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Copy and paste this. Delete the "." from the HTML format. Your character must be accepted by a mod before roleplaying. Mods characters do not need to be accepted. You can not have two dogs with the same position. If you're having trouble with this, visit the Positions thread under Go Here First. If you don't know what the positions are in general, visit the Positions thread under Help.




<.b>Position:<./b> Must be a position that isn't already filled!


<.b>Appearance:<./b> Picture or link along with a nice detailed description.

<.b>Personality:<./b> 5+ sentences.

<.b>History:<./b> 5+ sentences.



<.b>Mate:<./b> Ask first!


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Name: Turtle

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Position: 3rd Right

Rank: Low


Turtle is a gorgeous she-dog with cream fur for a base and a red overcoat. Her legs are cream and the underside of her tail and stomach as well. She top of her tail is red though. One of her eyes is bright blue, and the other is chocolate brown.

Personality: Turtle is a shy, quiet dog. She's really sweet and doesn't have lots of friends. But she's one of the strongest dogs emotionally, meaning she always pushes herself no matter how tired she is. She learns quickly and will correct herself if someone tells her she's doing something wrong. She's gentle, kind, caring, and loving, and obeys Mondivae all the time, making her one of his favorites.

History: Turtle was rescued by Mondivae. She was found at the base of a cliff, bleeding and almost dead. He took her back to the base camp and through lots of medical treatment, she managed. She had to have surgery though, so she has a metal plate in her left foreleg. Sometimes it clicks and gives out, which she hates. It's happened before during races, causing her to fall and make the team loose. But they know it's not her fault, so they don't blame her for it, and rather every time it happens, they think she is a stronger dog for not giving up.

Mother: Kinyo
Father: Suki
Brother: Niko

Crush: None

Mate: Open


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Name: Pop-Tart (Called Tart)

Age: 3

Gender: female

Position: lead Follower/2ed right when her brother Caspian is lead follower.

Rank: Highly respected

Tart is a large husky with an extremly fluffy and warm coat that is a light reddish brown, with white legs. Her face has an interesting pattern on it, and her beautiful eyes are a strange bright green. She has dulled teeth and has no claws.

Tart is a sweet dog. She never wants to hurt anyone, but rather help them. She hates the sight of blood, the sight of someone hurting. She is a distinct helper, someone who carrys problems for others, neglecting her own. It is obvious that she is a docile creature, as the way she carrys herself is kind and submissive.

Tart has a dark place. When someone talks down to her or hurts her emotionally, she will fall interiorly. She hates being hurt, it only makes her want to help the hurter, although it always make her hurt more. She tries not to cry, but sometimes it's hard, especially when there is no one there to support her.

When Tart isn't in her Dark Place, as she likes to call it, she can be extremly hyper, especially when she is given cake. She is a ball of energy that is like all heaven broke loose. She loves playing in this mood, especially when there's someone to play with. Although when she is high on life, her mood can change rapidly and without warning.

Tart is protective. Protective of her brother, of the things or dogs she loves, she is just over all protective. She will fight as hard as she can with her words, but when it comes down to tooth and claw, she can't do it, physically, because of her dulled teeth and no claws.

Background History: Tart was a part of Mondivae's pack at the beggining, with her brother, Caspian. She was liked in the pack, but never loved. So once, on a car ride, she and Caspian were sold to a pet shop. When she woke up the next day, feeling abandoned and hurt, her brother was gone. She fell into her Dark Place.

Tart would barely eat or drink, she wouldn't move or bark. She was dead to the world, dead to any possible new owners. She was never given a second glance as she slowly wilted in the pet shop. She felt unloved and worthless at the young age of six months, as if it had been her fault that Zachary sold her.

But eventually the pet shop couldn't keep an unwanted puppy, so they threw her out onto the streets in the dark of night, abandoning the abandoned puppy. Tart was heart broken. For a couple of days she survived, eating scraps and drinking from puddles, but she had no will to live, so one day, she just laid down and waited for death to come.

