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Is he underrated

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Gerald When I ws much younger I couldn't get enough of Sven Hassel. Now, I'm a few years older, I understand it's not great writing, and the stories aren't always the right side of truthfullness I think; but Legion of the Damned is a fine book, a good anti-war novel truthful or not. We ought to give Mr. Hassel a bit more credit and acknowledgment. What do folk think?

Raegan Butcher I think too many people get hung up on worrying about whether an author is telling the "truth", especially when it comes to books like these. If all of the stuff in his books didn't happen to him personally and he had to pick up stories 2nd hand from other survivors of the war, so what? That is exactly what writers do. I've only read Legion of the Damned but I think what it does very well is portray a sense of the spiritual corruption, the moral decay of men in war. I think it is a fine book,an anti-war classic.

Harvey Black I used to enjoy his books as a teenager/young man, but find them harder to read now. I will persevere and read a couple more before I give in completely. I find that with the change in perspective on life, books you read many years ago lose a little of their magic.

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