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Aria trodded around in the fresh show that had just fallen. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she bounded after a couple other dogs, playing a game of "chase."

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Kyara lays in the snow and watches Aria chase a few of the other wolves

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Aria bounds over to Kyara. "Wanna play?" she asked, wagging her tail like a pup.

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Kyara laughed "Sure Aria"

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Aria smiled slightly and then bounded after the other dogs.

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((Brb installing new software.))

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Kyara bounded after Aria

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Aria growled playingly.

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Then she bounded away after some other husky.

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti slinked in from the forest. He snarled at Aria's puppyish behavior. She was most certainly not fit to be the lead dog. With her actions, childish acts, and so much more. Now, he, on the other hand, was born to lead. He was fast, strong, and with a good sense of leadership. She looked in her direction and snarled harshly. Then he rolled over onto his back and bit at a scar on his left foreleg, snarling at the memory of how he had gotten this particular wound. He pushed the memory back down and let out a howl of pure despair.

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"Hi Monti" Kyara said padding up to him

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti snarled and then smiled. Kyara was the one dog he didn't mind. "Hey, Kyara," he muttered softly and then noticed he made the scar bleed. He rolled his eyes and rubbed it into the snow. It bit like cold fire, but he ignored the pain. He had been through much worse.

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"What did you do to make yourself bleed?" she asked

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Pepsi | 158 comments "Uh . . . I scratched it on one of the pickets on one of the tents," he lied. He hadn't even told Kyara about the medical lab experience, and he planned to keep it that way. He licked it and winced at the immense pain it brought, but he kept his expression calm. He was a strong dog, not some wuss like the rest of them were. Except for Kyara in that matter though. Kyara was a strong dog as well. Not as strong as he, mind you, but strong nevertheless.

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"That must've hurt." Kyara said wincing at the thought

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Pepsi | 158 comments "Yeah," he said softly and rolled over to the other side so he was now facing her. Kyara seemed to be the only one who understood him. She others just thought he was a monster, which, in truth, he sorta was. But he didn't pay it much attention. He didn't care what others thought of him, besides Kyara.

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"Well at least you're ok." Kyara said sitting down

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Pepsi | 158 comments "Yeah, I guess," he told her and then stuck his muzzle in the snow to keep himself from telling her everything that had happened to him.

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Pepsi | 158 comments ((Brb Alyssa I have to shower and eat but I will be back. *Does batman jingle while flies away*))

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"Are you ok? You're acting a little....strange." Kyara said

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Pepsi | 158 comments "I'm fine," he said which was muffled by the snow. He raised his muzzle. "I'm fine."

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"Alright" Kyara said letting it go.

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti nodded and let out a fierce yawn, showing his knife chart ivory fangs.

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Just the Perrault brought the dogs their food

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti jumped up and ran over to his share of food, devouring it.

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Kyara also ate her share of the food, and then walked away and laid down in the snow

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti licked his chops and clicked his teeth. Then he walked over to a leafless large oak tree and lay down under it.

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Kyara closed her eyes and dozed off

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti soon fell asleep and had dreams of his lab experience again. He was in a test chamber, in a liquid up to his neck that was eating away at his flesh and fur, burning him. The scientists stood there pointing and laughing at him while he howled in pain and fury. The scene shifted. He was strapped down to a table with his mouth forced open while they poured scalding liquid down his throat, scalding his mouth, lips, tongue, and insides. His eyes wanted over with tears of pain, oh, the unbearable pain it had brought. The scenes resumed shifting, playing back episodes he had been forced into. His body convulsed in odd movements as he slept and remembered the horrors.

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Kyara woke up to see Monti convulsing in unnatural movements. She padded over to him and woke him up

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti cried out in pain and agony. He looked around and was hallucinating of the scientists, so he ran in the direction he saw one and lunged, crashing through the guy and landing in the snow. He was confused, but he charged again and his teeth lashed at the "scientist's" neck. Again he hit air, but the cycle resumed.

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"Monti! Get control of yourself!" Kyara yelled

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti froze. His eyes had a wild and crazed look in them when he looked at her, but he didn't see Kyara. He saw, in Kyara's place, a scientist. So he charged at her, snarling and growling, his mouth open, ready for the kill.

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Kyara gasped in alram and got out of the way not a moment to soon

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Pepsi | 158 comments ((Alyssa my iPad is doing a software update so I may not be able to respond.))

Monti snarled when he hadn't hit the "scientist" so he turned around and ran at what he thought was a scientist but in reality was Kyara again.

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"Stop it!" Kyara yelled moving out of the way again

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Pepsi | 158 comments When he heard Kyara's voice, the images faded and his eyes returned to normal. "Oh my god. Dang it, Kyara! I'm so sorry!" he told her.

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"It's....ok. Why did you do that though?" she asked

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Pepsi | 158 comments "I . . ." he knew it was because of his lab experience, but he didn't have the heart to tell her. "just can't explain it."

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"Can't or won't?"

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Pepsi | 158 comments ((sorry it's done now!))

"Ca-wont," he told her finally.

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"Okay then." Kyara said disappointedly

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Pepsi | 158 comments "I'm sorry. But nobody would ever look at me the same way if it leaked out," he told her sadly and then walked to the tree again.

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"Who said I'd tell anyone else?"

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Pepsi | 158 comments "I'm sorry Kyara. I just can't bring myself to do it," he told her softly, his eyes flickering.

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Uzuri padded around, her head low as she thought about her beloved lead position. She missed it badly, but she was glad to be with Monti. She glanced up and saw him talking with Kyara. She felt sadness leaking out of him, and she whined, padding to him quietly. She stopped a few feet away, unsure of what to do.

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Pepsi | 158 comments Monti glanced over at Uzuri and nodded slightly, then turned his head back to Kyara, waiting for her answer.

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"Fine." Kyara said

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Pepsi | 158 comments "Good," he muttered and then lay down under his favorite tree.

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