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Copy and paste this. Delete the "." from the HTML format. Your character must be accepted by a mod before roleplaying. Mods characters do not need to be accepted. You can not have two dogs with the same position. If you're having trouble with this, visit the Positions thread under Go Here First. If you don't know what the positions are in general, visit the Positions thread under Help.




<.b>Position:<./b> Must be a position that isn't already filled!


<.b>Appearance:<./b> Picture or link along with a nice detailed description.

<.b>Personality:<./b> 5+ sentences.

<.b>History:<./b> 5+ sentences.



<.b>Mate:<./b> Ask first!


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Name: Aria

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Position: Lead Dog

Rank: High

Aria is a multicolored husky. She has bright blue eyes and her coat is very soft, puffy, and silky. Her face is splattered with areas of color, being black. The base color of her face is cream. Her ears are black but the insides are a tan or cream color as well. Her body is a black color, fading to grey at the tips.

Personality: Aria was born to be a lead dog. She has a good sense of command, and always obeys Perrault. She teaches the other dogs the proper ways of traveling, and she welcomes all dogs before judging or snapping at them. She may seem cold and hard, but underneath all that, she has a heart of gold. She acts her age, being peppy, but not iverdoing it. She enjoys the company of other dogs and enjoys playing with Perrault. She takes to people she trusts, but if she doesn't trust someone, it's gonna take a lot. But she can also be a serious leader if she wants to. She is very fierce and a good enforcer, a great leader. She isn't afraid to give a scratch or a bite here and there.

History: Aria was rescued by Perrault after she had been caught in an avalanche. She had been cut and scraped up badly, but Perrault helped her survive. She had been helpless for a while, but once she was better, he made her the lead dog. She couldn't have been more proud. She doesn't like to remember the avalanche, but sometimes she does, and it makes her sad and depressed.

Kin: Both her parents, Kiko and Muary, died in the avalanche, caught under and crushed by huge boulders that narrowly missed Aria.

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


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Margie   (claussmargie) Name: Jupiter

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Position: 1st Left

Rank: High (i think... tell me if i am wrong)

Appearance: Very fluffy with the softest fur ever!!!! Most of his body is white, with a white face and a gray black fur frame around his face. His eyes are big brown and buetiful. A strnge strip on his tail it is brown and black.

Personality: Jupiter is very mature for his age. Sometimes he goofs of and gets in trouble. He listens well most of the time and is good at doing what he does. He loves to be a 1st left and does his job with pride.

History: Jupiter was born in southern alaska and was put up for sale bought and then sold to perrault. He was trained to be in the more front leader area. His dad soon abadoned him when he was born and then his mom thats when he was trained and sold.

Crush: Nothing

Mate: Open

Other Nothing

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Pepsi | 158 comments Name: Monti

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Position: Right Wheel

Rank: Extremely High

Monti is a wolf husky hybrid. He has more wolf in him so he looks more like a wolf then he does a husky. He has a white base coat that fades to red at the tips of each hair by his rear. The rest of him is just white. His tail is very puffy, and his eyes are an almost black color. He has long skinny legs built for being a sled dog. His ears are large and his muzzle is longer then normal. He has large, knife sharp ebony fangs, which can do a great deal of damage, biting through bone if he is so inclined.

Personality: Monti is a strong dog. He has rippling muscles and is one of the fastest dogs. He has strong pointy teeth which he isn't afraid to use. He is dark and mysterious. Most would use the trait to describe him as nasty or brutal and mean. Which, by the way he acts, is not an understatement. He uses his teeth and claws to enforce the pack and won't tolerate childish play or behavior. He is extremely rude and dangerous. He angers easily, and when he does you do not, under any circumstances, want to be in the line of fire. He will fight anyone who dares challenge him, and always wins. He won't pass up an opportunity to show his dominance and he wants more then anything to be the lead dog. For this reason, Perrault has placed him in the back, so he can't hurt Aria during any races, which would be his intention. He is most certainly not soft, kind, and gentle. He is brutal, evil, and mean. He is fierce and strong, not afraid of anything but fear itself.

