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What side would you choose, the Romans or the Greeks?
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You tell me. Tell me why. I'd go for the Romans...

I so am going with the Greeks. Go Camp Half Blood!



Greeks. By a very long shot.

greeks, the roman camp sounds stupid

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Romans. Anyone who picks Greek is a nub.

Citlaly Vinylscratch52 wrote: "GREEKS I mean seriously people this is what the original series was a about"
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Greeks!! Forever will I love them!!!!!!! :)

Im GREEK all the way through...never really like the romans they are to orderly and not much fun greeks on the other hand are nicer and i think they have more fun

Greeks, methinks. I love the Greek gods and stuff, much more than their Roman counterparts.

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GREEKS! I love camp half blood!

I love camp half blood BUT I STILL DON'T KNOW. SPQR is great, they're awesome. And they get to grow up together and all that. So perhaps, just for that possibility I'm gonna go with the romans.


deleted member (last edited Sep 23, 2012 08:25PM ) Sep 23, 2012 08:24PM   0 votes half-blood has same the world and that for me is enough. Plus, I like the setting and characters them for five I like Greek nice-nice gods better

GREEK ALL THE WAY!!! Leo's side...

Greeks for me. The Romans seem a little too stiff, too regimented, for my liking.

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Haha.... I think I'd pick Greek... probably because....
a) Percy would be there and all his friends LOL
b) The Greek camp and their way is just so much more.... familiar, cozy... friendly, they're like all a big family, except when they're trying their best to kill each other at Capture the Flag. The Roman style is so much more military and harsh.... I reckon anyway.
c) I know Camp Halfblood better! And the history! Because I have read 6 books about the Greeks and only 1 about the Romans so far ;)
d) I also like the Greek Myths and names better than the Roman ones :P they copied them!!

THE GREEKS ALL THE WAY!!! I just kind of found that the Roman's were a little...snobby. Not that the people who chose the Roman's are...but just in the books. Well except Jason.

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greeks. CHB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im going for the Greeks. they're the root of the roman civilization anyway :)

Camp Half-Blood ofcourse!Duh.


CHB all the way!

Camp half blood all the way!!

I would definitely go with the Greeks. Camp Jupiter is just too.. medieval compared to Camp Half-blood. Greeks are nicer and have sense of humor unlike the Romans who are too strict.

Battle-wise, I'd still bet for Camp HB. They have more power. In Camp Jupiter, most of their "campers" are just descendants of gods. That's why they divide their camp by cohorts and not by cabin of their godly parents. I could blab all I want on why Greeks are better but I get this feeling that no one's interested :)

I'm actually part-Roman... but I like the Greek camp better =)

totally GREEKS the romans are really boring and dont make you feel all warm and fuzzy they are to war-like!

ggggggrrrrrrreeeekkkkkssss there so awesome romans are cool but greeks awsome romans will just kill each other in battle in stase of kill the enemy

greeks. romans have no sense of humor and their heads up their asses....seriously i would end up trying to beat someone up *coughoctaviancough*

Greeks! Romans are too serious and war-like

Greeks seem to have more fun, and their alot nicer than the Romans. I think i would be a Greek Demigod.

Greeks by far!!! Romans need to cut loose(:

Greeks all the way!!!

hmmm, Greek or Roman. Roman:strict rules and there's the teddy bear killer octavian also lazy satyr and ghost. Greek: Strawberry field and beautiful hill. Know Camp Half-Blood for 6 books, Roman 1 book.
i'd with Greek, definetly Greek.

No. Go away.

I think Roman is a little too strict, and there are a few things wrong with the way they run their camp. I'd go with the Greek camp.


romans, since they were the greatest miltary power ever

I'm kinda torn between both. After all, I did a quiz and it said I'm like Nico, both R and G.


I like the Greeks more,go CHB.No offense to the Romans

Aren't the Romans exactly like the Greeks with just different names?

Oh, definitly the greeks! CAMP HALF-BLOOD!!!!!

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