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Copy and paste this. Delete the "." from the HTML format. Your character must be accepted by a mod before roleplaying. Mods characters do not need to be accepted. You can not have two dogs with the same position. If you're having trouble with this, visit the Positions thread under Go Here First. If you don't know what the positions are in general, visit the Positions thread under Help.




<.b>Position:<./b> Must be a position that isn't already filled!


<.b>Appearance:<./b> Picture or link along with a nice detailed description.

<.b>Personality:<./b> 5+ sentences.

<.b>History:<./b> 5+ sentences.



<.b>Mate:<./b> Ask first!


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Name: Vanilla (He hates his name Vanilla so he prefers to be called Fang. Don't ask.)

Age: 3 months

Gender: Male

Position: 1st Right

Rank: Extremely Low

Appearance: As a puppy
[image error]
Vanilla is probably the most adorable thing you will ever lay eyes on. He has a tan or cream coat and deep brown eyes. His coat is very fluffy as well as his tail.

As an adolescent, some if his fur has attained a reddish rusty iron color. His eyes have turned a brilliant blue. Lots of him has stayed cream. On top of the red, some of his fur has even turned black. His nose is pink and black splattered. He looks like he's been smeared with several different spices on top of his lush creamy coat.

Personality: Vanilla is a very happy and bubbly young pup. He seems to always have energy to do whatever. Though he may look tough, he's really not. He loves to play with others and mess around in the snow. He may disappear for hours at a time, but this is normal for him. Not much else is known about his personality, as it tends to differ dramatically from time to time.

History: Nothing much has happened. He was born into the team from his mother Pretty, and his father who died. Vanilla never met his father, and he's had a pretty normal life.

Mother: Pretty

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


(Gonna sped up his aging process from 3 months to 2 years.)

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Alessia (siriostars) Name: Sprite

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Position: Right wheel
Rank: Medium (on the low end)

Sprite has a black, soft double coated fur. It is flecked with caramel brown fur. His muzzle is a cream color and it spreads a bit onto his chest, a bit on the cheek and around his eyes. His eyes a reddish-brown, almost like an auburn. Sprite is very strong and on the large size for a regular dog sledding dog.

Personality: Sprite is a vivacious, and childish (or should I say puppy-ish) carefree dog. He gets distracted easily sometimes though, usually when they're pulling the sled, which is never good. But on his best days he is very focused. Sprite isn't startled very easily which is valuable in a wheel dog. He is very friendly and playful. Sprite is also a very sweet and kind dog. But sometimes he can get stubborn and reckless as well.

History: He has been bred and raised to be a wheel dog but his inner puppy has prevented him from being the best he can be. ((Will add more later))

Mia: Mother
Anuk: Father
Alaska: Sister

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


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Name: Pretty

Age: 3 and a half

Gender: female

Position: lead dog

Rank: highly respected

Pretty is a gorgeous dog. She has a white base coat with an bright red over coat, and stunning blue eyes. She has long legs, perfect for running. They are lean and muscular, with sharp claws to seal the deal. Her tongue is an amazing shade of pink. She has pink whisker freckles on her muzzle. Her tail is long and it helps her balance on sharp turns.

Personality: Pretty is nice mostly. She has a soft voice and you will almost never hear her yell. She is always ready to love someone, especially puppies, although she hasn't taken a mate yet. She can be very strict and foreboding when provoked, and she will also break down. When shes in the harness, its all buisness though. She rules with an iron paw, and she is very proud. When a dog goes out of line or back talks her while in the harness, beware. She has a very bad bite that she is not afraid to use.

History: Pretty was bred by Genivae and raised by her as well, so she has a very strong connection with Genivae. Pretty was Genivaes first puppy that she personally bred. She grew up easily, maturing quickly so she could learn, although she went through a dark spot when her mother died when Pretty was only one year old. Pretty went on a rampage and attacked Genivae and all the dogs. She was vicious for six months after that, until Genivae was able to help her through her blinded anger. Pretty took a mate four months ago, and when she found out she was pregnant with Vanilla, her son, she was beyond happy. But her mate died in a race the next week, which made Pretty depressed and angry again for a while until Vanilla was born, and she forced herself to be cheerful for the sake of her puppy. Now she cherishes him more then the world.

