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Sam/Applejack♆ Post pictures and go.

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Courtney's Bedroom:
Younger sis's bedroom:
Younger Bro's Bedroom:
Master Bedroom:
That basicallty sums up how COurtney's house is. It's in the Suburbs, and is middel sized.
OUtside of Courtney's house:

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Courtney walked into her room, tired from the day of school. She sat down, and started texting her close friends- everyone but Sukira. "Tomorrow should be fun! I CANT wait! "

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Courtney finally finished walking home from Cheerleading practice. "hey mom." she greeted. She wasn't in a very good mood, and still had painful cramps. She made he way to her room and layed down on her bed. the world is so confusing..... more like boys are so confusing. I'm going to text Sal and find out the truth. she decided. She took out her phone, and texted a simple question. do you like me? please, tell me the truth. she texted, and sighed. That question had been bugging her since Sakuras party.

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Courtney made it home about an hour later. Her mom was very worried,but she showed no indication of answering questions. She went to hr room, and she was soo tired sleep came easily. She cried in her sleep.

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Courtney woke up the next morning, glad it was Saturday ten o'clock? I slept that long...... I didn't go to bed late...... only...... yeah, ten o'clock. I should go get some breakfest....... I hope Sal is alright........ I need to put some clothes on first......... she thought, her thoughts randomly popping in her head.

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((wait is it morning or Nihgt in Augusts world? ))

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Courtney walked up to her room, still worrying about the test. She decided that she needed to take her mimd off of it. And soccer definetly would do that. I'll make the guy happy. why not? she took out her cell phone and punched in the numbr he had given her. ((I'll be back in twenty minutes after dinner sorry bad timing XD))

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"oh hi! um..... sure. Where? "

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((on for like ten minutes. then I have faith formation....
will you be on in like almost two hours? ))

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((Aww I gotta go. Like I said, I'll be on before two hours from now. :'())

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"okay.... bye! " she said before hanging up. She felt an increasing twinge of guilt, and hoped she wouldn't regret this decision. its not like me and Sal are officially a couple...... and I'm just meeting him as friends...... i think..... she thought, trying to convince herself she was making the right choice.

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Courtneys mom bustled around, cleaning the house. She was at Courtneys room, vacuuming and dusting. A glint of light on a sharp object caught her eye, in a drawer beneath her desk. She pulled open the drawer. There was nothing in it but one thing. "oh no." she breathed, alarmed. "a....... a knife! " She hurriedly looked in the phone book for one of Courtneys friends numbers. If anyone, one of her friends would know about this. Maybe even pressured her to do have a knife. Sals number caught her eye. Courtney had mentioned something about him being...... being handsome or something. She punched in the numbers, and waited for someone in his family to answer. ((preferrably Sal..... *hint hint*))

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Courtney's mother sat down, destrought. Is she still... why? Is school......? The world is filled with so many mean people! I still wonder what happened to her friend Jeremy..... they were such good friends. Played soccer together, played video games, did homework together, gave each other adivice, they were the best of buds. I wonder..... Courtneys mother thought worriedly.

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"Hello, this is Courtney's mother. Is this Sal?" She asked, nervousness clenching at the womans very being.

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((That's okay. I'm reading a book, so I might be distracted.))

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"Well, I was calling to ask you, do you know anything about Courtney having knifes in her room? I've heard you two are pretty close, and I thought you would be one of her friends to know." She asked.

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"Yes, honey. Knifes." She said grimly.

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"Yes. So, I assume you have nothing to do with this?"

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The woman asked, almost pointedly.

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"I know. She has had a lot of peer pressure in her past, though. I beleive you, Sal."

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"alright, that's all I wanted to know. Will ya do me a favor? Try not to break her heart." She said joking only slightly. "Have a nice day, goodbye."

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COurtneys mother hung up and found herself in a daze. After five minutes of deep thinking, she woke from the daze with a start. Oh COurtney....... Oh, geez I better go check on Thomas and Lucille. They are probably waking up from their nap. She thought. ((How about Sal texts her about it or something. IDC))

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((Okay Awww but okay.))

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((Oh okay))

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Chrissy heard the phone ring, and walked over to answer it. "Hello?" She asked.

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((KK lol))
"Well hello, Marceline. This is Chrissie. Um, who are you?" She asked bluntly.

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"Well of course I would! I have heard a lot about your son." She said.

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"Really? Well, when would you like me to meet you for Coffee?" She asked.

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"Alright, I'll be there. I have nothing else to do. I will make arrangements for my husband to watch my children. I will see you there, alright? Good Bye!"

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((To the Coffee shop?))

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Mrs.Smith opened the door to her house. Immediately two small heads rounded the corner. "Mommy!" They both squeled. "Hi Lulu, Tommy. Were you two good for daddy?" She asked the mischevious troublemakers. "Yes, we were, momma! I drew daddy a picture of him!!" Lulu exclaimed excitedly. She pulled out a drawing from behind her back, grinning proudly. It was a trypical four year olds drawing with a circle as a head then two legs extengin from that, along with arms. "It's so pretty, Lulu!" Mrs.Smith exclaimed, pleasing Lulu emmensly. "How about you, Tommy?" She asked. "I played trucks! Vroooom vroooom!" He said, grinning. "Why don't we go sit down." She asked, walking and sitting down.

