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Daisy A sci-fi alien romance- a rebellious, fragile (in the sense that she is a living porcelain doll), princess of an elite race who's elders only took her in for her beauty wants to go on their nearly impossible to complete coming of age quest, that is designed to challenge them and if they come back alive they are worthy to live there. Her parents try to keep her from going and in a desperate attempt to save their daughter they hire a man to go fine her.

Gender: I already have the character for the princess in this one

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Daisy Name:Lily
Race: Doll
Age: 18
Powers: She can persuade people but not control them. She's captivating; she can draw a thousand people to her attention with a snap. On top of that she can conjour things and control what she conjures. They are subject to what is in th universe and has to already exist
Gender: F
Looks: Her skin is very pale and she doesn't tan or freckle. Her skin is hard but soft and flawless. Her joints have limited motion but she's very smart. Her face is thin and long with almond eyes with deep blue eyes with green flecks. her hands are a smooth .delicate and beautiful. She's very elven and delicate. Lilys hair changes depending on what she wants it to be.
Personality: shes desprate to explore the rest of the world. Lily is giddy, carefree, and reckless. Her heart isn't as hardened to life as it should be and that makes her all to innocent. She has a lot of personal development to go through before she really figures out who she is.
Background: she was born into the royal court of enhanced human beings. These beings retained similar thoughts of beauty though so even though they are more advanced they covet and praise her delicate features.
Family: her mother her father and the ing and queen.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Can we do another one where I am the girl too so it can be even?

message 5: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Sure. What plot do we want for that one?

message 6: by Twizzie (new)

Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) You choose? I'm kinda busy getting ready for school.

message 7: by Daisy (new)

Daisy I don't know. I don't have any ideas. I'll think on it.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Umm. I have a few. Paranormal or no?

message 9: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Sure. We could do paranormal.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) 1. A lone wolf finds out that her mate is an alpha and someone she hates.
2. A guy and girl switch bodies.
3. A vampire and vampire slayer are teamed up to kill the rogue vampires.
4. (Kinda my dream rp) a vampire slayer teams ip with the Cold archangel to kill the rogue set of vampires loose in the nation.

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Daisy The switching bodies one sounds interesting.

message 12: by Twizzie (new)

Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Okay. Can you make you guy charrie first please?

message 13: by Daisy (new)

Daisy What age??

message 14: by Twizzie (new)

Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ummm. high school. 18

message 15: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Alright, I will create a guy charrie

message 16: by Daisy (last edited Sep 20, 2012 05:05PM) (new)

Daisy Work In Progress:

Name: Ryan Cognac
Age: 18
Gender: M
Appearance: http://www.luv-emo.com/emo-hair-cuts/...
Personality: Ryan is very...inward. He doesn't talk much but once he makes up his mind he won't back down.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ......Hot.

message 18: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Alright...why don't you start working on yours while I try to get imspired to create some sort of history for him.

message 19: by Twizzie (new)

Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) kk

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Name: Holly Founds
Gender: Female


Personality:Very shy and quiet. She is picked on a lot and stays by herself most of the time
Species: A witch. A horrible one though.

Other:Single. Pet baby squirrel she had saved.




Personlity: Cokcy and sarcastic. He sometimes says things he doesnt mean by accident. Distant but talks when he wants to.

Other: Single.

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Daisy You want to post first for the second plot? And I can post first for our first one.

message 22: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Lily was wandering the gardens, which were built just for her. In reality the gardens were just a small area of wilderness that was guarded and deemed danger-free so that she could run around ‘freely’. Today Lily was out here with her books to get her proper amount of vitamin D while she did her studies. So, she wandered about until she found the large boulder that she usually sat to read on. She took her book and crawled up onto the rock. She had to place both hands on the rock and twist her entire lower and most of her upper body sideways to lift herself up right. Once she had seated herself she cracked open the book, she was ahead of schedule and was on a chapter that she was supposed to read with a tutor. The chapter was titled ‘Coming of Age’ which she thought was going to be about puberty, an odd thing to find in her history book. However, it wasn’t. In fact it was about coming of age ceremonies in history- and the next one about modern ceremonies for different species.
In the Noel’s view (a species of highly practical, ultimately intelligent and logical beings to whom Lily was much the opposite of) coming-of-age was a quest to prove your skills and knowledge, if you failed you obviously weren’t worthy and as her father liked to say this ceremony was ‘chlorine in the gene pool’. Lily read more into the chapter and found that the quest was started on the hour you were born, and that you were supposed to be preparing for it since you were young. She’d never been informed of the quest- she had no idea what it was until now. She started to wonder what it meant for her? Was she set to die? No, she would have known, they would have rationed her water and stopped making her dresses. Were they not going to have her do it? This was such an important thing and she was already so different. Her pale, smooth,hard skin like porcelain compared to their tough, thick, grey skin like a rhino. Her lack of movement, her delicacy, her smaller IQ, there was an even longer list of differences she knew of. She didn’t want to be different, she strived to fit in. There would be no going back on this coming-of-age ceremony. If she didn’t do it she would never fit in and she would never belong.
Lily had never felt so determined to do something in her entire life. She closed her book, leaving it out in the sun, something she never did. She marched back up the large tower (the Noel’s had decided that it was the most efficient way to give space to their colony), up to the very top where her parents (the king and queen) lived. “I need to start my coming-of-age quest tomorrow. What equipment will I need?” she asked her parents.
“Coming-of-age? What dear? Do you want a party?” her mother asked.
“No, I need to start the quest like everyone else! I asked what equipment will I need.”
“Lily, you have no need to go on that quest, it would be illogical, you might not come back.” Her father explained.
“You aren’t like everyone else-,” her mother tried to explain.
“But I’m a citizen of this colony aren’t I?”
“Well, of course, but-“
“Then I’m going on that quest tomorrow!” with that, Lily left the room and went back to her studies.(less)

message 23: by Twizzie (new)

Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) GreenDaisy the CIA Pirate wrote: "You want to post first for the second plot? And I can post first for our first one."