But death didn't come. Instead, a woman called Susanne did. Susanne was a kind, old woman, with white hair and blue eyes. She saw Tart and knew immediatly that she loved her. She scooped her up and took her into her home, recouporating her, bringing her back to life until she was the spirited young puppy she was supposed to be. Tart lived there for six months until tragedy struck.

Susannes grand daughter had been mauled by a stray dog, and she came home crying. Tart had anxiously licked the girls wounds, trying to console her. Eventually Susanne came out and saw her grand daughter and her dog with blood on her mouth. Suddenly her heart grew steely against the dog that had forever mauled her gran daughter, or so she thought.

So Susanne took Tart to a vet and had her claws completly removed, and each of her teeth dulled. She threw away Tarts trust like it was just a piece of paper. Tart never looked at the woman who had taught her to love the same way again. She never got as bad as she did in the pet shop, but one day, at age one year six months, four months after the accident, Susanne died, and Tart had to be sold.

So Tart returned to the same pet shop, to the same cage. Tart knew she couldn't return to her Dark Place, or history would repeat itself. So she tried charming herself into someones life, but she was always turned down for the lack of her claws and her dulled teeth. But one day, who should show up but the original abandonner, Mondivae. Mondivae immediatly remembered the bright green eyes and red fur of Tart, one of his first puppies.

He couldn't believe his eyes, that the chubby, short legged pup had turned into such an amazing creature. He bought her back, bringing her to his camp where he reunited her with her brother, Caspian. For an intire year, Mondivae kept Tart with him, trying to socialize with her and regain her trust, and he succeeded to some point. Tart loved Mondivae, but she would never be able to forgive him for ruining her puphood. At the age of 3 years, she was allowed into the pack for the first time.

Falie (Mother, deceased)
Rocket (Father, deceased)
Caspian (Brother)

Crush: Open

Mate It will be an uphill battle to fully gain her trust, but you can try if you want to.

Other: She wears a bandana the same color as her eyes around her neck.

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I copied him from another group

Name: Caspian
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Position: Lead Follower/ 2ed Right when his sister Pop-tart is the lea follower.
Rank: Dominate


Caspian is an Agouti colored Siberian Husky. Its very rare. It is also called "wild coloring". Agouti siberians usually have special masks and markings. White markings are always cream. The mask is always dark, very heavy. (Dirty faced). Pigment extends far down on the dog's body. No dilution is present. Undercoat of agouti Siberians is charcoal. The outer coat can be a mixture of black, tan, red, or grey. The usual coloring is black on the root and tip of the hair, with red or tan in the middle. Points are black. Sometimes mistaken for sable or wolf grey. An agouti Siberian should look almost exactly like a wolf in coloring.

Caspian is a very quiet, serious, sensitive and kind dog. He does not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. He's very Loyal and faithful. He's extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. He's not really interested in leading or controlling others But he does show who is boss. He's flexible and open-minded. Caspian is likely to be original and creative. He enjoy the present moment.

Caspian is also very friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. He's mostly focused on immediate results. He's always living in the here-and-now kind of place, He's a big risk-taker who live fast-paced lifestyles. He can be a bit Impatient with long explanations. Caspian not usually respectful of laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done He's normally the dog who makes up the rules and he does not like to be bossed around. The only dog that is allowed to Boss Caspian around is Eliora (Lead dog).

Caspian Is fun-loving, he make things more fun for others by his enjoyment. He's always living for the moment, He love new experiences. He's Interested in serving others and leading if others are willing to corporate. He's a hard worker and loves to run. He can run for a long period of time without getting tired.

Caspian is also Independent, original, analytical and determined. He has an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. He highly values knowledge, competence and structure. Caspian is driven to derive meaning from his visions. He's a long-range thinker. Caspian has very high standards for his performance and the performance of others. He's a natural leaders, but will follow if he trust the existing leader.