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Courtneyt opened the door into her house. Her mom, Chrissy hurried over. "Honey, Honey! Where haved you been!?! I was quite worried about you, you know." Mrs.Smith said hrriedly. "Mooooooooooooom, I was hanging with some friends, just like I told you! K? You trust me, right?" She asked. Chrissy replied with a slight frown appearing on her face. "I was just getting to that, honey. I saw a, a knife in your room. I thought you were happy now. Am I wrong?" Courtney's mood shifted once again. "Mom, I'm completely happy! Except I MIGHT be a LITTLE mad at YOU for telling my, my firend about it! I know it was your business, and that your excuse will be something like I'm your mother, and I have every right to know what's happening in my own daughters life, well FINE! But you didn't need to go call all my friends, and TELL THEM ABOUT IT! Can't I have ANY privacy? Next time your in my room you'll go sneak in my underwear to see how much your little girl has grown up or something, and I bet you'll make SURE to tell all my friends what kind of bras I have!!! You DON'T STOP embarrassing me, mom!" She said, pausing only to take a breath. Chrissy had a look of shock on her face, quickly replaced by anger. "I can do whatever I please, youg lady! And I'm sorry to say, you're going to have to live with me for five more years, so you better start changing your Attitude? And did you think I was a little hurt when I found out you have a BOYFRIEND, Courtney?!? Yes, I was. Now, I think you should go to your room!" Chrissy said, her tone hard as stone. "I, I think I will!" Coiurtney yelled, and stomped off to her room.

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Courtney went to her room and took her phone out. Did I mess up again? She texted, tears streaming from her eyes from her fight with her mom and Sal. I don't wanna be this way.... I really like you, Sal. She texted sincerely.

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Courtney scrambled up her room, and went through her closet to find an outfit to wear. She finally found one, and got changed.
((This is it

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Courtney packs a few things in a large back. Underwear, a tank top, Pajama bottoms, Tooth Brush and Toothpaste, Brush, Feminine products, Pillow, Medicine, water bottle, Sleeping bag. She was set to go. She lugged the bag down the stairs. "Mom, I'm going to Cynths house like I told you! Sleepover okay!?" She heard a faint "alright." She waited for her mom to come and drive her.

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Courtney mom came around the corner and wordleslly got into the car and started driving towards Cynthias house. She was still mad at Courtney from their earlier fight. It took about ten minutes when Cynthias home came into view.

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Chrissy was feeling very annoyed, and irritable. SHE was supposed to call ME over an hour ago! WHY didn't she? She probably woke up at SIX for crying out loud!!!!!! And OF COURSE i'm glad she has a boyfriend, and din't even BOTHER to mention it!!! and I'm completely HAPPY for her that's she's probably kissed by MULTIPLE times by now!!! Mrs.Smith thought angrily. "Didn't even bother to mention it...." She muttered.

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Chrissy's thoughts all came down to Sal, in the end, for some reason. That was the main thing on her mind.

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Mrs. Smith had forgiven Courtney hours ago, and now had something far more serious on her mind. Lulu had just come inside very pale, and bleeding. This had been going on for a long time now. She bled very easily from the slightest of cuts. This time it had been a stick that had scratched on her skin. The stick shouldn’t have made Lulu bleed enough that the amount of blood made Lulu scared. Lulu needed more than a Band-Aid to stop the bleeding also. She had also had an on and off fever the last few months. It was very unusual. She wasn’t usually so weak. She had thrown up multiple times, and not because of the stomach flu. She had been having horrid headaches too. Chrissy was very concerned and brought her to the Pediatrician at least five times. They didn’t know what was wrong. She had even brought Lulu to a Neurologist, someone who specialized in headaches. Chrissy finally broke down and called a Hot line, fairly desperate. They advised her to take her to a blood doctor, just in case that had something to do with it. If she tried that and there were no results or possible explanations related to blood, she should call the Hot line again. “Lulu, we’re going to go to a doctor again in an hour, alright?” She softly told Lulu while putting on a bandage to stop the bleeding. She had made the appointment weeks ago; this was the earliest they could get in. This was a perfect opportunity to tell Lulu. “Mama, I don’t really like doctors.” The four year old said, eyes wide. If Lulu hadn’t been scared, she would have thrown a fit. But she was scared. “You’ll get some stickers, honey. Some Princess ones I bet, even. Afterwards we’ll go to the store, and buy you a doll. Sound good?” Mrs. Smith asked gently. “Alright, mommy.” Lulu said, clearly not convinced, but already thinking about other things. “I’m going to go draw a picture of a pretty princess.” Lulu said before running excitedly to the paper and markers in the den. The girl sat down and started scribbling her interpretation of a princess. Meanwhile Tommy, Lulu’s fraternal twin, was outside with his neighbor friend, who Lulu had been playing with also before she had gotten hurt. oh boy…. Oh no…. God, please help Lulu. Please help her to be alright, and well. If something is wrong, please protect her from harm’s way. She prayed silently. Chrissy received Courtney’s text at that moment, and texted her bak. We’re going to be gone for quite a bit, Courtney. Lulu has a doctor appointment. Would you be willing to watch Tommy for a few hours? I don’t want to drag him to the doctor’s again. Mrs. Smith texted, fumbling with the buttons so it stated the right words. Mr. Smith was currently at a last-minute meeting, so he wasn’t home to watch Thomas.

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((End of Part 1))

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Courtney and Tommy walked into the house, holding hands. "Can we play trucks? Pleeeeease?" Tommy asked COurtney, pleadingly. "Sure." COurtney said, while opening the front door, and walking inside. She went to the family room and took some Trucks out of the bims. "I call dibs on the Police Car!" She said, smiling. "okay. I want the MONSTER TRUCK!!!!" Tommy said proudly, slightly crazy. They played with the trucks.

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Courtney texted August and Sal Playing trucks with brother.... fun.

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Yeah, it's soooo awesome. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else...... Right now he just screamed "BOOM! AND THE GUY GOT KILLLLLLLLED!!!" In a announcer's voice. She texted Sal.

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PLEEEEASE do! You'd be like, my SAVIOR! My mom's getting home soon anyways.....

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