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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((And what should John do first? Can you explain this a little bit more to me?))

Holly sat in the back of the auditiorum with her knees up to her chest. She sat in the last row, away from all the other teens. They had been calling her names she knew were bad. Very bad. She was an outcast. A loner. Today, it wasn't so bad. She had gotten hit by a paper ball but it didnt hurt as it hit the back of her head. Nothing really did hurt anymore. She was numb. Being used to this, Holly didnt even cry anymore. She has been picked on all the time.

She took a look around the auditorium. It was huge. Mega huge. It had about 300 seats, not including the upper level. All the seats were numbered with a letter and number and were all brown, but most of them have writing on them like cusswords and stuff. A lot of them were worn out. It was an old school. Most of the kids sat in the left section while she sat in the first, waiting for the loud bell to ring. It never did when she urged. It was like it was messing with her. Teasing acctually.

Her parents had gone here when they were children. Her mom told her a few stories the first time Holly came home crying because a girl was being mean to her in gym class. It wasn't her fault that she couldnt run fast. She had weak lungs and thats why she always had an inhaler with her. Three months ago, she had started at this school and was immediatly picked on. Sometimes it was just because she read a lot. Sometimes it was because she wore glasses. Not everyone was perfect, but they seemed to think she was the ugliest person in the school.

"Hey, Book Girl," s guy called. She didn't mean to but she looked up as she was struck in the face by a paper ball followed by laughter. "That's what you get bitch." She didn't even ask why. Mostly they said it was because she only came to the school.

"I'm sorry," Holly mumbled, setting her forehead on her knees. She wished she could use her powers but knew she wasnt strong enough. She had to wait until a month later for her powers to kick in fully. Right now, she practiced as much as possible.

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Daisy ((Well, I guess just start with a post as to what he's doing right now. He's clearly not a part of the Noelian race or living in their colony. So just decide where he is, if he's living with another strange spieces or what not. Then I'll have the king and queen come to him. You could end your post with getting a knock on the door.))

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Daisy ((Do you have any idea where Ryan could enter in there? I was thinking that he might not stand up for her at first but then post body-switch he would.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((We could have he brushes against her and she had power leaking her hands and they switch bodies over night. And okay. ))

message 28: by Daisy (new)

Daisy ((Alright then. I guess I'll post.))

Ryan had been sitting in the back of the auditorium, smack in the middle with three of his relatively close friends and they were goofing off and not paying much attention to what was going on. He decided though that he needed to go to the bathroom, so he stood and began making his way through the line of people, getting way too close with each and every one of them. He passed Holly.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((I have to post tomorrow. Sorry. My phone is acting up. Plus, I have to go.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((I have to post tomorrow. Sorry. My phone is acting up. Plus, I have to go.))

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Daisy ((:())

message 32: by Twizzie (new)

Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) ((Sorry. Ill post in the morning as quick as I can.))

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Holly didn't even notice Ryan until their skin brushed. Their hands touching for only a milisecond with a small spark. Holly blinked, wondering what just happened. She felt....weird. she didn't feel normal. Looking at her hands, she saw her bracelot was slightly glowing and her eyes widened. "Crap," she whispered to herself then looked at Ryan with disbelief. Holly was glad she didn't turn him into a pencil or frog but she did wonder what she did do. Wwhatever it was; it wasn't good.

John sat in his cabin, staring up at the white ceiling. He pondered painting it because it was starting to look dirty and cobwebs were starting to form in the corners. He was bored for the time being. John could even hear his own heart with the silence.
John had sat down on a green couch that was extremely comfortable and about five years old. He switched his gaze from the ceiling to around the cabin. It was a mess. The tables were covered with papers and pens. The floor in his bedroom...you couldn't even see it! He started to wonder if he should clean the cabin that he had bought not too long ago. It had been on sale.
John sighed softly before standing and walking to the refrigerator. It was a mess, too and had barely anything in it. He opened the door and grabbed a pepsi. Popping the tab, he took a drink and almost dropped it when hye heard a knock on the door.
"Who is that?" He whispered to himself, setting down the cold pepsi. John made his way to the door and threw it open.

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Daisy Ryan went on his merry way, with no knowledge of what happened.


"Sir, we have found you to be the actor that our daughter would be most afraid of-" the woman spoke rapidly but relatively diplomatically. 

"What my wife means is that our daughter has never been so determined to do anything before- and while we are sure it is only a phase- we would like to speed her return by hiring you to influence her into coming home." the king cut her wife off before she said anything too offensive. 

"We would be prepared to offer you 200 rotes for your general services, a 700 rote bonus if she is returned by tomorrow afternoon, or 100  rote a day, until you reach 7 ,in which you will only receive your original service fee." this was a lot of money to be given for something that seemed like a simple task. Getting someone that was practically made out of porcelain to return from a dangerous quest. 

"if she is harmed, I warn you, there will be no money payed, and depending on the injuries we will find a suitable punishment!" the king clarified 

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Daisy ((?))

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