Background History:
It was about this time that a skinny, mischievous pup named Caspian worked himself into Mondivae's life. Mondivae tried to sell Caspian twice as he doubted the pup's potential. Each time Caspian proved to be quite the escape artist and returned to Seppala's kennels. At eight months of age Caspian freed himself to chase after Mondivae's dog sled team, chase them up a trail and caught up to them easily. Mondivae had to bring the young dog along if only to keep an eye on him. By the end of the day Caspian had proven himself and had earned a place hooked next to the lead dog, a position he held for 75 miles.

In January of 2010 a diphtheria epidemic broke out in the isolated town of Nome, Alaska. There was a minimal amount of serum available, and the diphtheria outbreak showed no signs of lessening it grip on the town. Dr. Curtis Welsh, Nome physician radioed for help. In 2010 Alaska had no way to connect with the interior and the cold and weather would freeze airplane motors solid. The only way to get supplies from Anchorage to the town of Nome, (then about 1,700 population) was to ship the serum to Nenana, the last rail head in Alaska. The only way to get the precious, life saving serum to the interior was by an ancient mode of travel - dog power!

Mondivae and all the dog team drivers stepped forward. They had the experience, the dogs were fit and ready and they did it to save the town. Little did they know that their efforts would capture the hearts and minds of a nation and earn national prominence for themselves and their teams. It was decided that the only fast way to make the six hundred and seventy-four mile run was by relay teams. Twenty top teams would be involved in the relay, including Eskimo and Athabascan Indian mushers as well as U.S. mail carriers. Mondivae and his team lead by Caspian, would take the first sled out of Nenana.

Mondivae's sled dod Team managed to get the deed done. Sadly on their harsh trip to save Nome, again. Caspian fell the water that cracked under his feet. They where running out of time and they had no chose but to leave him there for his death. As much as Mondivae hatted it. When the team got back that was lead by a different dog They were named the "Dogs of Hope". But the team was never the same after they left Caspian behind for his death.

After a year of moving on without Caspian they bought new dogs because all the other dogs died from old age or retired. Mondivae still always thought about Caspian. He always had a special pace in his heart for him that he could never let go. Then something unbelievable happened. Caspian showed up at the front door of Mondivae's one morning. He was barley alive. Tired and very thin. Caspian must have walked at least 300 miles to find his way back home. Mondivae was the happiest man alive when he found out his dog was still alive. A few months after recovery Caspian was as good a new. But never again will be be a lead dog. Just a follower.

Falie (Mother, deceased)
Rocket (Father, deceased)
Pop-tart (Sister)

Crush: Open
Mate None, You can try but may not get anywhere with him.
Other: He has a chipped ear from getting into a fight with another dog. Also a few scraps and scares down his legs from traveling in think ice and snow. Most of them are covered by his fur but you can still tell they are there. Caspian also wears a red bandana around his neck when he is racing.

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ash. Caspian and Pop-tart are Accepted! Nice work!

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Name: Euryale

Age: 2 1/2 Years Old

Gender: Female

Position: 2nd Left

Rank: Respected, but Low

Appearance: [image error]
Euryale is a very soft and fluffy husky. Her base coat is Snow White with a bright red rusty color as her overcoat. Her face is patterned with a stripe of white going up between her eyes, and two red ones coming down on either side of that. She has white dots above her eyes. She outsides of her ears are the reddish rusty color, but the insides are white. One of her eyes is a warm chocolate brown, while the other is a bright, light, curious cerulean blue. Her tail is long and thick, built for keeping her warm. She tends to wrap it around herself if she feels a chill, which is fairly often. It's very fluffy, with the top the red color and then bottom which is the Snow White color seen all over her body from before. She has long, sharp ebony teeth and claws, but she doesn't use them for violence. She's a pure siberian husky. Euryale has heterochromia, meaning both her eyes are different colors.
Her collar:
(Ignore the dog in the picture, focus on the collar)