Leelee, mother, dead
Drake, father, dead
Vanilla, son, alive

Crush: It's not huge yet, but Cyra

Mate: Rogue, dead. Open

Other: bisexual, and she has a tendansy to sneeze when nervous.

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Rank would be high.


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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Cyra

Age: 3 and a half years

Gender: Female

Position: Lead Follower

Rank: Extremely high, respected.


Cyra is beautiful. That is the best word to sum up her appearance. She has a fairly light coloured pelt, silvery-grey tinged with black. Her eyes are an icy blue colour and from a distance, almost appear white. Around her eyes, she has two black lines that curl around as if she's wearing glasses. Cyra's underbelly, chest and legs are covered in soft, snowy white fur and as her legs go up, the fur gradually turns to the light grey of the rest of her coat. Her ears are soft and the insides have white fur on them. On some parts of her coat, the fur even appears very light blue. She has a long, thick tail, ending in a white tip. She's slimly built, and her agility comes from her body type.

Cyra is actually incredibly insecure, despite how calm and confident she appears on the outside. She's the type of dog other run to if they need advice or help and she's there to talk with. She has a sort of calming aura around her body that seems to seep into others when she's around them. She tries as hard as she can to help everyone and she constantly puts others before herself, meaning she doesn't always have time to just be alone. She's an intelligent being and is good at working out problems for herself and others. She is a storyteller and at night, she usually tells others about long ago myths an legends, stories of great heroes and heroines and her own personal adventures. She has a soft spot for pups and hopes one day for her own, no matter how long it takes. She's usually the dog that Genivae goes in search of when a new dog is being introduced to the team, because of the fact that Cyra is so welcoming. Cyra goes about with a sense of ease about her and always appears confident and as if she knows what she's doing. She's a leader at heart. She can be distrusting of others and won't always let them no about her life, despite her welcoming temperament. Not many know this, but Cyra is actually very shy and is constantly stepping out of her comfort zone in order to help others, or impress them. Cyra is incredibly adventurous and she's a free spirit, due to her past. She is well known all over the place and has always been open to knew ideas and places. She cherishes her life more than anything else and is proud to be the dog she is.

Cyra never had a proper childhood. From the moment she was born, she was alone and had to discover herself on her own. Her parents stuck around long enough to ensure that she lived, but they believed that each dog did not need help on their road to life. They explained this to Cyra, and because of the way she'd been brought up, she understood and accepted this fact. She has never held a grudge against her parents and still tries to get away to see them.
So, at eight weeks old, Cyra set of on the road to life. She travelled a long time and met so many animals that helped her on her way, visiting farms, the sea side, towns and the countryside. She went everywhere and met everyone, the reason she has so many stories to tell and is so welcoming of others. She never regrets that her parents left her so young, because it opened up so many experiences and opportunities for her. When Cyra was a year and a few months old, she stumbled across Genivae's team and began socialising with each of the dogs in turn, who were all so welcoming of her. When Genivae saw this strange dog milling about her team, it got her thinking. She had needed a new dog for a while and she saw the potential in Cyra, so decided to test her. Cyra was only too happy to oblige, but in the end was reluctant to stay. Her heart called to her to leave, because their were so many places still to visit, but her mind disagreed. In the end, she did, in fact, stay, but Genivae knew of her adventurous side, so still lets her roam every so often.

Kora (Mother)
Fyron (Father)

Crush: Open

Mate: Open

Other: She's bi-sexual. Is Pretty's girl interest.

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Name: Vasili (This Russian name comes from the Greek name Basileois and means "king." pronounced vah-zee-lie)

Age: 3 and a half

Gender: male

Position: left wheel

Rank: varying. mostly low, sometimes high.

Vasili is a very feminine looking dog, although under his lush, tri coloured coat, is corded muscles, toned for the wheel. He is gorgeous. Although feminine, he is absolutly stunning, with long legs and a long coat that comes from his collie side. His eyes are different colors, one dark brown and the other a light blue. His face is skinnier then a huskies, but his frame is taller and muscle-ier then a collies.

