will, super strength, what's not to like about this Vampire deal?

Of course I profess often on my blog to being a vamp... soooooooooo..... :)

I am tired of this mainstream tv vamp is angst personified. I swear Webster's needs photographs. Nick, Angel, and Mick can all be used as prime example of the ultimate angst. I think Freud would have a field day with them!

message 25: by Karen (new)

Karen Fainges (vampfictionwriter) | 10 comments Got to love the Spike. Totally off-topic, but he was fantastic in Andromeda too.

message 26: by Karen (new)

Karen Fainges (vampfictionwriter) | 10 comments At the risk of sounding totally self serving, I would love you guys to read some of my stuff and see if they are the right sort of vamp. The first chapters are free to read online

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

I haven't seen all of the Moonlight episodes, but the ones that I have seen I loved.

message 28: by Katie (new)

Katie (ktloulou) I love Moonlight. When I saw the previews back in September I told Jenny that it was a must watch. I have watched every episode and haven't been disappointed yet! Plus I love Beth ever since she was in Mansfield Park.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

I've only watched a few episodes of Forever Knight so far but I can't really get into it. Maybe new vamps like Henry & Mick just ruined me. I already bought the first season of FK so I will finish watching them before I judge weather I like it or not.

message 30: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (steffy) | 2 comments i do i love that show of corse i love anything w/ vampires i also watch blood ties

message 31: by Ziaria (new)

Ziaria | 3 comments I really enjoy this show. It did however, take a few episodes to get me really hooked. I don't like it more or less than Blood Ties. They're both fantastic in their own ways. I've never seen Forever Knight, maybe one of these days I'll rent the dvd's and watch it.

message 32: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 49 comments I saw 5 minutes of a Forever Knight episode once, and I don't think I'll ever be able to watch the show seriously because of it.

(ridiculous spoiler alert -- might want to not read this if you plan to watch the show)


A blind woman's seeing-eye-dog had somehow become vampiric, bit his master, then flew out the window with her into the night.

I almost want to see the rest of the episode just to see what the heck was going on. Almost...

message 33: by Karen (new)

Karen Fainges (vampfictionwriter) | 10 comments LOL it's actually not as bad as it sounds. Watched from the start, it's actually one of my favourite episodes.

I can see your point though

message 34: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 49 comments Hmm. I am intrigued. Perhaps some day I'll give it another shot :)

message 35: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan1228) LOL I remember that Forever Knight episode as well. It was a real head shaker for me, as in what were the writers smoking THAT day. Not one of the better episodes IMHO.

message 36: by Nanci (new)

Nanci (bookwoman3966) | 6 comments I absolutely love this show and was dissapointed to learn that it has NOT been picked up for the next season. That being said, I hope they sew up the Mick/Beth relationship before the end of the season.

message 37: by Brycen (new)

Brycen (melisandes) I love it. I want more. It is easy to watch because it is not based off of a book series I know. I do not have to pick it apart. I can just enjoy it. It is good.

message 38: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 49 comments There's hope for Moonlight yet...

message 39: by Gina (new)

Gina (ginrobi) | 137 comments Moonlight returns on Friday, April 25th, at 9pm (EST) with new episodes. In Canada, Moonlight plays on CTV. I don't know what station in the US. Just FYI. LOL, I've been keeping my eye on this. I race home from Friday Night Shopping on Fridays so that I can watch it, LOL! Bugs the crap out of my hubby, but tough, LOL!

message 40: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I just heard that CBS confirmed yesterday that they will not pick up any new episodes of Moonlight for a second season. If the wind blows that way, it looks like this Friday might be the end of the line for MickBeth. Too bad, too, since several interviews with Jason Dohring indicated interesting vampire history backstories to come.

message 41: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan1228) Well that just sucks!!! (no pun intended) The same thing happened to the Dresden Files on the SciFi Channel. It was based off the books by Jim Butcher.

message 42: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 1 comments omg i love it along with blood ties..i miss them both..rumor has it that the writer has already started writing the second season, its whether they deciede to air it :'( i hope they do

message 43: by Natale (new)

Natale (natalestenzel) | 32 comments Oh, nuts. I loved Moonlight. I thought it was coming back this fall. That last show was really good -- we actually got to learn more about Mick's past. Really liked Josef, too.

message 44: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan1228) If there was 2nd season scripts sitting around maybe we might get lucky and they'll be turned into TV Tie-In novels. Everyone keep a lookout.

Ja'niece, crossing her fingers and hoping for a miracle.

message 45: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I loved this show too. I had a bit of a hard time with Josef though. Mostly because he played the rich actor's kid on Veronica Mars. I had a REALLY hard time not thinking of him as Logan! On Moonlight, he was this all knowing, rich, powerful vamp and it was a hard sell if you ask me.

message 46: by Natale (new)

Natale (natalestenzel) | 32 comments I never watched Veronica Mars, so I guess I didn't have that impression going in. He did remind me of Dana Carvey from SNL, though, which was a weird connection for me*g*. I think what I liked about Josef was his relationship with Mick. Josef's so cynical and pretends to be completely depraved. He talks a good talk to Mick, trying to convince him to embrace the same depravity. Mick resists out of idealism, and honestly, I think Josef really wants Mick to prove him wrong, to show that his idealism isn't misplaced.

message 47: by new_user (new)

new_user | 1389 comments I watched some of Moonlight. I liked the actor, but I'm not a big fan of detective series so I had to drop it, unfortunately.

message 48: by Mar (last edited Jul 28, 2008 09:52AM) (new)

Mar | 1 comments good evening, everybody
I started watching moonlight and my expectations weren't satisfied, as a vampire fanatic I hate the fact that the main character is some kind of hero that somehow dislikes his condition, lestat would have been a better exemplar of the specie. I droped it as a bad joke too... I don't like watching too much tv anyway

message 49: by Mary (new)

Mary (booookgeeeek) | 4 comments I loved the show too. I am so disappointed it has been cancelled. Although on there is a weekly thread where viewers are trying to talk CBS into bringing it back (it worked for The Family Guy). I was really looking forward to the season premier after that steamy cliffhanger.

message 50: by new_user (last edited Aug 11, 2008 11:09PM) (new)

new_user | 1389 comments Family Guy was getting cancelled? *gaspshockhorror* Whatever you thought of the Moonlight series though, I would definitely recommend getting the soundtrack. They picked some good beats for that show, definitely set a paranormal tone. ;)

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