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Lenna Difabio (MrsDiFabio) | 2 comments Mod
The protagonist and/or the antagonist of a story is the actor with presence who can carry a blockbuster film. Without that one person, the plot remains raveled, unstrung. Authors obviously build characterization through physical descriptions while they subtly build characterization through important observations other characters make about them. Dynamic characters begin to breathe on paper, and they often reflect upon their own behavior and /or style.
YOUR TASK: In a paragraph or two, describe a character. Be sure to discuss the following points: (1) physical description, (2) important observations other characters make about them, (3) something important your character has observed about him/herself, and (4) an interesting or relevant behavior of your character. Identify these character traits while relying on properly cited specific, supporting details from your chosen text.

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Lenna Difabio (MrsDiFabio) | 2 comments Mod
Junior, the protagonist in Sherman Alexie’s novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, is Native American boy who grows up on the Spokane Indian reservation and boldly decides to transfer from the reservation school to the all-white school, Reardan. Junior, whose white name is Arnold, is an awkward looking fourteen-year-old boy with big hands and feet and a pencil body who often gets beaten up due his stutter and lisp (Alexie 3-4). As a result of his gawkiness, the other kids on the “rez” often call him a retard, so he often takes shelter in his cartooning which he shares with his best friend “Rowdy.” Rowdy loves Junior’s cartooning, despite the fact that Rowdy loathes it when Junior draws him, and he never allows Junior to finish the cartoon (23). Nevertheless, Junior cherishes his best friend, regardless; he shows his inner strength and determination to live a better life in the future.
Courageously, Junior leaves the stifling “rez” high school and transfers to Reardon, which instantly turns Rowdy against him. The two boys, no longer friends, face off at the high school basketball game. Junior, passionate and sensitive, was a nervous wreck, and admitted, “I was still mad and crying when the game started” (145). Unfortunately, Junior was hurt twice; the second time Rowdy knocked Junior unconscious with his elbow. Later, in the hospital, Junior’s coach tells him, “The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor” (148). Coach admits he never met anybody with more heart than Junior.

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Joe Kraft | 1 comments In the novel Shoeless Joe, the protagonist Ray Kinsella lives on a corn farm in Iowa. The family loves baseball. Ray’s favorite baseball player being: Shoeless Joe Jackson. Ray is a die-hard baseball fan and lives to watch and play baseball. With wife: Annie Kinsella and daughter Karin Kinsella, Ray’s twin brother, Richard, Gypsy who is Richard’s girlfriend, Mark who is Annie’s brother and Ray’s brother-in-law. Abner Bluestein is Mark’s business partner and helps with the field. As Ray blindly gets led to build a baseball field in the middle of his corn field, he gets the chance for the legends (who are now ghosts) to play again and know the love they once had for baseball. Ray is given lose instructions to build this field. Once he is done with the field all the legends come and play. As on the cover of the novel it says “If you build it he will come.” ('He' being the Shoeless Joe).
“Ray Kinsella, is a baseball fanatic and dreamer who owns a farm in Iowa"("Introduction)”. “Ray is not as tall as some but he’s not to short either” (Shoeless Joe characters).


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James | 1 comments James Trend
Mrs. DiFabio
English 10

The protagonist in Catch me if you can by Jeff Nathanson, Frank Abagnale Jr. grows up his whole life with a loving family and an almost perfect life, until his father makes a silly mistake witch causes franks family to lose everything they own. This force them to move into an apartment which makes everyone go a little crazy. Frank Abagnale Jr. only being the age of 17 doesn’t take it well when he finds his mother cheating on his father. His parents eventually got divorced which led to the runaway of Frank Abagnale Jr. while Frank was alone on his own he decided that forging checks, and pretending he was someone that he wasn’t, was a good idea. This led to a man named Carl Handratty of the fbi chasing him. Carl chased him for over three years trying to stop him and convince him the he’s being something he’s not. “A man's alter ego is nothing more than his favorite image of himself.” (Nathanson 86). Frank Abagnale Jr.’s life becomes a long adventure that gives him a run for his money.