History: Monti was found in a scientific lab buried under hundreds of feet of snow. He was used for tests, basically a lab rat. Or should I say, lab wolf (XD No I know it's not funny...) where he was used for lots of tests. He was poked, prodded, teased, hurt, and beaten. The scientists there were just plain mean to him. He was born in the lab, created from crossed cells, concluding his evil like temper. They would use him to test dangerous chemicals, medicines, and various other forms of torture. He withstood this for almost three years, when some a team of searchers found the lab and set him free. When they found him, he was crippled, hurt, and broken. He has many scars all over his body to prove it, and nobody knows about this history. He prides himself in surviving the pure torture and torment, but nobody knows of this harsh history in which he withstood for so long.

Kin: None, he was born from crossed cells in a medical lab.

Crush: Oh boy. Not likely in the slightest area.

Mate: Even less likely. Probably NOT a chance of happening.

Other: Monti is 83% wolf, and 17% husky, leaving his wolf side more dominant then his husky side. This can and will get him in lots of trouble in the future.

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Wow. That's seriously impressive. Definitely Accepted!

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Name: Jua Uzuri (Sun Beauty in Swahili)Her nickname is Uzuri

Age: 3

Gender: female

Position: 2nd right

Rank: It depends on the dog, or on her mood. She can be very very dominant, or submissive.

((Except on a wolf.))
Uzuri is 70% wolf, and only 30% husky. She is almost bright yellow. She has strange purple eyes as well. She has a beautiful shape, long legs and a long spine with an elegant head. Her fur is the perfect mixture of long but not long enough to get matted. She has long claws and teeth, both extremly sharp. Her tail is also long. She has a tiny patch of skin showing on her shoulder, where she was shot. It's a scar now.

Personality: Uzuri is very forgiving and understanding. She can see through a dog's flaws and she an understand why they are hurting or are causing others to hurt. She has a problem with that, digging into a place where she really shouldn't. But she loves doing it, she loves helping dogs get their lives back. But Uzuri has a sharp side. If you piss her off too much, she can get extremly aggressive. She doesn't hesitate to use her claws or teeth. In all, she has a really bad temper when you push her too far. Her submissive side comes out when you beat her down emotionally, when you talk down to her, when you tell her she's nothing.

History: Uzuri was born in the wilderness, sired by her wolf mother, and her mostly wolf father, which is where she got her somewhat husky. Uzuri lived with her parents pack for about eight months. She was always very puppish, never picking up the slack for the pack. So one day her parents ditched her. They had no need for an extra mouth to feed, and they had tried numorous times to get her to hunt at least. But they had run out of patience. So one morning, Uzuri woke up and the pack was gone. She had no tracking skills, but she tried for over a week, but eventually she had to hunt. She stoned herself from the emotional heart break of being abandoned, and she matured very quickly. Before long, she could hunt well by herself and she could do everything a pack could, or at least that's what she told herself. She lived alone for a year and a bit, but her demise was brought by poatchers. She was hunting one day, and while she was concentrating on stalking her prey, they shot her in the shoulder, crippling her. She was taken to their camp to be killed, but once they got there, they found the police. The poachers were wanted for, what else, poaching. So Uzuri's life was perserved. She was taken to an animal hospital where she bite and clawed as much as she could, but eventually she was sedated and the bullet was taken out. For six months she recouporated at the hospital, and her nasty temper was polished to that of a puppy, although all the workers knew to never get on her bad side, the side that would never be polished. Once she was fully healed, she was sold to Perrault when he saw her run and her stamina. She had gotten very muscled and hardy over the period of time she spent alone in the wilderness, and some bullet didn't slow her down. So she went with her new owner, and she learned to accept him. She spent some time just with him so they could bond, and once she had practiced pulling the sled, Perrault put her in the lead position. But it couldn't last. On one of the races, Uzuri lashed out to one of the wolves, causing the team two grevious loss's- the race was lost, and the dog she had murdered. So she was bumped down to left wheel, and she was never looked at the same by Perrault. That's when she learned how to reach deep into a dogs heart, because she had been drained of happiness, so she took it in helping other wolves. She did it to try to regain her beloved lead position, but she knew she would be stuck with Monti for some time at least. And during that time, she has developped a crush for the mean spirited wolf, Monti. But she had always had a huge crush on Koda, and she felt like she was cheating on him by liking Monti, because she and Koda had been good friends since she joined the team. But Just this week Uzuri had been moved up to 2nd right wheel, right behind Koda. She still has a crush on Monti though.

