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message 1: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
Argg, I hate them. I'm a firm believer that someone needs to love only one person at a time (being attracted to two guys is a completely different thing).
Even though I say this, it's not like I haven't enjoyed a few books with love triangles, but for the most part they bother me. Especially when we're talking about books where there is emphasize about the whole "ultimate love" deal (i.e – Twilight).
Also, why is it always the girls who fall for two guys? Have you ever read a book in which the guy was the one in love with two girls?

Share your opinion!

message 2: by Ruzina (last edited Sep 20, 2012 10:42AM) (new)

Ruzina (usershow5549736-rose) | 73 comments I LOVE love triangles because it creates drama in a book which makes it interesting! But sometimes it is overdone. In that case i hate it!! But if the author does it nicely then i don't mind it ^^ I also hate it when the author puts the girl with the WRONG guy!!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't generally like love triangles very much.

message 4: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
@Rosy: Drama is good and all, but I rather it'll be created differently. One love interest is enough for me, thank you very much V-V

@Maeve: I have to have romance in a book, even slightly, but I hate Love triangles nonetheless xP

@Claire: Neither do I. Can't really think of a book I thought the love triangle helped or something...

message 5: by Ruzina (new)

Ruzina (usershow5549736-rose) | 73 comments @Nitzan: Hmm true. I see your point there. LOl. I'm sue you have loads when it comes to love triangles ;D

Hey mal told me your ill? Hope you feel better HOn! *BIG hugs*

message 6: by Tanjlisa (new)

Tanjlisa Marie (tanjlisamarie) | 21 comments Ahh, love triangles. Great topic. I think lust triangles would be a better label because then I can agree that yes, they really exist as an everyday occurrence. Even when you're with someone there's usually that coworker or classmate that you have a bond or attraction to...does it have to get out of hand, absolutely not. But human attraction is a beast and so I find lust triangles and juice and flavor to a book, as long as it doesn't seem forced down our throats!

message 7: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
@Rosy - yeah, a bit sick. I'll be fine, once the coughing stops. I hate coughing!

@Tanjlisa - hey you! How's it going?
I agree there is such thing as lust triangle, and being attracted to two people at the same time is possible. Heck, you can be attracted to several people at the same time.
My problem is when the book doesn't describe it as lust, but rather as love - a character whose in love with two people, and that drives me crazy.
I also really like the whole 'one and only' kind of thing, which makes two or more love interests annoying. But, I understand attraction to two people - just not love!

message 8: by Ruzina (new)

Ruzina (usershow5549736-rose) | 73 comments @Nitzan : Aw NItzan. :'( Get well soon <3 <3

message 9: by Tanjlisa (new)

Tanjlisa Marie (tanjlisamarie) | 21 comments Get well soon!!

I agree with you. When the books describe it as love, then live triangles become moral dilemmas. I didn't like when Bella kissed Jacob and thought Edward's reaction was WaaYY too calm. lol.

message 10: by Ruzina (last edited Oct 24, 2012 06:51AM) (new)

Ruzina (usershow5549736-rose) | 73 comments Tanjlisa wrote: "Get well soon!!

I agree with you. When the books describe it as love, then live triangles become moral dilemmas. I didn't like when Bella kissed Jacob and thought Edward's reaction was WaaYY too c..."

Lol. true that is :D Then again if Bella went behind his back and slept with someone else and was a totaly SLUT, Edward would still remain calm... ^.^

message 11: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
I didn't like the whole love triangle in Twilight more than usually because that's a book talking about the ultimate love--and half of that ultimate love falls in love with someone else?! WTF? I hated that they kissed, I hated that she "figured out" she loved Jake too, and I thought Edward is way too forgiving.

message 12: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty Bicknell (kirsty_vizard) | 2 comments I have just opened a discussion about love triangles on my Blog and Nitzan and I agree that love triangles are just overdone! Why can't authors realise that we are all intelligent and though we love romance we don't want the same formula in every book we read? Make it more interesting . . . Jennifer L Armentrout manages it! I am reading the Iron Fey series at the moment and I read some reviews of The Iron Daughter this morning which I'm just starting and guess what? A love triangle! UGH!!!!!!!! Whoops I'm ranting again!!!!

message 13: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
Oh yeah! One of the reasons I have not yet read the second book in the Iron Fey is the dreadful Love-triangle! I fear getting there :(

message 14: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty Bicknell (kirsty_vizard) | 2 comments I'd hate to give up on a series . . .but I can see 'The Iron Daughter' being thrown across the room!! LOL!!!

message 15: by Envy (new)

Envy Fisher There are two things I try to avoid at the moment when I choose which book to read next: vampires and love triangles. I used to like vampires as well as love triangles, but both are overdone, too many books with practically the same plot have been written.

I'm actually getting annoyed by typing this, but laughing at the same time. I can't see how a girl likes two guys at the same time. I'll never understand that. It seems silly to me.

Why I REALLY hate love triangles? I've been placed in one by my friends recently. They saw me talking to two guys, one of them I actually like, and now they all think they're witnessing a real life love triangle -.-"

message 16: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
You're kidding - just cause you talked to two guys, they think you're in a love triangle? Someone had been either watching too many movies or reading too many books.

Come to think of it - how many love triangles exist in real life? I've never seen one (thankfully). It's funny to think of the percentage of love triangles in real life versus book life.

message 17: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Sometimes love triangles are great, but when an author simply relies on the love triangle to make their story good, and it's dragged out it can get pretty annoying

message 18: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 6 comments I totally agree with Morgan.

message 19: by Petronėlė (new)

Petronėlė (limitlessliterature) I feel like love triangles work better when at least two out of the three characters involved have a well-developed background/previous relationship that is altered somehow by the plot. Even love trinagles where there's someone or a pair in denial of their affections and compatability to each other.

message 20: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 43 comments I go back and forth on the love triangle. Depends on the book, but I do agree with Morgan. I've read some series where there is a love triangle but it's only in one book of the series. I liked that better than it being in every single book of the series. I agree that they appear way to much in books.

I don't recall reading a book about a guy in love with two girls. Have read manga's that have this problem, but can't recall a single book.

message 21: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (nitzanafterwords) | 671 comments Mod
Now that I think about it, you're right. Can't recall the opposite problem, though I think that might due to two things; a) in Young Adult at least, the majority is female POV. The girl is the main character, so she'll be the one falling in love with two people.
b) even when you read about male POV, it's usually from female writers, so they treat the boy as they'd like him to be - faithful and irreversibly in love with the main female character.

And possibly more reasons I can't really think of at the moment ;)

Actually, in the last two months, I've read two books I found that I liked the love-triangle. the first one was Destiny Binds. It has a really minor love triangle, but what made me love it was the way the main character handled it.
Another one was Splintered, in which both guys were awesome, so I liked the love triangle xD

message 22: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 43 comments How the main character handles it is major for me. If theres like a war and shes gotta stop it I want the book more about that. Not about which one she wants more.

message 23: by Christen (new)

Christen | 11 comments When the triangle is nicely done and not have overdone, then I am cool with it. I agree with the others that the triangle add drama to a book as long as the book does not revolves around the thing only.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) I don't mind a love triangle in my reading material. It depends on how it is handled, and the characters. Sometimes it adds depth to the story, and interest. An example of one I liked was Tessa, Will, and Jem from "The Infernal Devices." Other times, I could do without one. Example? Jacob, Bella, and Edward in "Twilight." That love triangle was annoying and unnecessary.

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