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Isaac | 1 comments The book “Catch Me If You Can” by Frank Abagnale Jr is a nonfiction work about a con artist by the name of Frank Abagnale Jr. Frank was a troubled child, who had to deal with a dis functional family. When he was a teenager, his parents split up, and he went to live with his father, while his brother and sister lived with his mother. He dealt with his problems by resorting to crime such as fraud. When he grew up, he had mastered the art of check fraud, and was a wanted criminal in most of the countries in Europe, and also was on the most wanted list in America. “I've been described by authorities and news reporters as one of this century's cleverest bum-check passers, flimflam artists and crooks, a con man of academy award caliber” (Frank Abagnale Jr). This quote demonstrates what he thinks of himself.

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Bri Cooper (briicooper) | 1 comments Brianna Cooper
September 24,2012
Period 4

In the book, Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, the protagonist Richie Perry tells about his life as a teenager growing up and graduating from the rough city of Harlem. Richie is a very smart, and talented young man but, he struggles to go very far in life. Richie’s mother is an alcoholic which creates an obstacle for him to attend college. Richie being the very ambitious young man that he is decides that his best option was to go to war and fight for his country. Richie felt as though going to war was his only escape route. He is sent to Vietnam, leaving his little brother Kenny to fend for himself. When Richie is sent to Vietnam he is very naïve and confused and in need of his little brother. Kenny and Richie have a father/son relationship more than a brotherly relationship, and this causes Kenny to go fight in Vietnam to support his older brother. Even though becoming a writer and going to college was one of Richie’s biggest dreams he seems to make it work with what he’s got and comes to realize that no matter what problems his family has, he needs them. He also learns to appreciate his mom and how important his relationship should be. Fallen Angels

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Brett | 1 comments ---->Richie Perry is the protagonist in Fallen Angels, a war novel by Walter Dean Myers. Richie is a 17 years old African American boy who joins the army after graduating high school. “ I finished high school, but I hadn’t gone to the graduation exercises. It just hadn’t made sense anymore” (Myers 13). Family is very important to Richie. His single mother raised both Richie and his brother Kenny. Kenny is the most important thing to Kenny. During the war he sends back money for Kenny. Joining the army was a chance for Richie to get away. He was going to go to college to write but than didn’t have enough money.
--->Richie didn’t want to die in battle he didn’t want to have his mom and brother go threw that. Richie got injured during training camp and wasn’t expected to go to the army but the medical file got messed up and was shipped to Vietnam. “We spent another day lying around. It seemed to be what the war was about. Hours of boredom, seconds of terror” (117). During the progression of the war Richie more and more horrible incidents including killing people and seeing his own men who are his friends killed. The woman, the babies, the old men everyone was the enemy in Vietnam (229). War changes people as it did to Richie. Richie medical files are finally sent in correctly and is shipped home a changed man. “I knew Mama loved me, but I also knew when I got back, she would expect me to be the same person, but it could never happen. She hadn’t been to Nam. She hadn’t given her poncho to anybody to wrap a body in, or stepped over a dying kid” (267).

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Tianna Lampkin | 1 comments The book Catch Me If You Can is autobiography of the ultimate con man, Frank Abnagale by Frank Abnagale himself. In his autobiography, Abnagale explains to readers how he became one of the most daring con men of all time. From the age of sixteen, Abnagale was a runaway who had always dreamed of traveling the world and being able to provide for himself (Abnagale 21). After leaving home because of his father’s financial problems, he set out to the world to find a job. This six foot tall, brown haired and brown eyed young man managed to convince people that he was a gentleman (69). With an updated birth certificate and a new identity, Abnagale found a job posing as a pilot for Pan Am. He noticed how much attention and respect he was receiving when he wore his uniform. With his new job, Abnagale turned in forged checks receiving money and stares from the ladies. Others began to notice how he was well respected and acted as if he had two personalities (120-123).

Abnagale also noticed something about himself. He noticed how much his life had changed since he left home. “I never immersed myself so deeply in an assumed identity that I forgot I was really Frank Abnagale, Jr” (121). With the new identity as Frank Williams, Abnagale began to notice how much he forgot who he really was. Even though he forgot, he still managed to pull his act off. When the FBI questioned him about his identity he was caught off guard. He was clearly nervous, but he handled his situations smoothly (122-124). Frank Abnagale was truly one the most talented and unique con men of all time.

