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Why I turned Writer

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message 1: by Rupali (new)

Rupali Rotti | 9 comments I was a pretty level-headed and sturdy person since childhood. I mean, I enjoyed company as much as I enjoyed loneliness; I loved talking and yet, could go mum for days together without even bothering a trifle about it; I neither thought lowly of myself, nor was I full of myself. I mean, I was pretty content with who, and how I was, as well as my surroundings. And yet, a person like me, fell prey to bullying and ragging… I never knew, till a couple of years ago, that this was classified as ragging because it wasn’t physical – it was emotional. But I was pushed to the point where I knew in my heart – for sure – that I was on the highway to the mental asylum. Luckily, committing suicide, even then, was sheer stupidity for me! Still, the days were dark, long, and lonely; nights were darker… Every stray stranger who smiled, felt as if was laughing at me, ridiculing, mocking… looking down upon me. And slowly, my world shrank unto me. I distanced myself from people I loved, people who loved me… slowly my smile vanished, and so did my happy and content thoughts, my sleep, hunger and thirst, even!

It was in the darkest hour that the books I read, came as a ray of light… How the protagonists fight against every odd, overcome every difficulty, and pass every testing minute… taught me to hold on just a lil’ longer; that this, too, shall come to pass. And there I was, facing a new dawn, a new day with just a little more confidence. Taking baby steps, I resolved to stand up to myself, to face those painful memories and dare again to extend a hand of friendship. Believe me… that was the most difficult thing I did in my life – to dare again and extend a hand, hoping (secretly praying) it will be held in return. In comparison to that, every other difficult time and failure (massive, I could safely say) was a piece of cake for me. I went on to gain respect and admiration of my peers and acknowledgement from seniors; I ventured into business; times are smooth for me now… At least I know I can weather any tycoon in my life hence forth.

But I can never forget what those books did for me… they brought me redemption; they brought me back into the game…they gave me life! I’m aware that every person, at least once in his/her life, faces extreme distress – some would be stronger than me, some weaker. I only hope that my writing could do to them, what those books did to me. If I could inspire a single person, in whatever way, I would feel… don’t know, ecstasy…? I’ll be at peace with myself.

Though I know I’m not good… yet, but I’m working up to it. And soon, I would bring myself to a level where many would love the characters that I create, love the stories that I tell… so I could get a lil’ closer to my aim.

Well, this is the reason I turned a writer. Hope you enjoy reading my first book: “The Valentine’s Day Clue” from the detective adventure series: “Nayak Brothers”. Promise to bring out better ones in the future. Take care, and do well. God bless.

Feel free to share your writing/reading experiences as well.

message 2: by Rohit (new)

Rohit Anand | 1 comments I recently started writing as well. Do visit my page if you get a chance.!/M...

Thanks :)

message 3: by Ak (new)

Ak Sabapathy | 7 comments Mod
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts Rupali... I have always aspired to become a writer and I used to maintain a blog. Unfortunately, am unable to spend enough time on it nowadays. Your words bring new hope of continuing my blogging. Also, am sure there are many others who would find your experience inspiring...

message 4: by Rupali (new)

Rupali Rotti | 9 comments Rohit, I liked what you've written.. very deep and such a nice and different way of looking at things. Really commendable! I'll wait for some more of your musings. :-)

AK, do share your blog, I'd love to read what you write.

Do check out my FB page where I've started a new activity: "Imagination Workout". Hopefully you'll like it.

message 5: by Shiv (new)

Shiv Kumar (shiv5180) | 1 comments I also never thought I would be a writer one day. Never thought I would fall in ,would be hounded by the society and one day would come out of all this. My first novel -A metro nightmare- has resemblance to my life story. However it gave me strength to explore furhter-not only my life but of others and indian Society in general.
My forthcoming novel- India one- has no resmblance to my life but is relevant to currrent state of indian society.

message 6: by Rupali (new)

Rupali Rotti | 9 comments @ Shiv, I'll look for your book. :-)

message 7: by Ak (new)

Ak Sabapathy | 7 comments Mod
Well, this is the link to the blog that I was writing earlier this year...

There was another blog which I maintained a couple of years back and I can't even recall the site where I had been writing it.. !!!

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