Personality: Vasili is slightly excitable dog, although he is a dog always able to listen. He doesn't press himself into others problems, but he is always there for them. He usually has a small smile on his face. He is usually a calm dog, but if he ikes you he will be playful and out going. He can be very submissive when other dogs attempt to dominate him, but he has a very bad bite and sometimes, when pushed too far, he will lose himself in the rage and he will attack and do things he regrets. It is the same with lust. He is very guilty about it, but he can't control himself sometimes. In a parellel way to his agression, he will attack a female and demand what he wishes for. In both ways he is very dangerous, and although he is social, he does not let himself go too far with anyone.

History: Vasili was bred soley for the purpous of breeding. He was bred by a back yard breeder, who did not neglect nor abuse, but was not very attached to any of her 20 some dogs. She had Vasili and found him to be a perfect specimin, and she raised him carefully to ensure he would be able to breed at only four months old. He was large enough at that age, and physically capable. ((I searched this up k?)) She forced Vasili with a 3 year old collie, more then 10 times his age. Although nervous and unprepared, Vasili was over come by lust and did what he was bred for. He was hooked on mating from then on. He was blinded by it and had no other meaning in life. He was so crazed he would even attempt to mount males and much younger dogs, like he himself was once. until he was two and a half years old, he lived in these conditions, living only for the lust. But fortunetly, although seemingly unfortunete to him, the police found out about this madness and he was taken to a pound, where he spent three months attempting to breed with everything and anything. Toys, walls, people, gates, anything to give him his drug. Eventually Genivae came, and she rescued him. She bought him and trained him alone for six whole months. She disciplined him extremely firmly, but also fairly. No mounting and no leaving her sight. Vasili did find ways to satisfy his cravings, secretly, but eventually his habit was almost broken. He has been with the team for three months now, constantly improving under Genivaes watchful eye, although still wallowing in lust.

Kvinna, mother, pound
Mannen, father, pound
Many siblings.

Crush: Truly it is Cyra, but he has lust for all the dogs in the pack, including Vanilla.

Mate: All the females at the backyard breeders. None currently.

Other: He wears a shock collar that Genivae buzzes at it's lightest to jolt him out of his lust. It was effecient at first but is no longer, athough he is still forced to wear the small black thing.

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Beck (formerly Boo) (boooty) Name: Nero

Age: Four years old!

Gender: Male

Position: 1st Left

Rank: Pretty high but not near the top

Nero is a very attractive dog, really. He has a mix of auburn and black fur on his body, like a bunch of spices smeared on a thick and lush white coat. His eyes are a very crisp ad clear dark blue. His ears are velvety and soft. He has a soft button-black nose. His teeth are abnormally sharp and he is super muscly. Literally. He's like some sort of animal fitness example, other than various scars sprinkling his body.

Personality: Nero is a very cooperative dog, but also very determined. He has amazing endurance, like most sled dogs, bt a big heart. His love and kindness to every other dog overrules any other emotion or trait he has. He is abnormally nice, but don't take that the wrong way. He has a very scary violent side that barely ever comes out, and he likes it like that. He hates being the monster, the 'bad guy.' That's really why he's just plain nice. A good dog. He rarely takes advantage of anything and never wastes anything. He doesn't take kindly to being insulted and doesn't realize his appearance is so taking. He has abundant energy, never seeming to stop bouncing around. He is confident, but not cocky or headstrong. He feels insanely guilty about his past but has gained many things from it. He is really scared that he will hurt another dog. That is like his biggest fear

History: He was born somewhere in Canada, and sold in a scummy black market as a puppy. He was then sold and traded,being used as a work dog for three fourths of a year, sometimes beaten harshly by drunkards and abusers. He has one scar twirling near the base of his tail and ending somewere around his ankle on his right back leg from a whip and infection from which he nearly died. He was eventually kept by a man who was a very prestigious dog-fighter. He trained Nero to be as vicious as possible in very crual ways. He has very small nicks in his ears that have prettymuch sealed up. He stayed with that owner for three years and was a top-notch fighting dog. He had won countless fights, a good amount to the death. He's had thousands of near-death experiences and pain. The man was discovered and he was calmed and eventually brought into sledding.

Kin: Lost to him.

Crush: He's neuteral.