Mkali (Fierce in Swahili)-mother-unknown
Haraka (Fast in Swahili)-father-unknown

Crush: Koda and Monti

Mate: She is very unlikly to take a mate unless you put some time into it, and gain her trust.


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Pepsi | 158 comments Name: Mouse

Age: 2 and 3/4

Gender: Female

Position: 3rd Right

Rank: Low-Moderate

Mouse is a Doberman Pinscher Siberian Husky hybrid. So she has a primary coat the color of black and a cream undercoat. Since she has Doberman characteristics, her tail is short and stubby like a doberman's. She has a really big head and gorgeous amber eyes that will make any male dog drool. Her coat is really silky and soft, like her eyes which hold a sort of mystique to them. The tip of her muzzle fades from cream to white, and the same thing is with her legs.

Personality: Mouse is, well, mousy. She is small and quiet, but really quick on her feet. She is a fast thinker and very agile. She acts like she is half her size in fights, attempting moves that would probably get her killed if not for her amazing quickness. Her legs are abnormally long, which enables her to move faster and quicker then most dogs would be able to do. Her stamina is incredibly strong and she never gives up. She would most likely sacrifice her life for the life of her team and friends, but mostly for Koda, who she's had a crush on since she first laid eyes on him. Since he is the same mix as she is, she feels some sort of connection with him that she's never felt with anybody before. Though one of her weaknesses is that she trusts too easily, which could most likely kill her.

History: Mouse has an incredible history. She has saved Perrault's life a couple of times. One time, they were on a canoe trip together, and Perrault flipped the boat. They were both being sucked down towards the rapids, in which nobody would be able to outswim. It looked like imminent death for both if them, but wait! Da da da da da da da da MOUSE! Look! Down in the water! It's a log! It's a plane! Wait why would a plane be in the water? It's Mouse! Mouse was swimming towards Perrault in an attempt to save him! Perrault was clinging to a rock for dear life, and when Mouse got to him, he grasped her neck for dear life. Mouse swam as hard as she could, and after several grueling minutes, hauled Perrault to shore, where she had saved his life. He was so grateful, that he made her the lead dog. But after a while, Mouse hinted to him that she didn't like being the lead dog, so he moved her to 3rd Right. In another episode, Mouse and Perrault were going for a hike together through the Adirondack Mountains. Perrault had slipped off the edge and was holding on by an out sticking root from the soft dirt side. His grip was slowly becoming looser, facing a more inescapable death by as the mere seconds ticked by. MOUSE TO THE RESCUE!!!! Mouse held her head down, and grasped a different tree with her hind legs, leaning down for him to grab her collar. He eventually got the strength to take one hand off if the root and take her collar, where she hauled him to safety, saving his life once again.

Mouse has always had a crush on Koda, since the moment she first saw him. Since they were the same mix, she had felt some sort of connection with him. And she hopes with her undying heart that he feels the same way, otherwise, she will be crushed, never again to race another race. But she doesn't know how to find it out, so she is very anxious for when she finds out if he feels for her or not.

Mother: Rabbit (Unknown)
Father: Trout (Unknown)
(Her family had a thing for naming family members after other animals.)

Crush: Koda

Mate: Open


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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Branor

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Position: 2nd Left

Rank: Moderate


Built for speed and agility, rather than strength, Branor is actually quite small. He comes of as quite a handsome dog with his icy blue eyes and a mixture of grey and black fur. He has a long, thick coat so he is able to withstand the harshest of winters and he always seems to have the same intent look about him. His face, chest and arms are covered in soft, snowy white fur that contrasts the environment he lives him, only standing out due to his dark, coal-ash coloured fur. He has a lithe body and long legs, each made for his job. His long tail ends in a white tip and his fur never seems to sit flat.

