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what's with the "I'm a car expert" mantra from Sydney?

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Daniel I am pretty sure it mentions her knowledge of cars in a previous book.
Why is it a joke? It is entirely possible to ruin the tranny by learning how to drive stick. She said C engine because there are different types of 289 engines.

Engine Code C: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 200hp w/9.3:1 compression and two-barrel carburetor
Engine Code A: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 225hp w/10.0:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor
Engine Code K: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 271hp w/10.5:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor

She also studies alot and likes to learn things, that's why she knows so much. I'm pretty sure that was mentioned in one of the previous books as well.

Shannon Hiner Not being a car expert myself I was neither disturbed or distracted by her car talk. I find Sydney to be terribly refreshing after a string on many emotionally intelligent but book-stupid heroines. Perhaps if I were a car junkie inconsistencies would annoy me...but then again, car fanatics are stereotypically guys, so we're used to their lingo...Why wouldn't a girl look at it differently or express herself differently? Especially since she doesn't seem to have many friends, particularly male car-fanatic friends. If her knowledge is book and internet based rather than practice and discussion based it makes total sense that she wouldn't use the same jargon as "most" people.

I also agree with the previous poster (Daniel (hello!)) that she studies and/or reads quite a bit. As part of her Alchemist requirements she is very advanced from the normal 18/19 year old. And many of these things are mentioned in either Blood Promise or Bloodlines.

I think that her book smarts would be annoying if she wasn't so adorably dim in the human-interaction area. Because of this weakness she is believably human (flawed) for me.

Daniel It might have been one of the Vampire Academy books that she mentions her love for cars. It's been a while since i read them but i think it was in Blood Promise when she goes to Siberia with Rose

S.L.J. I think it actually makes sense that she would like cars. She's pretty tech savvy anyway and her brain sort of works like an engine anyway. Except that she uses coffee instead of gas to keep it running. :P

Ruby Jo For one, her mom is a mechanic. And she said that in her spare time, while not studying or preparing to become an Alchemist, she used to stay with her mom in the garage or her mom's work place and help her with the cars. That's how she knows so much about them. And I actually found it very nice that she loved cars so much. In a weird way, it makes me like her more than I would've liked her before. The fact that she's so smart is another good thing, because it sort of compensate for her inner "oh my god, I hate magic, I hate anything non-human" dialogue. I would've hated her without those details, seriously.

Lulu Just writing a character "out of the box" I would expect. I like it when a writer gives a character skills or interests or attributes that aren't the "norm". If this series became Twilight popular then you'd have all these kids rushing around learning about cars etc and how handy would that be, being able to change your own car oil! The power of fiction!

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