Personality: Euryale is a very kind and gentle sort of dog. She has a very soft personality and is very sweet. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is more on the shyer side. Since she's shyer, I suppose you could say she's an introvert of a dog. She loves her brother, Beano more then anything on this planet, and would do anything to protect him. He shares the same affection for her as she does for him, so they get along very well. They have come to think of each other as best friends, and probably nothing will ever change that. Nobody knows why they're such good friends, since they're siblings, you would expect them to fight a lot. But they don't, and that's that. She is also friendly to her sisters, Stheno and Medusa. Medusa looks like a puppy, but she is actually older then Stheno. Surprising, but true. Medusa just happens to have very fluffy fur and puppyish features.

Euryale loves balls. If you throw a ball to her, she will play with it for hours and hours. In other words, you could say she's easily amused. She will play with pretty much anything you give her. She likes to pay tug-of-war. She has extremely strong jaws, so she usually always wins. It's rare that she doesn't, but if she doesn't happen to lose, then she won't mind it too much. But she will challenge you again and again until she wins, because it will give her a sense of victory.

History: Euryale and her siblings were abandoned at a young age, left to the streets. They would scrounge around in alleyways for food, often coming across stale pieces of bread or moldy cheese. Something along the lines of that. After several weeks of living that way, Stheno fell seriously ill. She managed to pull through, but not before losing her sense of smell, which she never regained. So she turned the smelling over to her other three siblings, Euryale, Medusa, and Beano. With the four of them combined, they managed to find enough food for them all. After another few days, Medusa scraped her leg on a piece of out sticking metal, causing a deep wound to her back right leg. It became infected after only a few hours, and then Mondivae found them. He was in town looking for some supplies for his dogs, when he came upon the four of them. He took them all back to camp and examined them for sickness and disease. He learned about Medusa's leg wound, and feared it would have to be amputated. Luckily enough, it didn't have to be. They managed to save it. As for Stheno's sense of smell, that never came back. It turned out that Euryale and Beano both had mild cases of Lyme Disease, but with a few weeks of treatment, it slowly went away. None of them will ever forget their hardships out on their own, though they wish they could. Euryale still has nightmares about it, and sometimes even spastic seizures. When she wakes from them, she can't explain it. Won't actually. She just prefers to avoid the topic altogether.

Now they they're all here at camp, they do well together. They love and care for each other, within their own circle of friends. They have each other, and that's what matters. They will never turn away from each other, after what happened. They learned to trust each other, and they know now not to take each other for granted. If even one of them hadn't been there through that, they all would have died, and they know it.

Brother: Beano (view spoiler)
Sister: Stheno (view spoiler) Stheno can't smell, she lost her sense to smell.
Sister: Medusa (view spoiler)
Mother: Kitty
Father: Dinosaur

Crush: None

Mate: Open

Other: Euryale has a piercing on her right ear. Mondivae did it to show her that he loved her, and would never abandon her. It's a silver circlet on the tip of her right ear, embedded with turquoise stones.

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ash. Name: Ajax
Age: 3 Years old
Gender: Male
Position: Left wheel
Rank: Normal


Ajax's is a mostly all white Siberian Husky. He has a very light cream color around his upper face, neck and all down his back. It’s also mixed with a sliver texture around his ears and down his ears making him look like he has sideburns. Its also goes all the way around his neck, but not touching the silver color bellow his ears. Just like the cream color the silver goes down his whole back and down his tail giving his back and upper face a white, cream and silver tone to it. He has bright blue eyes with black outline around them. His nose is all black as well.