Branor is what you might call alluring. He has the ability, although does not even try, to lure othe dogs into his midst. He keeps to himself for this reason, as he thinks of it as a bad thing. He's quiet, yet observant. His silence though, is not to be mistaken for shyness. Branor doesn't interact much with the other dogs of his team and doesn't bother anybody. He has a sense of authority about him, earning him the respect the other dogs have to offer. He knows how to lead a patrol and is quite intelligent for a young dog. He is kind at heart, but is uncertain as to how to show it to others. He longs to feel accepted, which is a thing he hasn't ever felt before. Branor can, at times, come off as quite mean, and if it weren't for his strange ability of entrancement, others would probably stay away from him. Branor is a determined dog and once he sets his mind on something, he doesn't back down until it is succeeded. Branor can be a little aggressive and snappy at times, due to his short attention span and low patience. He is not easily offended and doesn't take things other dogs say about him to heart. Branor is fairly independent and although he is a part of a team, he doesn't like to depend on others. Branor, in a way, is a loner among dogs, although he is surrounded by so many.

Born on the streets in an alley, from the very beginning, Branor was a bit of an outcast. He had a large family, consisting of his mother, father and seven siblings. Branor was never the pup to receive all the attention, his brother filling that rank. It was always Brennus this and Brennus that. As time went by and the pups grew older, Branor came to dislike his brother immensely. He was the pup that received the least attention, for reasons that he could never put his paw on. This lead him to believe that he was not wanted among his family, so he left, injuring Brennus on the way off. He has always regretted this particular act of violence and wishes more than anything that he could take it back.
Although Branor left his family, he always made sure that he kept close watch on them, if maybe one day something awful would happen. Sure enough, when Branor was around six months old, his family were attacked by a group of rogue wolf/dog hybrids, who had been tracking Branor's father for a very long time. Branor stepped in almost instantly to assist his family, but sadly their efforts were not enough and three of Branor's siblings and his father were brutally murdered, including Brennus. If Branor had not hurt his brother when he left, then perhaps more of his family would have survived.
After this horrible night, Branor left and never returned, for fear that something would happen to his family if he was there. Branor felt that it was his fault that lots of the wolves he had loved died, so after that night, he came to hate himself and everything he stood for. He never wanted to be a part of a team, for fear that he would only hurt them, but he knew in his heart that if he was, he would have a better chance of survival and maybe grow to love someone. He set off, but his plea was met short when he was caught in a blizzard. The following day, Perrault found Branor curled on a street corner, starving and very thin, almost dead due to the fact he'd spent his night in a harsh blizzard. Perrault could not just leave Branor alone to die, so he took him in and helped to bring him back to health. Branor has forever been grateful for this act of kindness, but has always felt that he did not deserve it. But, Branor has always felt obligated to please both Perrault and the rest of his team, so has become quite a good sled dog and strives to please others, despite the fact that he doesn't know how to act around everyone else and prefers his own company more than being around other dogs.

Cador (Father, deceased)
Clarine (Mother, alive)
Brennus (Brother, deceased)
Percival (Brother, alive)
Elayne (Sister, deceased)
Excalibur (Brother, alive)
Marrok (Brother, deceased)
Nimiane (Sister, alive)
Lamorak (Brother, alive)

Mate: Nizhoni (NIZOR! <3)

Other: He always wears a blue bandanna around his neck.

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Aria you can just make up the ranks. They have nothing to do with the positions it's just how dominant they are. ;)

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wanderer (chloemai) Name:Nizhoni Arabella((NIZ-OH-NI) Goes by Niz))

Age:3 years old


Position:3rd left.

Rank:Moderate Dominance. She is extremly dominant on the inside but due to her quiet nature and not wanting to upset anybody she tends to keep it locked away.

