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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA puzzle/detective book, many stories to a book [s]

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Danielle (queentess) | 9 comments This was a series, but I don't know how many books were in the series. I read them around 1994, but I'm unsure if they were newly published then. Geared towards YA.

There were several 'stories' to a book, and they were all puzzles you had to figure out. A story was told to you as if you were some sort of law officer, but I don't remember if you (the reader) were actually a detective or police officer, or maybe even a judge or jury deciding a court case.

One story in particular I remember: Person tells you they were standing outside a tent at night and saw something bad (probably a murder?) happen inside, so they know who the killer is. They tell you there was a lantern hanging at the top of the tent, so they saw the shadows on the tent walls. The "answer" to the puzzle is that (view spoiler)

Another story involved someone hiding in a stream/lake and using a straw (maybe a hollow reed?) to breathe underwater. I believe this person died, and you had to figure out what killed them. The answer is that (view spoiler)

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inaword (ReaderOfThings) | 83 comments Sounds like You Be The Jury, there are four books to this series.

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Danielle (queentess) | 9 comments Ren wrote: "Sounds like You Be The Jury, there are four books to this series."

Yes! I think this is it! I'm going to track down one of the books to confirm, but I'm declaring this solved. Thank you!!

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