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Anton Sterlini | 1 comments The book Shoeless Joe is a great book for people that love baseball. The protagonist is Ray Kinsella. Who loves the game. He would do anything for the game. Ray loved the game so much that he built his own baseball field. He has a wife and a daughter. His wife’s name I Anne Kinsella and his daughters name is Karin Kinsella. Ray's favorite baseball player is Shoeless Joe. Ray lives on a farm in Iowa. Ray is out going and has so much love for baseball. They also made a movie out of the book. The movie is called Field of Dreams. Ray Kinsella is obsessed with the beauty and history of American baseball. Shoeless Joe is the Black Sox Scandal of the 1919 World Series. He had got his name by not wearing any shoes in a baseball game. He is a left outfielder. He could not read or right, but is considered one of the best left outfielders. He was also charged throwing the 1919 World Series away. The most famous quote in the book is “If you build it, he would come.”(Kinsella 6). He was born in Brandon Mills, South Carolina, on July 16th, 1887 and died in Greenville, South Carolina, on December 5th 1951.

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Cameron Martens | 1 comments In the war novel Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers,The protagonist Richard Perry is a 17 years African American who joins the army during the Vietnam War after he graduates from high school in Harlem.Richie's mother is an alcoholic, he wants to go to college but he can't because of his mother. He joins the army because he doesn't know what to do with his life he also joined to escape from Harlem. When Richie arrives in Vietnam he feels naive but hes really confused the more he stayed in Vietnam the more he seemed to question himself and if joining the army was his only option. Richie learns that what he excepted in his mind to be war was nothing that he thought. He hopes when he returns to be the same person he was when he left but he knows on the inside that his experience in Vietnam changed the way he thought of things and knows he isn't the same person he was when he left.

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Ashley | 1 comments William Halloway, the protagonist of Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes a boy that has lived in Greentown, Illinois and decides to put his life on the line to save his best friend. Will is a 13 year old boy with "hair as blond-white as milk thistle" (Bradbury 6), sensitive and prone to action. As a result of his prone to action Jim (Wills' best friend) doesnt really want Will to help him with the mysterious carnival that has come to town because he might get hurt and he cares about Will to much. Jim is Will shelter when he needs someone he goes to him but further in the book he can find salvation with his dad (Charles Halloway). Will cherish his best friend Jim nevertheless he shows that he put others before him and he isn't that egaer to grow up so fast and he loves his life the way it is unlike Jim (Sparknotes).
Daringly, Will jeopardies his own life so that Jim doesn't go anywhere near the merry go round. Till the end of the novel Will stays with Jim even when they are hurled off the merry go round. "So Will turned back astride Jim and pushed the chest and let go, pushed and let go, then, trembling, touched his dear friend's cheek. 'Jim...?' But Jim was cold as spaded earth" (280). It shows that Will will never leave his best friend side and he had confidence in himself that he could bring Jim back. Will and his father try everything to bring back Jim and they do, Jim wakes up and having no recollection of remembering anything. Neither Will or Charles say thing to Jim about what has happen. Charles Halloway now sees that Jim and Will are brothers for life and no one can break up their relationship not even the carnival that has come to town. 'We'll be pals forever' (287).

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Aaron | 1 comments Ray Kinsella is the protagonist of the fiction novel, Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella. Ray is a middle aged man living on a corn farm with his wife Annie and their daughter Karin. He eventually started hearing voices when he was working in the field. “If you build it, he will come” (Kinsella 3). Since Ray was a huge baseball fan, he actually built a baseball field. Everybody in the town would stare at him dumb eyed and call him him crazy. One day Annie said, “There's someone on your lawn” (11). Annie didn't know who it was, but than Ray said it was Shoeless Joe Jackson. Over time, more players would come play on the field, but Ray, Annie, and Karin were the only ones who could see them. Ray finally got to see his hero, Joe Jackson, play baseball again.

