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Book IV Russia

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Laura Post your comments here, without spoilers, please.

Misfit Ok, back at it. I think Frank's total devotion to dear Gabrielle is wearing a bit thin, but that is men for you.

I will say that if one doesn't have much knowledge of Napoleon's Russian campaign, they would definitely be lost with this. Time flies by rather quickly at times, all of a sudden it seems weeks (if not months) have gone by. (view spoiler).

Laura This is my favorite part of this book.

Misfit I am as well. I'm not sure yet what to make of Gabrielle. I don't trust her.

I do like having a lead male who isn't all manly man/drop dead gorgeous.

Dawn (& Ron) I'm finally in Russia, the part I've been most looking forward to. I have to agree that Frank's love is stretching things a bit, they haven't even had any alone time. Gabrielle comes across as shallow, selfish and disconnected, and that was before going to France, falling so quickly under Napoleon's spell and getting married. But I did wonder how the author was going to get her to Russia, so at least her being there is all plausible.

I also think Frank is refreshing as the not perfect, not good looking, non he-man.

Dawn (& Ron) Is it me, or were things too conveniently found when they came across the abandoned stone home? A couch, food, tub, soap and fires ready for the lighting. And what in the world does Gaby have up her sleeve? And why oh why does he love her so much?

Misfit I think you'll see more of the relationship later, but I agree. He's just too besotted.

Things did come rather easily, from what I've read the retreat from Russia was pretty dire, and supplies were not to be found.

Dawn (& Ron) He gets a letter from Gaby where she mentions how he must be concerned about the rumors of her with other men but then doesn't clear the matter up. And he is still so besotted no matter what he hears, I really don't get. He's on his way back to France so maybe I will see more of what you are talking about and something that will make this relationship more believable. Other than that I'm really enjoying the book.

I had a set back this weekend, had hoped to finish but the family stuff got in the way.

Misfit I finished it off last night. I'll wait for you before saying anything else.

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