Ajax is assertive and outspoken - He's are driven to lead. He has an excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Ajax is very Intelligent and well-informed, he usually is excel at public speaking (doesn't really like to talk that much) . He values knowledge and competence and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization. Ajax's is also serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. He's extremely thoughtful responsible and dependable. He's interested in supporting his team and is willing to do anything to help. Ajax is always Well-organized and a hard working dog that never gives up on challenges. He can usually accomplish any task once he has set his mind to it. Ajax's is fun and loving, He tends make things more fun for others by his enjoyment and excitement over things. Ajax's is always living for the moment. He a big risk-taker who lives a face placed lifestyle. Ajax's love new experiences, He's a dog that pretty much get along with every other dog, unless they threaten him then he will show his dominance. He's normally respect of the leader and very loyal, But it it interferes in him getting doing done then he wont fallow the laws. He's very brave and smart.

Ajax always took a big Interest in sled dog racing when he was a puppy. Ajax would always watch his father and mother. He loved the way they would run. He was always so fond of his parents. When Ajax got older and stronger he was sold to Mondivae. Leaving his family brought him sorrow. He always knew he was the favorite dog of his faster and mother. It took him a while to get use to everything. Everyday Ajax works really hard to get his fathers Approval back. Ajax is also in Competition with Niko for the lead dog stop and he is willing to fight for it.

Mojo-(Mother, Deceased)
Almighty- (Uncle, Deceased)
Lupin- (Brother)
(view spoiler)
Chef- (Father)
Molly- (Sister)
(view spoiler)

Crush: None yet
Mate: Open

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Name: Kiska

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Position: Must be a position that isn't already filled!
1st right

Rank: Normal

Appearance: Picture or link along with a nice detailed description.

Personality: 5+ sentences. She's competitive, tough, and loyal. She's fierce, in it to win it, yet she will do anything to keep her team safe. Watch out, she's not afraid of anything. The house life isn't for her, she love the snow, the adrenaline of the race. She's both a lover, and a fighter. But don't be fooled by her sweetness, she has a bit of a sharp edge to her.

History: 5+ sentences. All her life she has been trained to be one of the sled dogs. She was never someone's house pet. Her owners loved her, but also understood her need for speed. This race is her life. After this she'll go back to what she does best: training.

Kin: All house pets, she doesn't like to talk about it

Crush: nope

Mate: Ask first! nope

Other: nope

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Harlow

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Position: 1st Left

Rank: Moderate


Harlow is a beautiful, pure white she-dog. Her eyes are a light blue-green, sort of like the colour of the ocean on a hot summer's day. She's quite small, but makes up for it with her long legs and speed. Harlow's coat is thick and fluffy, making it easy for her to live in the conditions that she does. In places, her pelt is tinted in cream and she has a single dark grey patch on her chest and at the tip of her tail (not seen in picture). She has a thin muzzle, like most female dogs and her nose is black. Her tail is long and thick and, as said before, ends in a dark grey tip.

Harlow has a certain... Air of ease about her. She's quite easy going and laid back, but she does like to be noticed by others. At times, she can become quite bossy, but it's always for a good cause. Her passion and the reason she lives is for sledding and she would not trade anything in the world for it. She's not afraid to speak her mind and with this, she often crosses the line with what she says and the ways she says it. She's not at all shy and is quite tomboyish, meaning she spends more time with the males of the team than she does the females. Harlow loves to rough house and she's constantly covered in dirt and mud from her explorations. Even though her coat is pure white, it never usually appears that way. She's loud and she's fantastic at befriending others. Harlow is friends with almost everyone in the team and if you mention someone else, no doubt she will know them too. She's a fun dog to be around and even if the most boring thing is going on in the team, she can always find a way to make it fun without defeating its actual purpose. She's a storyteller and at night, she always has something to tell whether it be some ancient myth or a scary story she's made up. When the lead dog and/or the lead follower aren't around, Harlow often takes up the leadership role because she is a natural born leader. No one usually minds this and are always happy when she takes up the role. She's a fun leader, which is what appeals to the other dogs more than anything else.