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Cindy | 1 comments -------The exquisite suspense novel weaved by Mary Higgins Clark, The Cradle Will Fall, contains a series of riveting characters with great importance but the one that stands out to hold the big screen could truly be the antagonist, Dr. Edgar Highley. This man is a gynecologist/obstetrician and described with the highest praises by many of the people who work in the maternity ward at the Westlake Hospital. Although his techniques are costly, he is said to be “a miracle-worker” (Clark 40), which was how his former receptionist, an old woman named Edna Burns called him. However, those that know his hidden nature, it isn’t appraisal they use to describe him but instead is filled with fear. Kathleen DeMaio’s the protagonist, visual of Dr. Highley is just that; “through the haze she could see his full-checked face, his eyes protruding as he stared down at her, his skin glistening with perspiration, his sandy hair falling untidily on his forehead” (280).
--------For the most part, a character is nothing without their own personal habits and traits, it is what makes readers want to turn the page and only learn more of what they will do. Dr. Highley is no different, behaviors and ideas conduct his every action in the book especially because of his profession. His organizational nature stems into his work, even the work not known to Westlake Hospital, thus his reasoning to document all of his events. For example as an idea of how he would write out a portion of documentation, “…at 9:00 p.m. this physician, accompanied by Nurse Renge, found the patient hemorrhaging. Blood pressure was falling rapidly. With whole blood hanging, emergency surgery was performed at 9:45 p.m.” (Clark 157). In addition, he continually notices a specific behavioral trait that he uses to his own advantage when dealing under pressure and that is “the icy, deliberate calm, the sense of power, the godlike omniscience that never failed him during surgery” (295),
---------All in all, Clark’s character contained an essence that stood out. He continually intrigued with his intellect and rationality with how he handled events one after the other. His observations and the thoughts of what other characters had of him helped to enforce the air of shock or suspense. Truly, Dr. Edgar Highley is a perfect model of a character with a presence.

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Aoife | 1 comments Aoife Casey
English Period 4
September 21, 2012
Chappie Dorset, the fourteen year old protagonist in Russell Banks’ novel Rule of the Bone, grows up surrounded by obstacles in Plattsburgh, New York. Chappie is one of the bad boys of his age group because of the way he presents himself and the decisions he makes. “I knew what my mom’d say if I came with a home with a tattoo. I was already driving her and Ken [stepfather] crazy with my lousy grades in school and having to go to summer school now and getting a Mohawk and nose rings” (Banks 7). Because of his appearance and his decision to steal his parent’s collectibles for pot money, his parents oppose him throughout the book. “Chappie this is the worst thing you’ve ever done! my mom said and she started sobbing harder…He [Ken] was sick of feeling and housing and clothing a freeloader and a thief and a drug addict and as far as he was concerned if it was up to him he’d boot me out of the house this very minute except my mother wouldn’t let him” (11-12). Because of Chappie’s decisions to destruct his relationship with his parents, he moves in with his friend Russell who lives with a group of older bikers named the Adirondack Iron. These bikers are strictly only nice to Chappie because he supplies them with weed (44). This exposes the relationships of Chappie and his family and friends inexistency. Growing up without these relationships makes Chappie inexperienced when it comes to having a connection with another person. However, as the book carries on, Chappie realizes his love for Sister Rose a little girl who Chappie steals from a pedophile, Buster Brown who claims to be her guardian and acting manager. Her real mom lives in Milwaukee, which is why Chappie decides to put her on a bus home so she could be with her real guardian. “That’s the moment I chose to back off and then slip away and head quickly out to the street before I started to cry or worry too much about what was going to befall Sister Rose when she got to Milwaukee and had to reunite with her mom” (187). Never before does Chappie show affection for a person, creating a whole new unknown feeling which is no longer characterized as unknown. Whenever Chappie feels upset, lost, or bored, he turns to weed. This behavior causes Chappie to ruin relationships and any goals in his life. “I was pretty heavy into skunk then myself but I could’ve dumped it off easy if I’d had a good reason to, which I didn’t because like always high was better than low as those were my only two alternatives” (42-43). Although Chappie makes progress when it comes to caring for people, he will always turn to weed to solve his issues.

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Kacey Albino (kaceyalb) | 1 comments Kacey Albino
September 25, 2012
Period: 4

