The Peculiar (The Peculiar, #1) The Peculiar discussion

have you read it yet?

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Channa I read this book about a week ago and happened to completely adore it. It's got an awesome plot, fantastic characters, a super cool setting... You should definitely give it a go! ^_^

Kimber I liked it. It was different than a lot of the fantasy novels out there nowadays. For that reason alone I give it an A.

Channa Agreed! I fell in love with Mr. Jelliby... Here's to hoping he's one of the main characters again in the second book!

Jenny has anyone read the sequel yet? Curious to hear if that lived up to the first book!

Heidi I just started reading The Whatnot. It is as good as the first and yes Mr. Jelliby is in this one as well.

Jenny Oh good! I loved Mr Jelliby. What a great name by the way! There was something very Dickensian about the names in the Peculiar. So cool! I can't wait to start reading the sequel!

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