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September > 9/20: Meaningful Experience

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message 1: by Ms. Flagg (new)

Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 49 comments Mod
In your independent reading book, identify a meaningful/important experience that your protagonist went through. Explain how it affected him/her.

Stuck on where to begin?:
-Identify your title and author
-Describe the meaningful/important experience (2-3 sentences)
-How did it affect him her? Did he/she learn anything? (2-3 sentences)

This should be at least seven sentences!

message 2: by Gabby (new)

Gabby T. | 22 comments Catching Fire
by:suzanne collins
In the book Catching Fire by suzanne collins Katniss the main charcters meaningful experience is when she was on the victors tour after the hunger games and she was in district 11 seeing her fomer alli Rues family. she says she not prepard to see Rues family which was her parents and her 5 siblings. She says that their faces are fresh with sorrow, Peeta (the other victor) gives a speech about how they owe the family much and they would like to give a month of their winnings. Then she thanks the tributes from district eleven and gives a speech.This effects Katniss because it reminds of Rue an inocent girl that died because of the hunger games. It also causes her sorrow for the family that had a lose of a child. Also I think it makes her emotional to remeber Rue.

message 3: by Ilijah (new)

Ilijah A | 40 comments In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, the main character Clary found out that a guy named Alec who is gay and only her and another girl named Isabelle know and no one else can know. Also because in the book Alec gets mad when Jace and her were in a relationship Isabelle say's that no one can know or he will be disowned. Clary can not tell anyone or it will ruin his life forever. I think that the secret is putting a little bit of presser on her shoulders.

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