Harlow was born in a litter of purebred huskies. She was the pup of her litter to gain the most confidence, earning the respect and attention of her father that none of the other pups could quite grasp a hold of.
Rufas raised Harlow well, teaching her all his ways and making sure she grew into a strong husky. He claimed he had no time for his other children, so naturally, Harlow became the most hated pup of her litter, even though she tried as hard as she could to be friendly and kind to the ones she loved.
Everything was going fine for Harlow when she was six moths old, but that's when things began going downhill for her. The family that owned the dogs ended up having to move away, but they didn't think much of the dogs, leaving them alone, but taking their mother and father with them. This meant that the pups were left to fend for themselves, living on the streets and moving around by night and day, never staying in one place for too long. Some of Harlow's siblings stayed with her because they knew that from her training, it would be their best chance of survival. Soon though, it was down to just two of the six pups. Harlow and her brother Thor.
At nine months old, these two dogs were living alone with just eachother and they grew incredibly close, never leaving eachothers' sides for even a moment. They learnt how to steal and provide for themselves with no trouble at all. One day, they had been desperately hanging around the butchers shop hungry and devising a plan about how they would go about this. Thor decided he'd sit out the front barking to cause a distraction, while Harlow ducked in the back and stole one of the meats that was hanging from the ceiling. Amazingly, their plan worked, but Thor was soon captured and taken away.
Harlow was distraught. Her brother had been the only companion she had and now he was gone and there was nothing she could do about it. She began to grow weary, the cold of the night and the lack of food making her weak, so she just gave up and lay on a street corner, ready for death to take her away. This was when Mondivae found her and he immediately took her in, knowing that she'd make a good addition to his sled dog team. He raised her back to health and it became apparent that she would make a perfect Lead Dog, but this position was already taken, along with Lead Follower, so he gave Harlow the position of 1st Left. He then stated that she was next in line for the leadership roles.

Rufas (Father, unknown)
Firri (Mother, unknown)
Remie (Sister, deceased)
Farlom (Brother, unknown)
Violet (Sister, unknown)
Coran (Brother, deceased)
Thor (Brother, unknown)

*Any of her kin (that are unknown) are available for creation

Crush: Open

Mate: Open

Other: She wears the red collar (in the picture) all the time.

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All Accepted.

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•Natalie Sohinki• ~Right Now, I wish you were here with Me~   | 25 comments Name Niall
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
Position 3rd left, even though he's the leader.
Rank REALLY HIGH, pretty much the leader.

Niall is a pure white husky with stunning blue eyes. His coat has small subtle red spots from fights, and his teeth are sharp as knifes, so back off if he shows you them. His coat is quite thin, but very soft, and of he trusts you, he is very kind. His paws are HUGE for a dog his size, and that is good for pulling the sled. His legs are strong and bulky. His tail is usually in a dominate position, and you'll be lucky to see it wag.

Niall is a strict dog. He has few friends, and if you are his friend, it's like getting in the safe zone. He won't attack friends, people, or injured animals. Everyone else is fair game. He is a strong puller and loves to be hooked up to the sled. If he sees meat, he will stop, his ears will go straight up, and his eyes will dilate. He also loves swimming but rarely gets to do so.

Niall was born in Las Vegas and was actually the mascot for a casino as a puppy. When he was full grown, someone brought a dog into the casino. He attacked the dog and was kicked out forever. He was living on the streets and was fine with it, but Mondivae picked him up and made him be with all the other dogs. He hated it, and only went to be the leader, and with his big personality, and bigger body, the rank was his!

Hulk: Brother
Sici: Mother
Dave: Father

CRUSH: No way!!!
MatE: Yeah right.

Other: He has a ball that if anyone gets close, he won't warn them, just attack.

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What's his position?

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 506 comments Mod
I don't think that's open. Go to the positions thread and see the open ones for Mondivae's team.

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You can't do that you must have one position only

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Yeah. Only one.

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 506 comments Mod

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Change to 3rd Left please cuz Turtle has 3rd Right.

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Yes yes sorry! I shall use Euryale.

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Emma, maybe Niall is very dominant too. You have to accept that, and if you want to figure out who's really the alpha, take it to the role play.

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