Niz is quite a pretty dog. She has a soft yet coarse pale grey coat that serves her well when she requires protection from the freezing whether and has large almond shaped heterochromia eyes: One an icy blue and the other the colour of the richest of coffees. Her paws are webbed, due to her heritage of being 1/4 chesapeak bay retriever and she has always found it easier to move through the snow because of this. She has quite a slim structure, her legs long and as thin as the branches of a willow tree, her body compact yet lean and strong. She lacks the height of an average huskey, and she suspects this is because there may be another breed of dog within her family tree, a smaller one.Due to her body structure she is an excellent runner, one of the fastest, and has the stamina to match. One thing that is very outstanding about Niz is that scars mar her body. Her muzzle is lined with old battle wounds, as is her forelegs and a few on her back legs. The biggest one being a scar that begins on her left shoulder blade, and ends at the top of her left leg.

Niz is guarded. She is somewhat an introvert and the solitude is where she aims to be at all times. She is usually consumed within her thoughts, often found daydreaming under a tree or somewhere equally away from other dogs. She is a quiet dog in terms of noise, barely making so much as a whine, let alone a bark. Probably down to her history and the way that she was raised. She is painfully blunt, not because she is mean in any way, she just hasnt had alot of practice with talking to other dogs, most of the time she was getting attacked by them.
She has an awful temper, and is especially quick to snap if you mention anything about her past. If her full rage is released, you'd best get out of the way quickly, its not as if she is unexperienced in the fighting department. Just as her mother was, Niz is very strong willed and headstrong. If she believes something is right, nothing will change her mind, not even if its proven to her.
Behind all the walls that Niz has built around her is a sweet dog who is fiercly loyal to those she loves and cares about. Had she not have been through what she has, she would be a quirky little thing, full of life and always managing to make people laugh. And if you dig deep enough you may catch a glimpse of that dog.

Niz.Born Nizhoni Arabella, was brought into the world on a warm, evening night to her parents, Kenna.Her mother, a strong willed she-dog whim was a mash up of a purebred Husky and a thought to be purebred Chesapeak Bay Retriever, and her father. Ash, a purebred Husky.
She wasnt the only pup in her litter, her brother,Oakly was also born on the same day, a few minutes before her. The 2 were insperable always causing trouble and mischeif wherever their tiny legs would carry them. But disaster struck fast, quick and without mercy on the poor little family.
It was on one of those days, where the grey clouds paint the sky and the smell of rain is in the air. It had just begun to pour it down, and Niz and Oak were only a few months old at the time, old enough to have begun walking around, but still to young to venture off alone and know the real dangers of the world. They had been tucked safely away in a small den outside. You see, Niz's parents had always lived in the wild, stray dogs escaped to the forests. Her mother had been quickly yanked from the den, her father having gone to find food. She felt herself be lifted out of the den, and from the cries of her brother she gathered that the same was happening to him. They knashed and lashed out at the hands that were holding them, but were helpless to watch as one of the men aimed a gun and shot at her squirming mother, who had been trying desperatly to protect her pups.
Niz had felt numbness. Sadness engulfing her every pore as her mothers lifeless body made a thump as it fell to the ground. It changed her, just that one experience was a small push into the dog that she is today. Her and her brother were thrown into a brown sack, and she never saw her father again.
Fast foreward a few months and Niz is being caged in a dingy, dank room where no sunlight hits the room. Her only comfort her brother, whom was sat in a cage identical to hers, across the room. It was at the tender age of 7 months old, that Niz was introduced to dog fighting. And she absoloutly hated it. She was constantly whipped and beaten for not being vicious enough, and this in turn caused her to become quite bitter, her outlook on life changing completly. She had her first fight when she was just 9 months old, and at the time was smaller than she is now, which is saying a lot. Of course she lost, and was beaten for that fact. She soon learned to toughen up and grew accustomed to the pain, preferring to take the blows rather than dish them out, although she did fight back to a certain extent. She never saw sunlight, never experienced the feel of snow beneath her feet. Never got what other dogs take for granted.
When she reached the age of 2 and 1/2 she had given up hope. Her brother had never had to fight, and she often windered why, until she realised that her brother was actually treated as a 'pet'. She was envious, who wouldnt be? But Oak promised that he would find a way out for the both of them, and they would start a life in the forest again. But yet they didnt have to do a thing. Her trainers were found out, and so were her and her brother. Niz and Oak were free. It wasnt that simple though, she was put through endless tests and was almost put down at one point, for the simple fact that she had been trained to kill. Eventually though she got the all clear and her and Oak were put up for adpotion, as a pair. Perrault found and rescued them and she took up the position as 3rd left, her brother is more of a 'pet' he lacks the drive to win, prefering to just be a house animal, he is still extremely close with his sister though. She lives relativly happily now, although the dog fights still plague her every thought.

