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gears of war

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message 1: by Garrett (new)

Garrett i am 12 but i heard this book is awesome i probably read more then all of you

message 2: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam If you read a bit more you might be able to understand the usage of then vs than. Perhaps in a few more years you might use capital letters and proper punctuation. There's always hope.

Noah Gingerich i luved this book and the games they r awesome

message 4: by Amiller98 (new)

Amiller98 Hey I've beat the gears of war games but are the books good

Paul Harmon I Just finished it. Originally I had lemmed it and then came back to it and Im glad I did. The beginning was a little hard for me to get into but the second half of the book was great.

Da fallen angel  I have to be honest; the Gears of War saga is a staple in my life just like how some consider the latest fashion and money to be a staple in theirs. Now since the completion of the games (not to mention that there is a new one coming out in the future) and almost completed the novels, i have to say that the books and games go together. where the games go is usually in coagulation with where the story either takes place, at the beginning of it or the end of it. i give kudos to the creators of EPIC GAMES since they took Mrs. Traviss's novels and gave them a life of fame. and i thank her for making such an astounding series.

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