Mate: Open


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ash Accepted/ Spam deleted

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Name: Fischer

Age: 6

Gender: Male

Position: Right Wheel

Rank: Extremely High

Fischer is an Alaskan Malamute. He is tall and graceful, with strong and sinewy muscles. His face is cream, but it only lasts for a circle. Outside that circle of cream on his face, he's black. He has cream on his underbelly, chest, legs, underside of his tail, and insides of his ears. Everything else is pitch tar black. He has deep brown eyes and long shaggy fur. His fur keeps his warm, and he almost never gets cold. His muscles are very strong and well defined and his fur, which is thick so you can't really tell. He has this look on him that seems to say, "I'm tough. Don't mess with me." Which, pretty much sums it up. He is really tall, and overall a fairly gigantic dog. He has huge sharp ivory teeth and thick ebony lips. His claws are to match his teeth, great for biting others. He has a long scar through his left eye.

Personality: Fischer is the oldest dog on the team. For that reason, he won't tolerate any puppyish behavior. He has a low tolerance for stand-off-ish behavior, and will put a stop to it the minute he notices it start. He doesn't like to see others stepping out of line, and won't put up with it. If he sees it, he will put a stop to it by administering a sharp bite to an open part of the body of the dog who is demonstrating this, in his opinion, "atrocious" behavior. He isn't afraid to bite or hit, swat, kick, nudge, hurt, or even draw blood from anybody who steps out of line. He always seems to have that look on his face that says, "Stop it or I'll bite your head off!" which describes the way he feels pretty well. He's a vicious dog if he doesn't like you, and he can be a real jerk if you see his wrong side. In other words, don't get on his bad side unless you want your face rearranged! He will protect his team with his life, even if it could get him killed. He has fought many animals to protect his team, and for that reason he has many scars to prove it, including one through his left eye. The eye still works perfectly, there's just a scar through it.

He doesn't play with other dogs. He lives solely for his sled dog career, and nothing else. It seems to be the only thing in his life that he actually enjoys doing. When he's running, he's oblivious to all else and he actually smiles, something that he never does unless he's running with the team. If someone messes up the running while he's running, he is not afraid to hurt them badly, even though he knows it won't be tolerated by Genivae. He will do it anyways, and will accept his punishment later. He believes that you don't succeed unless you've failed. That's gotten him very far in life, and probably will continued to get him farther through the life ahead of him.

History: Fischer has always been a sled dog. He was born into the team by his parents who've all moved on from this world. He doesn't care though. "What did they ever do for me besides bring me to this h*ll called earth?!" he often refers to his parents as if though that's all they ever did for him. Which honestly, that pretty much sums it up. Fischer was always their least favorite dog, but Fischer didn't care. "Don't like me? Cool. I don't wake up every morning to impress YOU," he would say and then hold his head high and walk away. His parents pretty much disregarded him their entire lives, and then he ran away and stumbled upon this team of sled dogs. He stayed around camp for a while until Genivae would notice him. She decided to hook Fischer to a sled and see how he did. Turns out he was an amazing sled dog, so she kept him and put him on the team.

After a few years of him being on the team, one day changed all their lives. It was about 1:30 in the morning, when there was a rustling noise from the woods. Fischer was the first one to hear it, and he sat bolt upright. All the other dogs heard him and asked him what it was, but he wouldn't tell them. He didn't want to worry them, as that would just make the thing know where they all were. So once all the dogs and Genivae had gone back to sleep, Fischer silently crept out of the tent and into the woods where he had first heard the noise. He heard a similar noise another time, and then again after that! So he went in the direction of the noise, and soon he cold smell it too. The only reason he heard it before he smelled it was because he had damaged his sense of smell years before, but that was an entirely different story.

The moment he first smelled it, he knew. It was a bear. He sniffed the air again. And it was with its cubs, so it was a female. He knew that females were extremely protective of their cubs, but he knew he had to drive it away from the camp before it came and killed them all. So he barked. The mother bear turned, with fire in its eyes. It snarled viciously and then charged him. And so the battle ensued. The bear ran at him, and you have to understand that adult bears can run very fast, but Fischer was faster. He sidestepped at the last moment, sending the mother bear into a tree behind them. The bear bellowed in rage and turned around, glaring at Fischer. Fischer froze. He hadn't until now realized how much trouble he was about to get himself into. But he knew he had to somehow drive the bear away, or better yet, kill it. Now you're probably thinking, a dog kill a bear? Now way. Well Fischer was no ordinary dog. So he charged the bear as well and went under its legs. He bit at its back leg, sending it falling forward. So he jumped onto the bear's head, and went down for the kill. He managed to bite its jugular, but not before the bear managed to give him a nasty gash across his left eye, the scar he still has today. He killed the bear moments later, and ran, as fast as his legs could carry him, back to camp.

