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The Changeover
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Witch book, thought it was called Witch, mother's name is Kate, daughter goes through rituals to become a witch, male love interest for daughter (main character) girl with dark hair on the cover [s]

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Katie | 2 comments Most of it is in the topic name but the book is about a girl who goes through to rituals to become a witch. It was one of my first "adult" novels that my Dad found for me and I never finished it, thought the title was "Witch" but haven't been able to find it again for years. The mom's name is Kate and there is a male love interest, a girl with dark hair on the cover. Please if anyone can steer me in the right direction I'd appreciate it!

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Mir | 712 comments That sounds like The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance by Margaret Mahy, although that is YA rather than adult. The main character is high-schooler Laura Chant, her love interest is a fellow student and witch named Sorry, her mother is kate and she has a much younger brother named Jacko who is sick and she has to learn magic to save him. The "changeover" is the ritual she goes through to becomes a witch... she passes through a sort of mytho-poetic landscape.

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments ah beat me too it lol. I also think its that one.

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Katie | 2 comments Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously, how did you do that? That is TOTALLY THE BOOK I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!! For like, 15 YEARS!! Even the cover (one of the "alternative" ones that Goodreads shows) is the right one. K, that was super cool. I'm going to make sure that goes on my list right now so I don't forget it. My mind is totally blown right now. Thanks so much!

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Mir | 712 comments You're welcome! This was a favorite of mine in my early teens so I remember it quite well.

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