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Is this book mainly about faeries?

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Lena My friends say that i should read this book but when i read the synopsis, it seemed to me that it mainly focused on the topic of faeries and im not a big fan of those types of books. I understand that there are other paranormal creatures mentioned but im just hoping that its not mainly faeries.

Someone please answer my question! Thanks :)

Claire No, the faeries are part of it but kind of like disgruntled employees lol. Its mostly other types of paranormal creatures.

Ashley No. This book every paranormal creature you can think of including faeries but also vampires and werewolves and mermaids and stuff like that.

Ji Mei No, this book isn't mainly about fairies. It's about a girl who has to work with fairies, because her job requires travelling all over the world capturing paranormal creatures and fairies are a good way of transportation.

Oh, I read the whole series and it is really good.

Sophia No,its not just about faeries its also about Werewolf vampire and SHAPE-SHIFTERS!! You should really read this

fabby is has a little bit of everything which makes it a great book

Carolina NONONO! it's not only about fairies :) you should read it ;)

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