When he came back to the tent, Genivae was already looking for him. When she saw him come in all torn up and bleeding in more places then she could count, she didn't think that he had a chance. But she was wrong. After several months of Fischer just laying there and under heavy medication, he managed to make a full recovery. That night had changed him forever, and now there was nothing he thought he couldn't do. Now that might not be a good thing for him, because now he thinks he's invincible. But truthfully, he kinda is. He's never lost a fight, and doesn't intend to. Think you can take him? Challenge him, but have an ambulance or two on speed dial.

Mother: Sylvia (Whereabouts Unknown)
Father: Mercury (Whereabouts Unknown)
Sister: Eucalyptus (Open for creation)

Crush: Hahahahaha no.

Mate: Good luck! Not in a million years.

Other: Someone wanna create Eucalyptus?

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*huff puff* DONE!

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Piper

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Position: 2nd Left

Rank: Low


Piper is a really beautiful dog. She has a pure white coat that is soft to the touch. Her fur is thick and long, meaning that she can withstand the climate she lives in incredibly well. She has cloudy blue eyes that from a distance appear almost white. She's small, yet lithe and she has long legs, so she's built more for speed and agility than for strength. She has a high stamina rate, so can continue moving for hours without stopping for a rest. Piper has a pretty face, complete with a narrow muzzle which is present on most female dogs. Her tail rises, then falls in a sort of fountain formation, suggesting that she is crossed with another breed of dog, though only her husky side is known. The insides of Piper's ears are covered in light grey fur which is also present at the tip of her tail. Her body is dotted with scars from her old life and she is not as quick on her feet as she used to be, due to her past. She has a long scar running down the left side of her face, which she received from a fall as a pup.

Piper is full of life and love and goes by everyday feeling happy to be herself. She does not care for the opinions about herself that others have, rather she goes about with her head held high. But these things mean that she is rather careless and doesn't always think things through before she acts on them, so always finds herself in a world of trouble. She can be a little distant and dreamy at times and others find her weird, but strangely alluring and they're drawn to her. Let's just say she's not very smart and is easily manipulated. She is a little naive and self-centred but makes up for it with her fun and kindness. She's a bit of a troublemaker and loves to stir up mayhem for the rest of the dogs on her team, usually having one or two sidekicks to help her with the process. She's distrusting of others and will not befriend them unless they prove their pureness and loyalty towards her. Piper is a loyal dog herself and hates nothing more than when others don't respect and express loyalty towards herself and the rest of the dogs in the team. She doesn't see herself as above others, but there's something about her everyone feels they should respect, despite the fact that she can come off as strange. Scarily, she always seems to be in the right place at the right time and she's a dog others run to when something has gone wrong because, even though she's not smart, she can always think of a solution to a problem. Piper can be sarcastic and the wrong things usually escape her mouth even when she doesn't intend them too. She doesn't take what others say about her to heart because she's happy and proud of the dog that she is. She knows she's different, but she claims that's what makes her special. The fact that she is different and she doesn't see the point of being the same as everyone else. She loves the dog she's turned out to be and the life that she lives and she would not trade it for anything in the world. Although Genivae trained Piper out of her bad temperament after the she-dog's past and turned her into the dog she is today, Piper still holds the uneasiness she did when she was a racing and fighting dog, often being edgy and skittish. She can also snap at times and become viscious once again, but she tries as hard as she possibly can to keep her mood and temperament in check, knowing when she must move away from other dogs or risk hurting them herself. Piper hides it as well as she can, but sometimes it can't be controlled.