Dr. Edgar Highley, a main character in “The Cradle Will Fall” by Mary Higgins Clark is a well respected gynecologist who is a woman doctor and obstetrician who does surgery concerned with childbirth and the care of women giving birth. “He was a medium-tall man, about five feet eleven inches. His face, smooth-skinned with rounded cheeks” (Higgins 92). Dr. Highley was known as a famous doctor for “curing” infertile women. He was experimenting. “What he set out to do was take fetuses from woman who had abortions and implant those fetuses in the wombs of sterile women” (Higgins 311). Mostly all his experiments on woman would often be deadly. “He had one complete success” (Higgins 311).One thing Dr. Highley observed about himself was that he was so determined for these experiments that he was willing to do anything to keep his practices hidden.
A prosecutor named Katie DeMaio who is the protagonist of the book got into a car accident and was sent directly to the hospital. She had to spend the night at the hospital so she just sat by the window looking outside to the parking lot. She then saw a trunk opening slowly and was trying to see what was inside. “As the trunk closed she saw a face – the face of a woman grotesque in the uncaring abandon of death” (Higgins 5). A couple of days later, there was a suicide and Katie went to go check it out. She went to the house and saw the ladies face and realized it looked just the same as the lady in the trunk of the car. She didn’t know what to do so she didn’t tell anybody. The suicide and the lady in the truck was the same lady… Dr. Highley brought the lady back to her house and made her death look like a suicide. Soon a medical examiner named Richard Carroll saw a trail leading to Dr. Highley car and found it suspicious. He looked into all the files of the doctor and saw that mostly all his patients had died or never delivered babies. “He’s killed sixteen women in the last eight years” (Higgins 312). He wanted to go tell the prosecutor Katie but she had already left to do a surgery with Dr. Highley. He rushed to the hospital and told Katie the truth and everything the doctor had done. All this time throughout this novel Richard and Katie always found something rare about the doctor and all this time he was correct.

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Mike | 1 comments ---> Richie Perry the protagonist in Fallen angels a War-Fiction Novel by Walter Dean Myer illustrates the effects war has on people and there personalities. Richie is an African American male, a little smaller than most people but smart and well educated. After graduating from high school in Harlem, knowing he doesn’t have enough money for college, with no other options he decided to join the military. In the beginning Richie joins the army to help with money for his younger brother Kenny and because his dream of being a philosopher is nearly impossible. Soon he reflects on his act, he wasn’t sure if it was “selfless or selfish”. This happens after he realizes what Kenny would do if he died. (Myers 121-129). One day during a patrol they spot a woman and her two children and take them in, the women utilizes the child as a sacrifice and he blows up killing a young soldier, they then kill the women and second child. (Myers 221-232) This showed Richie the harsh reality of war, almost everyone was his enemy. Throughout the story as Richie gained experience he starts to wonder if he on the right side, are what they doing wrong (101-110). In the end Richie realizes there was a reason for him joining beside his brother, it was supporting his friends, loyalty and honor. He realizes this when he is dug down deep in a spider hole and a large Vietcong battalion is patrolling nearby. He bonds with peewee who becomes his best friend throughout the story (284-291). In the end Richie has grown deeply realize the realities of war, the importance of family and much more.

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Rudy Quinto | 1 comments -------Dr. Highley from Mary Higgins Clark's suspense novel The Cradle Will Fall was an excellent gynecologist and borderline genius. Little did the other characters know he could kill as easy as he could heal a patient. “He was a medium tall man, about five feet eleven inches. His face, smooth skin with rounded cheeks, terminated the in a plump oval chin. His body gave the impression of solid strength, carefully controlled...Thinning sandy hair, streaked with gray...Eyebrows and lashes, the same sandy shade, accentuated protruding steel-gray eyes” (Clark 92). Katie DeMaio, the protagonist in the story seemed to think that Dr. Highley was an unattractive man but has the imposing and authoritative appearance. It was the reason why he was a very effective doctor. His intelligence and skill of persuasion drew people in. When he murdered Vangie Lewis, the police investigated every aspect of the case. It wasn't until later that they even suspected Dr. Highley as the murderer. Dr. Richard Caroll was the medical examiner of the Vangie Lewis case, he mentioned that, “Highley was so composed, so sure” (302). Keeping his composure, being thorough, and having the natural ability to lie was his way out of these murders. Dr. Highley is an example of somebody who would do literally anything to achieve perfection that is set by his/her own standards.
-------In many cases, the protagonist usually are the most intriguing character of the book but not this story. Dr. Highley's twisted ways made him very interesting. His character never faltered throughout the story. He wasn't only aware of his surroundings but he was also aware of his own behaviors. “...The icy, deliberate calm, the sense of power, the godlike omniscience that never failed him during surgery” (295). He accumulated experience throughout his career that nothing was impossible for him anymore. Even though he only had one success and over eighty failures, he considered them learning experiences. He was able to make the medical advancement of placing a foreign object into a woman's womb. Meaning, he was able to have a woman carry a fetus of another woman to full term. He documented every single one the patients he used for his experiment. This was a behavior that seemed to be constant and he considered them, “...golden: the records of his genius at his fingertips” (293-294). As wicked as Dr. Highley may seem, his character really stood out from the rest.

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