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the katniss/haymitch relationship

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Heather is there anyone else who truly appreciated katniss' and haymitch's relationship? this is one that was provoking in that they were so alike, and they GOT each other, even though they really didn't like each other. my heart smiled when katniss reached out for haymitch when she's trying to do a propos, but can't because she's crying so hard from realizing how peeta was being used against her. it gave me hope that they might actually become friends. maybe they did. but i really enjoyed this relationship. anyone else?

Kate Kid I loved the fights they got into with eachother. "Here Haymitch! Let me claw your face off!" Lol, one of my fav parts. I love them both but seriously! It was funny!

Heather i agree! that was one of my favorite parts, too. i think my heart stopped for a second when i read it because i thought "that is so real!"

Danielle Oh I totally agree, I loved their relationship and how much they understood one and other. Every time there was a moment between them I was rooting for them, Katness really needed someone who understood her and Haymitch did in a way that even the other tributes couldn't because he'd been there with her the whole way.

Megan The way they got each other probably had a lot to do with her first survival in the Hunger Games. I really wish they added more of that into the movie. Like how when he would send her something during the game and he would know exactly what to say or do to get under her skin and she would also know exactly what he meant so she would have to do it. So fun :)

Danielle ^ Totally, I was so disappointed in the things they cut out of the movie. It should have been a TV series and included everything.

Megan I don't think a Tv series would have worked either. They would have just drawn it out. It would have lost people's interest and they would have canceled it. Making the movie was the best choice, and it could have been better. But no matter how hard they try, books will always be more detailed and thrilling than a movie or show. Though, The Vampire Diaries seems to be an exception. Lol

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Danielle Ya, that's probably true. I really felt like they cut way too much out and skimmed over some really important plot points. I didn't like the movie anywhere near as much as I'd hoped I would.

I think they also didn't show Katniss's internal struggles and feelings/knowledge very well. She was a way stronger, smarter, better character in the books. I almost don't even want to watch the next movies because I'm fairly certain they are going to ruin the story.

I've not seen Vampire Diaries, but I love what they did with True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series! Though it doesn't really follow the books very closely.

Megan I actually thought they did well with the movie. Really because I didn't have that high of expectations for it, I guess.

I don't really watch True Blood or read the books. I think when it became popular I didn't want to read about Vampires anymore. And I watched an episode or two, but just didn't get into it. I wanted to, though. I will have to try it again lol

Danielle Hm, ya I really seem to be alone in my opinions haha, most people seem to agree with you that I've talked to. I guess I just really loved the books and wanted them to be exactly the same.

I go through vampire book phases, True Blood kicked off a new one for me haha

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Jeni I really liked Haymitch and his relationship with Katniss. I thought he was the most "normal" person in the book and really found myself appreciating him as a well-developed character.

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