As a pup, Piper was abandoned and left to fend for herself. She was born at the seaside, quite a long way away from where she lives now, but she managed to get by well enough. She learnt from a young age to only look out for herself, but since joining a team of sled dogs, this has changed.
She has never loved anyone at all, hating her parents for leaving her alone to fend for herself and not finding anyone she trusted. She grew to crave company, but gave up hope of ever meeting anyone she would bond with. That was until she slipped while scavenging for food on the edge of a cliff and fell to a ledge below the top. She suffered broken ribs and gashes to her legs and the side of her face. It was impossible to move and Piper thought of it as the end for her. What a short and miserable life she had had. An hour or so later, a wolf was passing the cliff and smelt blood down the side of the cliff, so he naturally thought it would be an easy kill. He glanced over and saw the suffering pup. He took pity on her almost instantly and helped her, taking Piper under his wing and back to his pack. After that, Piper grew to love her adoptive family, even though she was so different to them and they loved her back all the same. But, she never grew into a wolf. She always stayed the same dog she had been found as. She thought of this as a minor setback though and was happy living her life.
When Piper was around a year old and had been living with the wolves for several months, they were hunted and most killed by poachers, but some were smuggled away for purposes, some being racing, others being dog fighting and selling. Piper was put up for adoption, since she was a dog, but no one would take her because she had been raised by wolves and no one could tell what type of dog she was. Soon, she was put through both illegal racing and fighting, her losses in the racing earning her beatings and fights earning her injuries she didn't deserve. She was mostly used for racing, because of her agility and speed and she soon grew into one of the most renowned racing dogs in the illegal and black marketing industry. She would still lose races occasionally, meaning she was punished.
When Piper had been a part of this industry for six months, her 'owner' was arrested and she was set to be put down because of her actions and what she had been a part of. This was when Genivae stepped in. She had heard of the arrest and the young female dog the guy had owned, so went to see what type of dog Piper was. She saw the potential in the she-dog, though she would have to be coaxed out of her viscous ways. Genivae trained her, standing the occasional bites and scrapes she received from the she-dog and eventually turned Piper around.

Kin: Unknow

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


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ash Cute! Accepted

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Thanks! :D

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ash Name: Chef
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Rank: low
Position: 4th left


Chef is a black-and-white Siberian Husky. He has very fluffy fur Which makes it less obvious to show that he is very skinny. He has two white circles above his eyes, and his eyes are amber color which brings out his whole feature. His he has gray hairs all over his body because he's getting pretty old. Chef likes to wear a red bandanna around his neck when he is not racing or sledding. He might only have three years left of his whole racing career Because he's getting so old. He a jet black knows it is always wet.

Chef is An Enthusiastic, idealistic and creative he likes new ideas and doesn't always like to play by the rules. Chef is the type of dog that is Literally able to do almost anything that interests him. He has great people skills he's kind and general with almost every human he's great with kids and always make everyone laugh. Although he is the type of dog that can get very protective over Genivae and will do almost anything so he will not in any. Circumstances let him get injured or threatened in any way. Chef needs to live life in accordance with his inner/ and or own values he does not like to go by anyone else values. He will always try and Accomplish his first before anyone else. Chef can be very excited by new ideas, but bored with details. He's very open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

Chef is also the type of dog that's strikes others as quiet, kind and conscientious. He can be depended on to follow through with other dogs. He's a lower rank and might get pushed around a bit by the younger and stronger dogs, but chef will always be a kind-Hearted dog with a great personality. He usually puts the needs of others above his own needs witches a he will do practically anything to save his teammates from any kind of danger. He's bery stable and practical (for an old dog), he values security and traditions. Chef has very well-developed sense of space and function witch means he won't get in the way of the lead dog, he knows how to keep his distance from the stronger dogs. He has a rich inner world of observations about people. He's extremely perceptive of other’s feelings. He's always Interested in serving and saving others even if that means his life.

Chef is also Serious and strong, interested in security and peaceful living. He's extremely thorough, responsible and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually he's interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. He's Well-organized and hard working, he works steadily towards identified goals. He can usually accomplish any task once he have set his mind to it. Chef is also a risk taker. He likes to take Risks for a old dog. He can be very energetic. But he also can get tired pretty fast. It takes a lot for him to respect someone. You need to show to him that your a worthy Opponent or he will disrespect you.

