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Minnie | 30 comments I had the pleasure of listening to this book so I actually enjoyed it. I agree about the characters being miserable excuses for people and I always struggle more with a book that has no character with whom I can identify. Despite this, I still enjoyed the twists and turns and I found the conclusion satisfying.

Minnie | 30 comments I haven't read anything else that she has written. As far as I know she has written two other books but Gone Girl was her biggest success to date. Her previous books are "Dark Places" and "Sharp Objects" and both are psychological thrillers, I think. I might read them but if Gone Girl is anything to go by, they will also probably be unsettling reads!

Maggie | 32 comments I thought Gone Girl was excellent. I've also read Sharp Objects - very dark book but excellent too. Have Dark Places to read now.

Amber Hatfield (strwbrywn20) | 1 comments I am so irritated with this book! I have read the sample three times thinking I just had to of missed something since it has such good reviews. But nope, just can't get into it. Why waste the money? Still my book OCD has me saying just try it...I had to delete the sample off of my Nook so I wasn't tempted to buy it and then later regret the purchase!

Amanda | 3 comments I despised this book. For all of the above reasons, and the weird twist and terrible ending that went about 30 pages too long. Not sure why this book has received such accolades and think the editor should be fired for not fixing the mess. Total waste of my coveted reading time. I kept reading thinking, she's going to tie this together and make it work. But, no.

Erin WV | 6 comments I liked Gone Girl well enough, but I certainly didn't consider it to be the revelation that other people thought it was. Especially the twist, which I've seen in at least two TV procedurals.

Rachel Feldman (rachelwf) | 12 comments I've read all 3 of Flynn's novels. The characters, all female protagonists-- are not pretty. She writes girls who have dark ugly traumatic pasts who are not especially loving & sweet. None you'd sympathize with. They all take place in Missouri and described as a place you'd never want to visit or live in. She's not for everyone, especially if you like pretty happy ending or people with good hearts. But her writing, dialogue and descriptions are terrific. Her characters are awful, the books are not. My opinion.

Lauren (mishmeow85) | 5 comments I enjoyed the twists, and particularly liked how the narrators couldn't be trusted. You're right about character likability, and I think her sociopathy was a bit contrived, though a bit of me couldn't help but revel in her revenge. She actually did the terrible things that only flit across our jealous minds, and because Nick was so average and unlikable, I was almost...rooting for her. I couldn't put it down, I really wanted to see what she'd do next.

I've read Sharp Objects, which is what made me want to read Gone Girl. I like books about mental pathology, which is definitely a commonality between the two. In the end, her writing style and subject matter is what is most alluring, though dark and kind of depressing at the end.

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