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((good page owning x)))

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((Lol :P ))

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Crown walked in with Albany.

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Albany looked around "so who teaches this?"

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Mrs. Winter strolled in. "Wow, what a big class." She joked, and took center stage.

August walked in, blushing like mad.

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Albany stood with crown and smiled at the teacher

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"Take a seat, young actors." She said, smiling.

Crown took a front row seat.

August sat in the very back of the room.

"Augie, why so shy? Come up here with your classmates."

August sighed and took a seat in one of the front rows.

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Albany sat next to crown, looking between the teacher and August

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"Alright, so..." She pointed at all of them. "Come up here and do what ever scene you like. Improv."

Crown and August walked up onto the stage.

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Albany walked up with them, wondering what she would do

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"And... go!"

"My pants are on fire! My pants are on fire!" Crown screamed, and ran around the stage.

August smiled and followed him. ""Here... maybe this will help!" He pretended to throw a bottle of water on his pants.

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"no! We need this!" Albany couldn't help but smile as she got a fire extinguisher from the corner an pretended to spray crown with it

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August steals the extinguisher. "Who needs him? We can use this to make facial hair!" He sprays on his face, making a beard.

Crown continues to run around, screaming.

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"i do! He's giving me the answers to the algebra test!" Albany stole the fire extinguisher from August and pretended to spray crown "but facial hair is good too" she pretended to spray Augusts face

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August steals it back. "My extinguisher!" He pretends to spray Albany with it.

"Algebra!" Crown screams, and pretends to die.

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"I'm melting!!!!!" Albany wailed as she pretended to melt onto the stage

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August thrust his hands into the air. "I am victorious!" He bows.

Crown gets up and takes a bow.

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Albany stands up and smiles, taking a bow herself

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Mrs. Winter claps. "Good, good."

The announcer comes on. "Any boys trying out for the football team please report to the sports field immediately. Thank you."

Crown smiles and grabs Albany's hand, and walks to the field.

August follows.

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Albany smiles and follows him, hoping it was okay she was coming

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lola runs in and sits in the back crying

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Carter poked his head in "am I allowed in here babe?" he asked Lola, trying to respect her space

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"no.."she says still crying

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"please?" he took a step inside "I just want to help"

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"i dont need help"she says and rubs her eyes

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"then why are you crying?" carter asked, still in his spot by the door

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"none of your buissness "she says

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Carter sighed "I'm just worried about you babe, I get it, I'll leave you alone" he turned

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"wait.."she says and turns and looks at him

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Carter turned back to her "what is it?"

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Carter walked up to her and pulled her up into a hug "it's okay, whatever it is, it's okay" he said quietly

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she hugs him back

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Carter rubbed her back "don't be sad Lola, I've got you" he whispered

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"i cant help it"she says

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Carter sighed "I wish you could tell me why babe, I might be able to help" he said in a calm, soothing tone as he rubbed her back

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she pulls away "i dont need help..its not a problem"she says her parents said the same thing she didnt need help

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"I'm not going to bug you about it. I just want you to know that I'm here, okay?" he asked

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"i know..."she says and looks down

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Carter nodded "good. Does Lola want ice cream?" he asked with a small smirk

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"no..."she says sadly

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Carter looked shocked "oh damn, this isnt good...."

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"what im just not in the mood"she says not really showing any emotion

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Carter sighed "is there anything you are in the mood for?" he asked hopefully

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"no....nothing"she says with a dead kinda look

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Carter frowned, trying to figure out how to help her

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she leans back and sighs

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Carter smacked his head into the wall "Lola, you're killing me"

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"how..."she asked quietly

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