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Alessia (siriostars) Start

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School had just ended and Courtney walked in the Cofee shop to get something to drink, and, to be nice, her brother and sister's favorite muffin's. She walked in, and got in line. ((Someone PLEASE be there, lol)

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Alessia (siriostars) August walks in and stands in line, recognizing people from school. He checks his wallet and counts 5 dollars. He scans the menu while in line and decides he's going to buy his grandpa and grandma their favorite cookies from here which were 1.50 each. Then buy a small hot chocolate for himself.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Yep! I'm August!" He grins. "You?"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Grade 7! My sister is in grade 8. Vienna! Do you know her?" August looks at her hopefully. I hope Vienna's actually getting along with people this year...

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Alessia (siriostars) "You mean she right? Vienna, no matter what anyone says, is not an it." August jokes while being half serious.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Really? That's a miracle!" August says without really meaning too.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Er... Yeah... She's not the most cheerful person ever..." August runs a hand through his hair.

((awww D:))

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Courtney saw August, and someone she thought was in eight grade. "Hey guys!" She said, getting out of her place in line to stand with them. "How was the rest of school for ya?" The other girl, had a friendly appeal to her. COurtney made a mentel note to get to know her.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina slid into the coffee shop, it was obvious she was in a rush. She quickly ordered a tall java chip frappuccino then looked up at the clock, she sighed with relief realizing she had about 15 minutes before her next cheer practice. She glanced around then notice the others that she knew from school, she smiled slightly before slipping the messed up ponytail from her hair and let her long straight brown hair fall onto her shoulders and back.

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Alessia (siriostars) August pauses, "It was pretty good for me! Except you know eating a sandwich that smelled really bad..." he trails off.

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"yeah, i think so Pillar. hey, arent those people from our school too?" nodding over in the direction of Cynthia,whos in her math class and two other firmliar faces. ((sorry about spelling im typing this on my tablet.))

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Alessia (siriostars) "Yep! That's Cynthina, Sal and Lilac!" August chirps.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((As in one of their charries already be being best friends with them?))

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((courtney wants friends, so sure.)) Courtney waved to them, a smile on her face.

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Alessia (siriostars) August waves at them , enthusiastically. He quickly orders the cookies and hot chocolate, pays then turns around waving at them again.

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Courtney decided to buy hot chocolate for herself, and bought the bread. "why dont we go say hi?"

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Courtney didnt even wait for August to say hi. "hi." she said giggling.

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Alessia (siriostars) August grinned. "Hello!"

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Courtney shook the hand without hesitation. She could feel herself blushing slightly.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((okay bye ^_^)) August raises his eyebrows noticing Courtney's slight blush. He walks over to his regular table, next to window, the perfect spot for people watching.

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((k see ya)) I'm 13. noticing August was gone she yelled "August dont goooooo! um..... oops. that was loud." she giggled nerveously.

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Alessia (siriostars) August rolls his eyes. "I DOOOONT WANNA MOVE! COME HERE!"

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Eleanor | 36 comments Taylor walked in quietly. She walked to the counter, and handed them a note." And a hot chocolate, please."
" What?" THe person asked, not hearing her.
Taylor said it again, a little louder.

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"oh the things i do for lazy people." she said drmatically. Sal had just left, so she was free to talk to august.

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Eleanor | 36 comments Taylor took her hot coca to a table, and sipped it well she waited for them to make her sisters orders.

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Alessia (siriostars) "IM NOT LAZY! I just like sitting here!" August protests.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina rolled her eyes playfully, she sat down and set her coffee down. She sighed softly, she set the blue,black and white bow down also.

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Eleanor | 36 comments Taylor heard what August said, and smiled. She shook her head ad grabbed her things. She paid for the stuff and headed for the door.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Hey Cynthina!"

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina blinked when she heard her name called, she looked over at August, "Hey August,"she smiled, her mood lighting up slightly from boredem.

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Eleanor | 36 comments Taylor headed home.

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((I was eating sorry))
She walked up to August and shoved him playfully. She saw Cynthia, and waved. "Hey!" She saw somone else firmiliar and waved to her too.

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Alessia (siriostars) "HI!!"

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina rolled her baby blue eyes playfully at them, she glanced up at the clock again. She sighed, 7 more minutes before she would have to leave and do just more flips and jumps and everything.

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"Let's go talk with her for a few minutes." COurtney started walking to her with a playful smile on her face, the smile that you can tell she's having a good time.

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Alessia (siriostars) "What's up, Cynthina?"

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina looked down from the clock to August and Courtney. "Oh? Um, sitting here... same as you guys.." she replied firmly before picking up the cheer bow back up and starting to put her hair back into a high ponytail.

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Alessia (siriostars) August laughs. "We can see that . What's with the bow though?"

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments "Ha, the bow? Oh, cheer practice starts in a couple minutes, you guys can come if you want, its at the school," she told them, smiling slightly.

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Alessia (siriostars) "You're a cheerleader?" August asks in disbelief. "Why did I not know this?"

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments "Um, yeah, i've been a jaguars cheerleader since I was like.. 8.." she laughed, "Maybe cause I never really showed it...its not very often you see me at school in my cheer outfit, right?"she smiled. "Plus, I don't act like one of those stuck up cheerleaders," she muttered, then smiled, winking teasingly.

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Alessia (siriostars) "B-But I'm on the basketball AND Volleybal teams usually... WHY HAVE I NOT NOTICED!" August slaps himself.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina rolled her eyes playfully, she grabbed his wrist so he wouldnt slap himself again, "Ha, nothing to over react about bro, so now you know i'm a cheerleader," she giggled.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Yep!" August grins.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Cynthina smirked teasingly before letting his wrist go, she looked up at the clock, "Crap, I gotta go... coach will kill me if i'm late AGAIN," she sighed before standing up and brushing herself off, "Um, the cheer practice is where it always is if you guys wanna come, bye!" she said and waved before walking out the door.

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Alessia (siriostars) August waves. He checks the watch. "Shoot... Taylor's house for science!" He runs out, carrying the food and his backpack.

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Mike walked into the coffee shop. "Hot dang! Double chocolate chip coffee!" He pulled out $5 and got the double chocolate chip coffee. "Thanks cashier dude." The cashier rolled his eyes.

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((sorry i was gone.))

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Alessia (siriostars) ((sage go to pizza place rp if you want to rp with people ^_^))

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