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The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
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"Distances" is a vision of Thomas's that is framed at the culmination of "The Trials of Thomas Builds-the-Fire," which is in itself in blend of the fantastic and the real. As we move ever more deeply into the place of vision, do we feel that we are moving away from the truth? Or closer to it? How does Alexie depict the Tribal Council? what is being explored?

William  | 10 comments I think Thomas is staying on a neutral line. He's not telling the complete truth but he is telling truth. (http://www.examiner.com/article/the-s...) you can use the link to see. Alexie makes it sound like the tribal council is evil. He makes the council seem evil because when it says in the book Thomas killed those two soldiers the council makes it sEem like it was a racist killing. ( it isn't right for an Indian man to kill a white, but when a white man kills an Indian man it's alright)

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Mikey Trujillo | 9 comments He more in between, he is telling the truth but not the complete truth he is also lieing to. Alexie makes it seem the council is so bad because they ask " Mr builds-the-fire, how many soldier did you kill today?" they are trying to make him confess to what he has done.

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Tala | 10 comments I agree with william that the book is staying on the nutrial side because after the "the trial of thomas builds a fire", we are just backing up some of the facts from that chapter.

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Antonio Lopez | 12 comments I feel and agree with william that Thomas builds-the-fire is not getting any closer to truth nor moving away from it. Thomas is explaining to the attorney prosecutor where he was on the date of May 16, 1858. Thomas tells him that he was against a small set of soldiers lead by colonel steptoe. "My name was Wild coyote and i was just sixteen years old and i was frightened because this was to be my first battle. But we were confident because Steptoe's soldiers were small and weak." pg.100 (The lone ranger and tonto fist fight in heaven) The battle of May 16, 1858 did happen. Thomas said there was 800 worriors including him. In reality there were 1000 worriors and in Steptoe's ranks 150 soldiers. Thomas is starting truth but not all of it.

Julio Rodriguez | 9 comments I dont agree with what William on how Thmoas builds the fire is staying in the nuetral zone because to some extent Thomas Builds the Fire is telling the truth, but is he giving us the complete truth. But in reality Thomas builds the fire is telling this story on his trip to the state penitentiary, this is just a vision he has of when all the natives wiped out the whites, and now the reservation that the natives live on lacks whites. I feel that Alexie makes the Tribal Councli sound like they are the bad ones and all they want is the truth and justice too be surved. I feel that they are using Thmoas Bulids-the- fire to see some what part of the truth of what really happened, and that is all they want and need from Thomas.

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Nadia Sandoval (Nadiiia) | 11 comments i feel that thomas builds the fire is getting closer to what he feels is the truth because in his mind he doesnt feel he has lied or has done anything wrong in the first place. so that being the case why would he lie if he already feels from the begainning that he hasnt commited any wrong doing. i feel that when people lie it is to hide the truth or to hide some kind of wrong doing but in his mind he has not commited any sort of bad crime to hide so why lie? if he is not lying than he is getting closer to the truth.

Augusto Rodriguez | 14 comments he was telling this story on the way to walla walla penitentiary the chicano wanted him to tell the story because he felt like they had a connection because of the same skin color

Augusto Rodriguez | 14 comments after him sayin that he tells the story but i feel that we are getting closer to the truth because he is sharing what was going on in his point of view.

Yazmin S | 10 comments I Think in this story I feel that we are closer to the truth i know that there's more to come when the truth its getting closer and closer than we think what will happen next to the story and Thomas builds the fire have already told the story on what he done on the past he didn't do anything wrong but i guess on his story he's telling there might be the truth in it.

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Erice | 9 comments The truth is getting really close because he giving his point of view or his side of the story, by doing this he is giving information and good details. The truth is Shirley will appear as part of the story. The Tribal Counsel is depicted as a group of undecided old men who talk about changing things but change never happens they just talk about it. The story is exploring the reintroduction of their culture (faith, religion, point of view, manhood) and how it will affect everyone including future generations.

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Augusto Rodriguez | 14 comments he was telling this story trying to make his point on how the council was the one doing wrong not him.

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Carlos Garcia | 11 comments The truth is getting real close they ask Thomas "mr builds the fire how many soldiers did you kill today" they are just trying to get him to take the blame but Thomas is being honest at least in his eyes but the courts want the truth t by saying that statement "how many soldiers did you kill"like kind of forces him not to lie but makes it seem one sided

Lauren Schwartz | 9 comments I think in Thomas builds a fire Alexie depicts the truth and is getting closer to the secrets that are hidden in the council. The council treats the victim or the person who's against the trial however they want. No matter what the council says they are guilty and they won't even tell the person what they did wrong. I think Alexie is showing us how harsh the Native council can be.

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