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Book III England, again

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Laura Post your comments here, without spoilers, please.

Misfit I'm just getting ready to start this section Laura. Didn't make as much progress today as I'd hoped. Yeah I got the day off, but with two reviews to write plus a new toy from Amazon Vine to play with I've been side-tracked.

I'll just mosey on behind you, with Dawn catching up the read when she gets here :)

I was a little surprised at where Laura ended up at in Lisbon.

Laura Wait until the plot moves to Russia...

Misfit That's what is keeping me going. I forget where I left off before bed last night, but I was still in England. I'm beginning to loathe that brother of his.

Speaking of which, since Carr is the younger brother, how does he get to be called "Sir"? Did I miss something in their arrangement?

Laura Nope, perhaps it was a kind of mockery among them, al least at that time.

Misfit He was called "Sir" by the servants talking amongst themselves. Odd.

Laura Arre you in "Russia"already?

Misfit Laura wrote: "Arre you in "Russia"already?"

Not yet.

Dawn (& Ron) Okay, I was dumb, I totally forgot the discussion was split up into the individual book threads. So, I've put some posts there that don't belong.

Carr was knighted, either late in book 1 or early book 2, for that tour he took to check on the readiness of the English forces and fortifications. And he keeps racking up those bad points, just thinks of himself. Hmmm, I wonder who he gets that from?

Gabrielle's leaving for France and that parting at the shoreline, so sad. And seriously how could she pick the other one!

Misfit I know. Just you wait though. I had about 50 or so pages left, but I put it down to start the Lucinda Brant book I picked up as a freebie. It's a short book, so won't take me long.

message 11: by Dawn (& Ron) (new) - added it

Dawn (& Ron) You can just tell it is building into more, at times I just wanted to slap her and tell her to open her eyes. But that means the author is doing things right.

I have to mention poor Benjie and his fears of his leg being pickled, never mind the awful hospital conditions he endured. It's still around 80 years or so until Florence Nightingale starts to effectively change things, but 3 in a bed! And you know they were probably small beds.

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