Chef is one of the most sled dogs on the team. Only because of his age. He started out on this team as a young puppy. Him and his brother were one of the first two be brought into this team. Chef always showed that he was stronger then his brother Mighty. After they grew older they both went into training for sled dog racing. Chef was a fast learner. On the other hand he was very very hyper witch in ways it made it hard or easy to train him. After a couple of years Chef was one of the most handsome dog on the team. He bred with a lot of females and had a lot of lust lovers. But never really loved another dog. By the time chef turned 3 years old; Mojo came to this team. With one look he knew it was love. He would literally try everything to be with her but Mojo was different from all the other females. She would always act like she never likes him and was stubborn. Chef tried her best to get her has his full-time-mate. After a year with trying she gave into him and they loved each-other. Mojo gave birth to 3 healthy puppies. Molly, Lupin and Ajax. After there puppies grew up and moved on. Chef and Mojo were going out for a walk in the woods. Sadly something unfortunate happened. A pack of wolves came out of nowhere. They were angry because apparently they were in there territory. The wolves started fighting with Chef. Mojo got scared and fought for her life to save her mate. She was killed that night and Chef has never been the same sense.

Mojo-(Mate, Deceased)
Almighty- (Brother. Deceased)
Lupin- (Son)
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Ajax- (Son, On Mondivae's Team)
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Molly- (Daughter)
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Mate Dead
Crush: None.
Other: chef is a rather old dog to have on the team. This might be his last chance to run his last Iditarod challenge.

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Kit Kat (kitcastellan) <.b>Name:<./b> Smokey

<.b>Age:<./b> 4 years

<.b>Gender:<./b> male

<.b>Position:<./b> 3rd right

<.b>Rank:<./b> low

<.b>Appearance:<./b> Picture or link along with a nice detailed description.

Is bigger, with smokey gray fur. He is tall, for a dog, and has brown eyes. HIs belly and muzzle are white. His paws and Tip of the tail are also white.

<.b>Personality:<./b> NIce and calm. He is very obidient but can be stubborn. He is funny, and energetic. he likes to fool around with other dogs, Especially Female dogs. Will do anything for food.

<.b>History:<./b> Was at a puppy mill until rescued my a girl, she took care of him so that he could be bought by a dog racer. He was trained with little trouble and found a mate, however she got sick and was put down. He never had any family.

<.b>Kin:<./b> none

<.b>Crush:<./b> not yet.....;)

<.b>Mate:<./b> dead
<.b>Other:<./b> likes cookies

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Name: Julie

Age: 3 years old

Gender: F

Position: 2nd Right

Rank: Medium


Julie is a purebred Chinook. She is tan with some darker brown fur on her ears. She has a black muzzle and amber eyes. The fur under her neck is a lighter tan, almost a cream color. Her right front paw is white.

Personality: Julie is hyperactive. It's like she has ADHD. She can't sit still and loves to run around. She loves food and will do just about anything to get some. She likes her teammates, but is slightly antisocial. She has a wild imagination and loves to make up stories. She loves pups and wonders how her six pups are doing. She is slightly naïve about the world, since she never left the farm she was raised on before Genivae bought her. She's patient, but if someone pushes her buttons one too many times, she will attack.

History: Julie was born on a farm in Oregon. Her parents were Chinooks. She grew up with four other brothers: Chino, Mark, Danny, and Baxter. She was the only female in the litter. All her siblings except Danny were sold. Danny stayed behind because Julie's owner loved him the best, and Julie stayed behind because she was the only female.

She grew up and when she was 2, she fell in love with her owner's Labrador, Arthur. Two months later, she gave birth to six puppies. She loved the pups and gave them the best care she could. She was depressed when her owner sold the pups. Her owner had Arthur neutered and he was sold to a person who competed in agility. Her reason for not getting Julie fixed was that she wanted Julie to have a litter with Cody, her other Chinook. Julie didn't like Cody, who was arrogant, spoiled, and mean. She constantly evaded his advances and was tempted more than once to kill him after he pushed her patience too far.

Genivae bought Julie from her owner because she believed Julie would be a good addition to the team. Julie's owner was reluctant to sell Julie, but eventually gave in. Chinooks were bred to pull sleds, and Julie lived up to her heritage. She's been with the team for two months, and has proven that she's a good sled dog.

Kin: Millie (mother), Harry (father), Chino, Mark, Danny, and Baxter (brothers), six unnamed pups (their father was a Labrador)

Crush: open

Mate: open

Other: none

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