Father-Ash(Whereabouts Unknown)
Brother-Oakly-3 years old.


Mate:Branor(BRIZHONI! <3)

Her collar or necklace. It was her mothers and she had been playing with it before the attack. She had managed to keep a hold of it for all those years, even in the animal shelter. When Perrault adopted her he noticed how much it meant to Niz and put it on her. The band was a perfect fit around her neck and she hasnt taken it off since.
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wanderer (chloemai) Name:Oakly(Known as Oak)

Age:3 years old


Position:Is Perraults PET dog.

Rank:Fairly submissive but can be dominant of the situation calls for it.


Oak is quite a happy dog. His overall outlook on life is basically seeing the cup half full, rather than half empty. He can always find something good in a situation, even if it seems hopeless, and his main mission in life is to make everybody he meets, smile. He can be a bit annoying at times with his 'peppy' mood that never seems to flater, but overall hos relatily joyful dispotion rubs off on those surrounding him, giving them the same gleeful personality as him for a short while.
He can be quite the charmer in some ways, although he doesnt know it. And has had many a she-dog flirt with him. But he is completley unaware to what they are hinting at. You have to be up front with him in everything, no beating around the bush, otherwise he is totally oblivious to what anybody wants.
He would have been an extremley talented sled dog, but doesnt really have the drive to win, so instead Perrault kept him as his pet.

Oak.Born Oakly, was brought into the world on a warm, evening night to her parents, Kenna.His mother, a strong willed she-dog whim was a mash up of a purebred Husky and a thought to be purebred Chesapeak Bay Retriever, and his father. Ash, a purebred Husky.
He wasnt the only pup in her litter, his Sister,Nizhoni was also born on the same day, a few minutes after him. The 2 were insperable always causing trouble and mischeif wherever their tiny legs would carry them. But disaster struck fast, quick and without mercy on the poor little family.
It was on one of those days, where the grey clouds paint the sky and the smell of rain is in the air. It had just begun to pour it down, and Niz and Oak were only a few months old at the time, old enough to have begun walking around, but still to young to venture off alone and know the real dangers of the world. They had been tucked safely away in a small den outside. You see, Oak's parents had always lived in the wild, stray dogs escaped to the forests. His mother had been quickly yanked from the den, his father having gone to find food. He felt himself be lifted out of the den, and from the cries of his sister he gathered that the same was happening to her. They knashed and lashed out at the hands that were holding them, but were helpless to watch as one of the men aimed a gun and shot at his squirming mother, who had been trying desperatly to protect her pups.
Oak had felt..Nothing. Nothing at all, just as if his world had completly stopped. Sadness engulfing his every pore as his mothers lifeless body made a thump as it fell to the ground. It changed Niz, right there and then, and it pained Oakly to watch his usually bright sister, hide herself away in her deepest thoughts. Him and his sister were thrown into a brown sack, and he never saw his father again.
Fast foreward a few months and Oak and Niz are being caged in a dingy, dank room where no sunlight hits the room. Their only comfort was each other.It was at the tender age of 7 months old, that Niz and Oak were introduced to dog fighting. And the both of them absoloutly hated it. His sister was constantly whipped and beaten for not being vicious enough, and this in turn caused her to become quite bitter, her outlook on life changing completly. Niz had her first fight when she was just 9 months old and Oak at 10 months. Oak was never made to fight as much as his sister, and in fact was treated as more of a pet dog than anything else. But when Niz realised this he made her a stern promise he would get them out. Yet that didnt happen as the police got involved and in the end their owners were arrested. Oak passed with flying colours when they checked to see he would be sutible for adoption, it took a lot more researching for Niz, but she too, passed.

