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Six Metres of Pavement
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September 2012 > Discussion space for anyone who went ahead and red Six Metres of Pavement anyway.

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Jill G. Farzana Doctor people! Go to it!

Danie (daniexj) | 5 comments I read it, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. It didn't turn out anything like what I thought it would, but it was very well written and once I got past my preconceived notions about it, I got quite sucked in by the characters and their storylines.

It was interesting because it also made me think of my own neighborhood, and what a story about it, or set in it would be like too.

Next I'll see what Stealing Nasreen is like.

Danika at The Lesbrary (lesbrary) I have to say, I (maybe irrationally) intensely disliked this book. Mostly, perhaps, because it won the Lesbian Fiction Lambda Award while being about a straight man and his straight relationship. Minor lesbian characters =/= lesbian fiction. Also, I just felt like it dragged and dragged. Maybe if I knew what it was going to be about, I would have liked it more, but I feel like it's been completely misadvertised. It is not a lesbian book, it just has a lesbian author.

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