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The Undead rule this place. Oh, oh look! The principal's turned into one of them! Runnn

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Liz tapped the heel of her boots as she waited in front of a, miraculously, still-working vending machine. Her fingers tapped the holster of her gun.

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Leah (butterknifegal) | 50 comments Mod
Josephine normally was busy working as a blacksmith most of the day, everyone in her family had to pitch in to make a living and what not. Sometimes she made it around to getting to 'school' though. She pried open the dusty entrance door. Putting her hammer on her tool belt, she glared at Liz for no particular reason, which may have not been too smart since she had a gun. "Who are you?" she asked as though she couldn't care less. It's not like Josie usually socialized, but she had nothing better to do.

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In a split second, she had pulled the gun and aimed. "Holy CHIZ!" She took a few deep breathes, calming her fright, then slowly lowered the gun. "My name is Liz. "Who are you and answer honestly, because I dont take too kindly to liars." Liz wiggled thegun a little.

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"Paranoid much?" Josie asked sarcastically. She eyed the gun, not exactly intimidated like a sane person would be, but grudgingly impressed. She had to admit, that thing had to be more effective than her own weapon. "I'd say nice to meet you Liz...but then you'd likely kill me for lying. Anyway, I'm Josie." She leaned against the nearest wall. There was a long silence, Josie wasn't much of a conversationalist. Weapons interested her though. "You any good with that gun?"

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Liz grinned,"Well, you arent lying. " She mumbled the last statement, then said a bit louder, looking down at the weapon in her hand,"I have really good aim and all, but every week or so I drop it find a new one. I vant stay on one weapon too long." Liz shrugged.

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Leah (butterknifegal) | 50 comments Mod
"Yeah, yeah, people call me harsh, but I prefer to call it straightforward." Josie explained. Then she nodded at Liz's weapon preference, since she created weapons, she generally could get a feel of who the person was depending on what weapon they had. Something told Josie that Liz could be impulsive. "I see. So, what brings you to this dusty old school today? It's abandoned, like it always is on a Sunday so..."

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"Vending machines. I always raid them, then continue on. I dont like staying in one place for long." She smiled a little and shrugged.

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((Hm...we need something to happen xD Any ideas?))

"So you basically live as a nomad, scavenging off of vending machines? That's a creative survival technique if I've ever heard one. I came here, like a somewhat normal person, to do work." Josie said, not exactly rude, just sarcastic. "...Well, until I realized it was the weekend."

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Liz laughed.... well, snorted.

((Zombie attack?))

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((Leah, you're back?!?!?!?!?))

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((Sure, when doubt, have zombies attack. That makes perfect sense. Haha, joking, sure, let's do it! :))

((PK!!!!! Oh my god (or in demigod mode, gods)! It's been FOREVER! In response to your question, yeah! I'm back, and hopefully here to stay! :D I'm so happy now, when I was on a couple months earlier, you were the one gone! So you came back while I was gone, I take it? Sweet!))

Josie tried not ot smile, it would ruin her 'toughgirl' image, but it was hard to not laugh back at Liz's unusual...snort-laugh-thing. Just when she was starting to relax some, she heard the noise of a raspy breath. It sounded like a mummy would if it came back to life. Putting a hand on her hammer, readying her weapon, she waited for the 'thing' to reveal itself. Or more like things. Zombies appeared, and let me tell you, they can move a lot faster than they do in the movies. "I can't go one day without a crisis appaently. I'll take left side." Josie prepared to bash some zombie brains.

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Liz nodded, serious once again. She moved to the right a brought up her gun. Immediately, her trigger went off, repeatedly.

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Josie's hammer was a bit more...limited. Fighting close combat with starving zombies was never a good idea, then again, she was never known for having that great sense of strategy. She slammed her weapon in their heads like a crowbar. It was hard to tell if she was re-killing them, or just knocking them unconscious. As the numbers of zombies just kept rising, Josie realized she'd need a new plan. That, or get surrounded.

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((So you know, I've got to go! I'll be back tomorrow! :) ))

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((Okey, byez then))

Liz noticed Josies trouble and began aiming for zombie heads in that direction. She really wasnt a bad shot, but every few seconds she need to refill her ammo, and soon, it was gone. She began hitting the ghoulish creatures with her weapon.

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((How can I join this? Ugh, it sucks that I even have to ask what's going on in my own group!))

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((Haha, sorry! Maybe come in behind them zombies shooting? Help us out? ~°>°~))

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Lord Percy | 2288 comments Mod
((Yeah, well, I kinda was back. Really, it was like on and off, as if I was a kid again playing with a light switch! But for now, I'm back!!!))

Percy woke up with a start. From outside his temporary barricade, he thought he'd heard gun shots and those groaning, damned walking corpses. Percy got up and took his assault rifle which was by his side. He got out of the cafeteria, and loaded a clip into his gun. The walked toward the noise, and saw a couple of the cadavers limping around, on their way to the center of commotion, too. "Damn it," Percy gritted his teeth as he shot them down like a pro.

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((Nice, I'm glad, we haven't rped for so long! :) Oh and by the way, I like how his name is Percy, you can't go wrong there! xD))

Josie was starting to feel like she might be outnumbered soon. That's why when she eventually spotted some guy with a gun between dodges and attacks, she was actually somewhat relieved. It looked like he was on their side, and with her weapon IQ, she could tell he wasn't half bad at fighting. Josie wouldn't pick a fight with anyone (besides the zombies) for now, reluctantly making survival first priority at the moment.

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Liz noticed the guy approaching their scene. What was he doing? This was her fight. Ugh, she would have to kill him for it later. Liz kept shooting, hitting a zombie almost every time.

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Josie, despite the chaos, couldn't help but notice that both Liz and Percy had guns. Now that it appeared less likely any of them would die, she suggested, "I say we all have a contest: let's see who kills the most zombies. Whoever wins gets something." At least it would make it more interesting, and she liked being competitive. She tended to offer bets or contests at any opportunity she had.

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Liz laughed, and began counting every zombie she killed. "Brilliant idea!"

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"Isn't it?" Josie said oh so modestly. Okay, so maybe she would lose. Hammer vs guns was no contest. It didn't really make a difference to her though, as long as there was competition.

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She kept counting, but soon the mutated humans began growing scarce.

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