Sister-Nizhoni Arabella.


Mate:None yet.


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ash Name: Alberik (Blond ruler)
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Position: 4th Right
Rank: Average

Alberik is a silver coat. Silver is the complete opposite of a wolf grey. There is a complete restriction of the agouti gene. His coat comes off with a silvery or blue tone. He has no red, tan, or beige. Alberik's undercoat is white. Black can often tip the hair. When a dilution factor is present the shade of silver can become even more blue, with pigment being slate colored.

Alberik is a pack dog, and he needs an owner who is the clear leader of the pack. This made training easier because you will find that Alberik respects Perrault's but don’t be surprised if he tests the limits of your position in the pack and tries to take control from time to time. Alberik is a high-energy breed that can be destructive both indoors and out – especially when bored or not given adequate exercise. He will demolish a house if he was left alone.

He will dig up flower gardens and yards alike, but he was trained to dig in a specific spot in the yard. Nonetheless, he can be quite charming with his mischievous and playful nature. He is also quite social and love to show off his talents. Aberik does not bark – that’s the good news. Here’s the bad: He does enjoy howling, which can be very frustrating for neighbors. He a hard worker and loves to run. He's Very friendly with other dogs and has a great personality that everyone loves.

Another caution: although Alberik is adored for being friendly and gentle, He makes a lousy watchdog. Unfortunately, He's not overly suspicious of strangers, including burglars. The fact is that he tend to love everybody. He's temperament doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s affected by a number of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. He's curious and playful, willing to approach people and lick them. Like every dog, Alberik needs early exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences because he's still young.

Alberik was the only puppy born from Alphous and Adrain. He has no siblings so he found life pretty simple as a young puppy, never went hungry. As Alberik grew older and stronger his Family that he was born into sold him to Perrault's, knowing that he would make a good sled dog. When he was brought back Alberik was very shy from the beginning, he was also very scared of the other dogs and never even interacted with them. After a few days maybe even weeks after he was brought into his new home he started getting use to the place. This is when the real fun happened. Alberik always kept Perrault's on his toes. He would get into anything and chew up impotent papers. When he was left alone Lars would come back to a house filled with paper on the ground. As he got a little older he found his way out of the house when Perrault's would go off to work or run with his dogs. He would always run away. He was always found at the neighbors chasing chickens or playing with their miniature poodle.

By the time Alberik grew older and stronger, Perrault's thought it was time to put him into intense training to see if he would be worthy enough to be a sled dog. With Alberiks Hyper activity running and stamina was not a problem, but on the other hand paying attention and listening was difficult. After a few months of intense training Alberik shown to Perrault's that he was worthy enough to be a sled dog. From this day forward Alberik loves to do what he does best. Racing.

Alphous (father, deceased)
Adrain (Mother, deceased)

Crush: None.
Mate: Open

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Name: Astrid (Divine strength)
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Position: left wheel
Rank: Average


Astrid is a black and white Siberian Husky. Her muzzle, underbelly, Part of neck (upper), chest and legs are all white. The rest of her is jet black. She has strong long legs built for running long distance and digging through ice and snow. She has very tough pads that wont get injured easily. Astrid is the type of dog that is not a very fast runner but she is a great distance runner. She can run for hours, Maybe even days without stopping. But She does get tired at some point. Astrid wears a brown leather collar with two dog tags on it. One with her name and the other where she lives and owners number. Astrid's eyes are a very sharp honey brown color that’s always looking for a chance to run or play She has black out line around each eye witch gives her a unique look. She's a very beautiful Female but she is starting to get a few gray shades around her face, She's not old but she does have mild lime disease that makes her look and act older then she really is.

Astrid is quietly forceful, original and sensitive. She tend to stick to things until they are done. She’s Extremely intuitive about other dogs and concerned for their feelings. Astrid is well-developed value systems which they strictly adhere to. Well-respected for her perseverance in doing the right thing. She's likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following.

Astrid is friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. She is focused on immediate results. She's always living in the here-and-now, She's a big risk-takers who live fast-paced lifestyles. Astrid is Impatient with long explanations. She's Extremely loyal to her peers, but not usually respectful of laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Great social skills.

Astrid is also serious. She's extremely thorough, responsible and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Astrid usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, She works steadily towards identified goals. She can usually accomplish any task once they have set her mind to it.

Astrid was born into this team. Her father was a lead dog all the way from Nome Alaska and no one knows where he is know or even if he is alive. Tallen was a large white husky. A famous leads dog that saved his musher and team through a long blizzard. Lakota was Astrid’s mother that was on this team in the past. Sadly Lakota died a few months after she had her puppies from rabies. She had to get put down. Meanwhile Astrid was in training with her musher to become a sled dog.

After Astrid was fully-grown she took the spot as the lead dog for a while. But with her frail personality all the other dogs bullied her, which made her drop down to the left wheel She Astrid never really cared because she was the type of dog that never really wanted to lean the pack. Interacting with a wild wolf killed Astrid’s brother Bruno. Shasta (her other brother) was sold to another team because of his lack of listening and paying attention.

On a really stormy night Astrid and her Musher where on their way back from Nome Alaska to pick up a few things for her dogs. She needed to take a dog because her car was down and the storm was too big to take out a plane so she Lars chose Astrid because of her great athletic ability. Unfortunately the storm got worse on their way back. They got way off course and the snow made it physical impassible to get back. But Astrid found her way back without them being hurt in anyway. Maybe a little frost bitten but that's it.

Bruno (Brother, deceased)
Lakota (Mother, deceased)
Tallen (Father, Unknown)
Shasta (Brother, Alive on Clea's Team)

Crush: Open
Mate: None
Other: She has Mild Lime Disease that makes her look and act older then she really is.

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Name: Lillian
Age: 4
Gender: F
Position: lead follower
Rank: medium


Lillian is a husky/German Shepherd/Border Collie mix. She has the height of a Border Collie (about 24 inches), the strength of a German Shepherd, and the stamina of a husky. Her fur is mostly tan with black markings of a German Shepherd. She has a white blaze on her head, and four white paws. She has a black patch around her right eye and her belly is white. Her ears are pointed and are rather fluffy. She has a very thick coat making her look like a teddy bear.

Personality: Lillian is a kind and sweet dog. She loves to be around others and hates to be alone. She is sensitive and her feelings can be easily hurt. She won't fight unless someone makes her very angry or unless her life's in danger. She loves to explore and has a good sense of direction. She loves to run and because she has both husky and Border Collie in her, she has lots of energy. She has a crush on Koda, but no one knows. On that subject, she hides her feelings very well.

History: Lillian was born on a farm in New Hampshire. She was the sixth pup born out of a litter of eight. Her mother was a husky/Border Collie mix named Beth and her father was a purebred German Shepherd named Toscoe. Growing up, she was the one who followed her siblings into trouble. Despite the trouble she often got in, she never lost her taste for adventure. She was sold to Perrault when he came to see her owner. She was a year old at the time and was the smallest of the litter, which had inherited their father's size. Her other siblings had been sold off to other homes, while Lillian remained at the farm.

Perrault liked her smaller size and gentle personality. He took her with him when he left and she became the lead follower of the team.

Kin: Beth (mother), Toscoe (father), Ralph, Tod, Cash, Jessi, Meg, Ben, and Judith (siblings)

Crush: Koda

Mate: open

Other: none

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Lead follower is probably already taken. GUYS I DIDN'T MAKE THE POSITIONS LIST FOR YOU TO IGNORE IT!!!

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Is Lillian accepted?

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Azure-allery | 1 comments Just curious, is this just a story where you find photo's of dogs online and make them what you want? Wanting to know because I actually own the dog above. "Mouse" was my dog from a few years back and that photo is one that I took of HIM. His name is Bear, he would now be 8 years old and he is a Siberian Husky mixed with Chow Chow. Very dominant though you wouldn't be able to tell from the picture. Did not get along with other dogs unless they're females. He doesn't have a stubby tail at all, it is just about an inch shorter than it should be. And he is small not tall only weighing 40 lbs. No long legs they're actually smaller.

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